The Star Card in Tarot: Interpretations with the Major Arcana

The interpretation of The Star card in combination with each of the other Major Arcana cards in a Tarot reading can be as follows:

The Star
The Star
  • Star & The Fool: having hope and a positive outlook in the face of new beginnings and uncertainty.
  • Star & The Magician: having the ability and confidence to manifest one’s dreams and desires.
  • Star & The High Priestess: having intuition and a spiritual connection that guides one towards hope and renewal.
  • Star & The Empress: having stability and abundance in one’s home and family life.
  • Star & The Emperor: having a strong sense of authority and control in one’s life.
  • Star & The Hierophant: having a deep connection to one’s spiritual beliefs and values.
  • Star & The Lovers: having a fulfilling and meaningful relationship.
  • Star & The Chariot: having a strong sense of direction and purpose in one’s life journey.
  • Star & Strength: having inner strength and resilience to overcome challenges and difficulties.
  • Star & The Hermit: finding peace and solitude in the midst of one’s own inner light.
  • Star & The Wheel of Fortune: experiencing a positive change in luck and circumstances.
  • Star & Justice: having fairness and balance in one’s life and relationships.
  • Star & The Hanged Man: having a different perspective and a new way of looking at things.
  • Star & Death: undergoing a transformative change that brings renewal and rebirth.
  • Star & Temperance: finding balance and harmony in one’s life and relationships.
  • Star & The Devil: breaking free from negative patterns and limitations.
  • Star & The Tower: having hope in the face of upheaval and change.
  • Star & The Moon: facing fear and uncertainty with a sense of hope and faith.
  • Star & The Sun: experiencing positivity and happiness in one’s life and relationships.
  • Star & Judgement: feeling a sense of renewal and redemption for past actions.
  • Star & The World: having a sense of completion and fulfillment in one’s life journey and sense of self.

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