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The Spiritual Significance of Ringing Ears 

One of the most frustrating parts of spiritual awakening is that we often do not realize it is happening. Why am I experiencing migraines? Nervous system issues? Fatigue? Ringing Ears?  

Sure, there is often a physical explanation for these symptoms, but there is more often a spiritual significance as well.  

And you can choose to take work with these symptoms in a variety of ways.  

Spiritual Significance of Ringing Ears 

Ringing ears is but one example among many of a call to a spiritual awakening.  

The more you resist, the more ringing you will experience.  

And yes, as I mentioned above, you might also experience migraines. 

And note that migraines are not always painful.  

The migraines I experienced were rarely painful. They were sometimes intense in terms of pressure on my crown or the base of my skull near my neck.  

Other times I would have ocular migraines, which narrowed my vision or sent bubbles floating in.  

Other people experience ocular migraines as a sort of kaleidoscope view.  

There’s also insomnia or excessive sleep, both accompanied by fatigue.  

Your mind may feel like its jumbled with voices and thoughts beyond your control.  

There are many signs like this that people experience, all to hear a doctor say you’re fine.  

They run tests, do some lab work, take your vitals, and say “welcome to your 40s.”  

Or they explain why your high stress life is creating these symptoms.  

They prescribe you an anti-anxiety pill or an antidepressant, and maybe refer you to a talk therapist.  

Thanks, doc.  

And sometimes, just sometimes, you do have a physical condition.  

Physical Manifestation of Spiritual Illness 

It is not unusual for a long-term spiritual illness to manifest into a physical illness.  

In fact, I would argue, and I am in good company, that all physical illness is a result of spiritual illness.  

If you are not attending to your spiritual needs, your body will suffer.  

The two must work together.  

It is why we see so many people dying slow painful deaths in recent decades.  

Yes, we are living longer than ever, and those last 30 or 40 years are rife with chronic illness.  

It does not have to be that way.  

There is a spiritual component to every single ailment.  

Caroline Myss, an intuitive healer and author of The Anatomy of the Spirit, has been doing this work for decades, and she has time and again been able to pinpoint the spiritual journey necessary to heal people from cancers, diabetes, chronic illness, even brain tumors.  

Of course, if you have a serious medical condition, you should be working with a medical doctor, but do not leave the spiritual component out of the equation, or you will likely find yourself right back where you started.  

The medical industry can only do so much.  

You must heal yourself.  

And it all begins with small, seemingly insignificant signs like ringing ears.  

Ringing Ears: A Call to Your Higher Purpose 

Any of the symptoms listed above, and more, can be a call to your higher purpose.  

They are mini wake up calls that come before the major wake up call.  

And look, this is not God or the Universe trying to wake you up to something against your will.  

This is your own higher consciousness trying to break through a thick layer of ego and subconscious, autopilot living to get you to make the changes necessary to live the live you wanted to live before you came into this body.  


We all have a destiny, but it is not something mapped out by the Universe for us; rather, it is something mapped out by us for ourselves.  

You see, the sole purpose of the Universe is to expand.  

Think of the Universe as a loving, all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, ever present energy that supports its little “god drops” in all of their intentions. 

We are those god drops.  

Little droplets of the Universe, like drops of the ocean, with all of these human experiences and wisdom gained along the way.  

We, in our spirit forms, are always seeking new ways to contribute to the expansion of the Universe.  

When we are in our spirit form, we have all the same power as the larger Universe, so we can see all potential outcomes of all actions.  

Then, we set our best intentions for our highest good aimed at expansion during our human lifetimes. 

Those intentions are our destiny in this human lifetime.  

And those intentions determine every aspect of our origins and our circumstances – our date of birth, name, parents, place of birth, skin color, biological sex, etc.  

Think of your human self as the avatar for your spiritual self. This is a game, and the goal is to have as much fun as possible, as much joy as possible, given the circumstances under which we were born.  

We do this best when we work with our spirit forms, with our higher consciousness.  

Our higher selves know this, and they send us signals to follow, like ringing ears.  

For some of us it will be more challenging than others, but that is by design.  

You have lived hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lives before this. You have learned a tremendous amount.  

You wanted these challenges to overcome to progress even more, to gain even more wisdom.  

You are asking yourself, in spirit form, “hmmm let’s see how I fare as a human under these circumstances?” Then BAM, you are given what you ask for.  

Because that is how powerful you are.  

Every decision you make, every thought you give enough focus, every feeling you follow, will result in a reaction, an effect, an attraction, and you spend your entire life in conversation with the Universe through other people, nature, and your own higher consciousness, which is always with you.  

Ringing Ears 

Realize that long before your ears started ringing, you were sent millions of other, more subtle signs.  

The Universe, your higher self, communicates with you via impulses.  

Buy this book, watch this film chat, with this person, meditate, be still, go over here, stay right there, eat this food, do this exercise, take a walk.  

Constantly, your higher self is guiding you back to the path you were born onto. 

You strayed from the path because… that’s life. 

Life is filled with contrast, with distractions, with influence, and you are constantly deciding if you will be influenced toward your shadow or toward your light, your higher purpose.  

If you go long enough without honoring your light, long enough being influenced by your shadow, long enough with distractions, and your intentions were to be on a dramatically different path, your impulses will start to get stronger and stronger.  

Paolo Coelho says in his book The Alchemist that your destiny will alternately knock on the door, pound on the door, and whisper in your ear, all to get your attention.  

Your resistance to your signs will sometimes make them go away, out of your awareness, but they will always come roaring back, often even louder than before.  

So if you have ringing ears, you have been resisting your destiny for too long, and now you are getting the really loud banging on your door, the screaming.  

And if you resist further, you will find yourself, eventually, in real pain.  

Your higher self knows that you want this destiny, because your higher self is you.  

The Ego and the Subconscious 

We also, however, have an ego and a subconscious that are constantly trying to keep us comfortable, even if it is a miserable comfort, or comfortably numb.  

We must be grateful for our subconscious because it is what allows us to follow routine, live in a kind of habitual autopilot, while we think, plan, design, and create with our conscious minds, but if our programming from childhood was traumatic or unhealthy, we may be playing out unhealthy cycles that keep us sick.  

Spiritually and physically.  

So we may have some reprogramming to do of our subconscious so that we are on a healthy autopilot. 

In fact, most of us do have this reprogramming to do.  

Meditate, eat well, exercise, be good to others, be of service, be present, all as a sort of daily practice that allows us then to progress, have adventures, take leaps of faith, all in the interest of fulfilling our destinies.  

We also must be grateful for our egos.  

They want to keep us safe.  

They are afraid of change because change is unknown, and the ego wants to know all the outcomes.  

The ego says don’t touch that hot stove, don’t talk to that stranger, don’t walk down that alley.  

All perhaps good advice.  

But the ego also says don’t quit your job and start a new one, don’t leave that abusive husband, don’t take a risk with your career, don’t try a new exercise routine.  

All perhaps bad advice.  

So it is up to us to navigate our spirits and our egos, and pay attention to the ringing ears and all the other calls to our higher selves, so that we may, ultimately, fulfill our destinies.  

Because, in the end, that’s what we came here to do.  

And have fun while doing it.  

Happy manifesting! 

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