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What Is the Best Day for a Protection Spell?

Protection spells are vital in our modern world, whether we’re protecting ourselves from curses, physical harm, or anything else. That being said, their effectiveness changes throughout the week, and there is one day in particular where they’re more powerful than ever.

What is that day? Let’s find out.

Best Day for Protection Spell and the Importance of Timing

The best day for a protection spell is Saturday. If you are going to cast a spell to protect yourself or someone you love, I strongly advise you to do it on Saturday because that’s when it will have the most potent effect. Saturday is when it is best to cast spells for discipline, meditation and protection. You can put a protection spell around you during this time or cast one to protect your home and hearth. But why Saturday, though?

It has to do with the planet Saturn, which rules the seventh day of the week. It is the planet of karma, as well as limitations and discipline. This planet represents limits, boundaries, and bindings, with the power to bring order and structure. The significance of Saturn in the spiritual community doesn’t stop here. Saturn has the ability of manifestation, able to bring things to form, such as our intentions and karma.It’s also associated with reaping rewards and consequences.

Many other things relate to Saturn, but those I mentioned make Saturn the planet you can call up for the magic needed for your protection spell. This is thanks to Saturn’s power to bind and limit. Since Saturday is the day of Saturn, invoking a protection spell during this day will make it stronger.

However, here’s one thing you should know about Saturn’s power of protection – it’s different from the protection power of the warrior, like Mars. Casting the spell on Saturday doesn’t help you destroy the harmful energy since Saturn’s influence only inhibits, neutralizes, or banishes it. Mar’s magic is more offensive, while Saturn’s is more defensive. It clears your path so that nothing harmful comes your way or that of your loved ones.

Planetary Magick and How it Affects Your Spellwork

Now that you know how Saturday is the best day for a protection spell and also how Saturn has to do with it, you’re probably interested a little about the concept behind it. The idea, or rather magick system we’re talking about, is called “planetary magick.” It combines cosmology, astrology, and celestial acumens to bring out the best results. In astrology, planets rule the seven days of the week, thus affecting the magicks performed on a specific day.

It’s a type of magick that can be clumsy to utilize for some of us who have different affinities, for instance, elemental magick. However, it is pretty simple to add this magick to your spells without having to change them or create talismans or anything really. All you need is to know all about magickal timing, specifically the days that the seven planets rule. With that knowledge, you can make sure to perform your spellwork on the day of the appropriate ruler.

With that said, here’s an overview of the different planets and the days they rule with:

  • The Sun rules Sunday and is the best day to cast spells related to general success. Whether you’re looking to become wealthy or just to find happiness, you’ll have the best chance on this day.
  • The Moon rules Monday, and it’s closely connected to fertility and the divine.
  • Mars rules Tuesday, and this day is closely connected to strength, power, and resolve.
  • Mercury rules Wednesday, and this day is best for casting spells related to knowledge and creativity.
  • Jupiter rules Thursday, and its the best day for spells related to technical topics like law and finances.
  • Venus rules Friday, which is the best day for casting love and romance spells.
  • Saturn, as you know, rules Saturday. It’s the best day for a protection spells and banishing evil.

Remember these, and you can add a bit of planetary magick in your spellwork, strengthening your magick. If it is your path, then the planets that rule the day when you did your spellwork can help increase the possibility of the results or future you asked of the universe. When you need some boost in your magick, planetary timing is one of the best things you can do.

Performing Protection Spells

Now, let’s talk about protection spells. This spell is one you can do to stay safe or someone you know is surrounded by harmful energy. There are at least two types of protection spells you can do, which are:

  • Protection bath spells are one of the most effective but also simplest to cast. You will need some oils and special herbs for this. Keep in mind that different oils and herbs have different special powers, so your choices can affect the magic. Make a mixture of the water, oils, and herbs you chose, soak in it and let your body absorb its protective magick.
  • Protection blessing spells are powerful spells with the most impact. They’re harder to learn than the bath spells, but anyone can cast them. All you need is to connect with your higher power or reach out to the spiritual realm. As such, a deeper understanding of the mystics is essential to cast protection blessing spells.

What you need to know about casting a protection spell

Whether it’s a protection bath spell or a blessing spell, casting it on Saturday is the best. If you are a beginner and have yet to connect deeper to the higher power or the spiritual realm, getting a boost in magick will do you great. Let Saturn amplify your spellwork by casting on Saturday, the best day for a protection spell.