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The Best Day to Cast a Protection Spell: A Guide to Planetary Magick

Protection spells are a vital tool in the modern world, helping us to guard against curses, physical harm, and other forms of negativity.

But did you know that the day of the week you cast your protection spell can make a difference in its effectiveness? In this post, we’ll delve into the concept of planetary magick and explain why Saturday is the best day for a protection spell.

What is Planetary Magick?

Planetary magick is a system of magic that involves aligning our intentions and spellwork with the energies of specific planets. Each planet is associated with certain qualities and energies. By performing magic on the day ruled by a particular planet, we can tap into those energies and enhance the power of our spells.

Here is a brief overview of the planets and their corresponding days of the week:

  • Sun: The sun is associated with vitality, success, and leadership. It rules Sunday.
  • Moon: The moon is associated with emotions, fertility, and the unconscious mind. It rules Monday.
  • Mars: Mars is associated with passion, aggression, and war. It rules Tuesday.
  • Mercury: Mercury is associated with communication, intelligence, and travel. It rules Wednesday.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is associated with expansion, growth, and abundance. It rules Thursday.
  • Venus: Venus is associated with love, beauty, and sensuality. It rules Friday.
  • Saturn: Saturn is associated with discipline, structure, and manifestation. It rules Saturday.

Why Saturday is the Best Day for a Protection Spell

As we mentioned, Saturn is the planet that rules Saturday. This planet is associated with discipline, structure, and the power to bind and limit. Saturn is also connected to manifestation, meaning it has the ability to bring things into forms, such as our intentions and karma.

In terms of protection spells, Saturn’s energies are particularly useful. This is because Saturn’s influence is defensive in nature, neutralizing or banishing harmful energy rather than destroying it. This is in contrast to the warrior planet Mars, which is associated with more aggressive, offensive energy.

So, if you want to cast a protection spell to guard yourself or your loved ones from negative influences, Saturday is the ideal day to do so. By aligning your spell with the energies of Saturn, you can boost its potency and increase the chances of success.

Other Factors to Consider

While the timing of your spell is certainly important, it’s not the only factor that determines its effectiveness. Proper preparation and technique are also crucial for successful spellwork. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Research your spell thoroughly. Make sure you understand exactly what you need to do and have all the necessary ingredients and tools on hand.
  • Follow the instructions carefully. Don’t try to shortcut the process or deviate from the prescribed steps.
  • Focus your intention. Clearly state your goal and visualize the outcome you desire.
  • Trust in the process. Have faith that your spell will work and release any doubts or fears you may have.


In summary, Saturday is the best day to cast a protection spell due to the energies of the planet Saturn. By aligning your spell with these energies, you can increase its potency and enhance your chances of success. However, proper preparation and technique are also important for successful spellwork. Follow these tips and trust in the process to create

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