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Healing Frequencies: From Sound Waves to Earthing 

Healing Frequencies: From Sound Waves to Earthing 

Healing frequencies are just another of those things that sounds very new age-y but in fact are ancient understandings of the forces of nature and the human role in and among nature. 

Sure, you might be able to pull up any range of healing frequency on YouTube now, and there may be electronic devices that can replicate virtually any healing sound, but healing frequencies have been around as long as humans have. 

The History of Healing Frequencies

The first “official” healing frequencies were created or discovered, depending on your perspective, in Australia around 40,000 years ago. 

As long as we have been humans who understood sound, we have been able to use sound and vibration to heal ourselves from everything from wounds to depression and anxiety. 

Buddhist monks will chant, Hindus will dance, Christians listen to organ music, ancient Greeks and Romans created instruments from wood to make flutelike sounds, African tribes beat drums as they stomped their feet on the ground. 

Rhythm is everywhere, in everything, and stepping into the natural rhythms produced by the earth has been healing humans as long as we have been humans. 

Energy is Everything

A big part of understanding healing frequencies is to understand that energy is everything and everything is energy. 

Albert Einstein proved this with his theory of relativity. Everything is always vibrating; it is just often vibrating at such a slowed down rate that you cannot see it. 

Like the desk I sit at now, like the rocks in the earth, like the very air we breathe. 

Humans, with our wild and often out of control thoughts and emotions, are often vibrating at rates that are too fast for our human bodies to keep up with. 

When we become inflamed, meaning we are stressed or our bodies are physically ill, we are literally on fire. 

Humans are not supposed to be on fire. 

Wings (fire, demon)

We are made of earth. 

We are meant to vibrate much more closely to the earth than to the element of fire. 

Of course, we can manage all of the elements in small doses.

Short bursts of stress, like going for a hike or lifting weights, or getting into a creative zone that has up working on passion projects for long hours, are good for us. 

We put our bodies under temporary, healthy stress so that they can build back better. 

But in order to facilitate that healing, we must earth. 

We must match our natural frequency, and we can do that best by working with the element from which we come – earth – and the elements that keep us alive – water and air.

Each of these elements have frequencies, and when we tune into them, we heal ourselves. 

It has been proven time and again that frequency healing works, that in fact it works often better than any surgery or pharmaceutical can, though if you are in need of life saving surgery or pharmaceuticals, it can also work in concert with them. 

Illness is Misalignment

Intuitive healer Caroline Myss notes in her book The Anatomy of Spirit that any illness we experience is first an energetic one. We are out of sync, out of alignment, with our true nature, our highest frequency, the earth, the Universe. 

We have blocked ourselves. 

The good news about this truth is that if we have blocked ourselves, we can unblock ourselves. 

And again, if you have gotten so out of alignment that your body is literally breaking down, you may need allopathic intervention to save your life. 

You may need to have surgical intervention or a temporary pharmaceutical to fix what you have broken. 

But those interventions cannot sustain you in a long term, healthy way. 

The only thing that can do that is alignment. 

Take all the western medicine help you can get to stop yourself from dying or suffering unduly in the immediate, and then get in line with ancient practices that have been adhered to by the healthiest and most long living humans in history. 

Getting Aligned

What do I mean when I say get in line? 

That you can never get stressed? 

That you can never get sad or frustrated, hurt or ill? 

No. Of course not. 

You are human. 

Your job is not to stay aligned. That would be an impossible expectation. 

Your job is to get aligned, and then get aligned again. 

As Buddhist monk and teacher Pema Chodron points out, things fall apart, and then they come together, and then they fall apart again. 

That is the nature of the human experience. 

It is not our job to hold it all together. 

Indeed, it is in trying to hold it all together that we create that illness and misalignment. 

It is up to us to surrender to the natural flow of life, to swim downstream, with the current of God and Nature, Mother Earth and the Universe

Not against it. 

Once we can accept that, and surrender to forces much greater than our humanity, we can get aligned, and then, when we naturally fall out of alignment, we can get aligned again. 

In fact, we can see every time we fall out of alignment as yet another opportunity to find alignment, to find true awakening, to get better at matching healing frequencies. 

Healing Frequencies

The Earth

One of my favorite healing frequencies is that of the earth.

It is one of the easiest, quickest, and most natural ways of healing yourself. And it has been proven by ample evidence stored at The Earthing Institute by a man name James Oshman who found an undeniable link between humans and the earth. 

These studies showed just planting your bare feet on the bare earth for 60 minutes each day can heal everything from anxiety and fatigue to MS and Lupus. 


The earth vibrates at a frequency around 8 Hz, and humans vibrate at a range from 3 Hz to 17 Hz. 

When we slow ourselves down and sync up with the earth, we allow our natural rhythms to set in. 

The earth literally pulls the stress out of our bodies, draws out the inflammation, and calms our entire nervous systems down. 

We become one with the nature that gave birth to us. 

So hustle, grind, run, rush, and do all the things you must do all day. 

But at the end of the day, take off your shoes, head to your nearest patch of earth, and plant your feet.

And it goes without saying that you should not bring your phone to stare at!

Sit in silence, watch your kids play, or even bring a physical book with you. Books are made of the earth, too. 


Water is healing for humans precisely because it has no vibrational frequency of its own. 

It is fluid, so it takes on the vibrational frequency of whatever influences it. 

When we immerse ourselves in cold water, we bring our inflammatory responses way down while water works to match our frequency. 

When we immerse ourselves in a hot bath, we open up our blood vessels and allow our frequencies to flow more smoothly in our bodies, which oxygenates us, giving us more access to the air element. 


Then of course there is sound healing, where your inner ear, and indeed your whole body, vibrates with a certain vibration frequency delivered by a sound. 

The Italian Benedictine monk, Guido of Arezzo, was looking for ways to teach melodies and harmonies to monastic choirs in the 11th century, and he invented the Solfeggio Scale, what we know now as the musical note scale – do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do. 

That scale has gone on to influence Gregorian chants, human psychology, and human physiology. 

Studies have found that those who chant the scales lower their heart rates and blood pressure on singing days, and that the chanting alleviates depression and reduces fatigue. 

We have also seen research that shows sound healing has anti-aging effects as well as beneficial effects on mental clarity and acuity as well as focus

The list goes on, but the frequency list at its most basic looks like this: 

396 Hz releases fear.

417 Hz eases and initiates change. 

528 Hz heals and repairs DNA. 

639 Hz heals relationships

741 Hz helps find creative expression and solutions to problems. 

852 Hz is a spiritual homecoming. 

You can play around with these frequencies on YouTube, join a Sound Bath at your local yoga center, or sit and chant in the grass in your bare feet. 

Give it time and patience, do not be afraid to experiment with different techniques, and take the time to dance, move your body in new ways, go with what feels good. 

Before you know it, you will be happy, healthy, and convincing all of your friends and family to engage in sound healing. 

The greatest thing about this healing method is that the vast majority of it is completely free!

Happy manifesting!