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How To Read a Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Get Accurate Answers Fast

So you want to learn how to read a Celtic cross tarot spread? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Tarot readings can be so helpful in gaining insights into our lives and the decisions we need to make.

The Celtic cross tarot spread is one of the most popular and well-known tarot spreads there is. It’s a versatile spread that can be used for various purposes, from giving readings to providing insight into personal situations. This spread takes its name from the layout of its ten cards placed in a cross shape — hence how it got its name.

I’m going to teach you how to read the Celtic cross tarot spread. Let’s get started!

What Is the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread?

The Celtic cross tarot spread is a type of tarot card reading in which the reader interprets the cards to gain insight into a situation. This spread can be used for many different purposes, such as gaining clarity, making decisions, or understanding what your past means for your future.

The Celtic cross spread is often considered one of the best spreads for beginners. It’s a multi-purpose spread that includes ten cards and is simple to read. It can be adapted for any purpose, but its most popular use is a general reading.

How To Read a Celtic Cross Tarot Spread in a Few Simple Steps

1. Focus On Your Question While Shuffling the Cards

When you’re dealing with a Celtic cross tarot spread, it’s important to focus your question while shuffling the cards. As you do so, imagine the specific query that you want to be answered. This will help you to get the most out of your reading.

2. Pull Ten Cards and Lay Them Out in a Celtic Cross

Using your left hand, divide the cards in three. Then, from one of the three stacks, select ten cards from the top of that deck and arrange them in the Celtic cross tarot spread’s arrangement.

Here’s what the ten cards means:

Card 1: The Self

The first card reveals something about you. It could be a problem you are facing or any other significant situation you are in.

Card 2: The Problem

The Block card represents an obstacle that you encounter in life, which becomes the foundation on which you build something new. When circumstances or other people block things, it can be frustrating and provide an opportunity to grow.

Card 3: The Past

This card can give you insights into what has already happened in your life, as well as how your past experiences have shaped who you are today.

Card 4: The Future

This card can give you an idea of what to expect in the near future. It can also show how well you’re currently doing and how well things are going for you.

Card 5: Possibilities

This card symbolizes how well a situation may turn out and the possibilities available to us. It reveals how your future can branch out depending on how you handle each element of this specific period.

Card 6: Unconscious

This is the card that tells you about your hidden motivations, fears, and desires. It can also indicate things that are going on in your life that you’re not consciously aware of.

Card 7: Your Influence

This card can indicate the things that are currently influencing you — both positively and negatively. It can also show the external factors that are impacting your current situation.

Card 8: External Influences

This card is all about the outside forces impacting your current situation. It could be anything from the current political climate to the energy of your surrounding environment. This card can help you better understand what’s influencing your situation and how you can best navigate those challenges.

Card 9: Hopes and Fears

This card reveals what you hope for and fear most in life. It can also indicate how likely you are to sabotage your efforts.

Card 10: Outcome

This card tells you the final result of the situation or question. It can indicate how things will turn out, what the outcome will be, or how things will end.

3. Make the Celtic Tarot Cross Spread Your Own

When you are reading the Celtic Cross tarot spread, remember that it is your spread. It is not the “correct” way to read the cards, but rather a way that will work best for you. Be sure to experiment with different placements and interpretations to find what works best for you.

4. Pay Attention to Patterns or Repetition

Note how many times a card appears in a particular position or how certain cards relate to each other in different positions. For instance, if you see several reversed cards in a row, this might be an indication of a problem or challenge that needs to be addressed.

Alternatively, if you see several tarot cards with the same number or suit, this might be a sign that it’s time to take action of some kind. If one or more of the cards in your spread is upside-down, then reversed, there can be many different meanings associated with this type of card placement.

5. Use Your Intuition

The best advice on how to read a Celtic cross tarot spread is to use your intuition. The more you practice, the better you will get, but don’t stress about it! A Celtic cross tarot reading can be fun and informative.


Making a Celtic cross spread can be as simple (or as complicated) as you like; the important thing is that it works for you and that you find it useful.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and give it a try. If you need some help understanding the reading, don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance. I’m always happy to chat with fellow tarot enthusiasts.

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