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Rituals for the Full Moon: How To Make Your Very Own Moon Water

As a lover of all things mystical, you understand the beauty and power of the full moon. The universe provides the perfect example for us to follow when exploring ourselves, our energy, and our subconscious.

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Welcoming and embracing the full moon helps us harness the energy of this natural rhythm. We can amplify our own powers by connecting with the full moon through ritual.

Many witchy women agree that the full moon is one of the most powerful and wild nights. During the full moon, emotions are heightened, and everything is soaring.

During the full moon, we use the moon’s power as an amplifier during rituals. This is why you will find your energy and power at the pinnacle of strength.

While many spells and rituals can be done during the full moon, there are a handful of sacred, special ones. These rituals honor the lunar energy and help us grab hold of it.

Moon Water Ritual

Moon water is sacred water that you can collect during the full moon. When you create moon water, you are essentially creating a talisman for yourself.

Since the energy from the moon is strongest when the moon is full, the water collected under that moon is basically stored energy. This water becomes something to use in the future during other spells, rituals, and manifestations.

Making Moon Water

To make moon water, you need to use a mason jar that has a lid and water. Fill the mason jar with water and then place it outside on the night of the full moon.

How do I make moon water?

You will want to make sure that the jar is placed where the moonlight will shine during the night. Meditate on your intentions for the month ahead when placing the jar outside.

The next morning you will collect the jar of moon water to use throughout the month. There are many ways that you can use moon water, and here are some of my favorites:

  • Spray in the home
  • Drink it
  • Apply to your body
  • Wash your crystals in it
  • Add essential oils and rub on your face

Charge Crystals

The abundant strong energy from the moon is perfect for energizing your crystals. With the powerful energy from the moon, the basic uses of your crystals will be magnified.

Charge your crystals in the moonlight by placing them outside in an area where the moonlight will shine. Keep them there overnight and retrieve them in the morning.

Once they are charged, use your crystals as you normally would. They will have additional power thanks to the energy from the full moon.

Smoke Cleansing

Smoke cleansing is an ancient magical practice that clears bad energy and toxins from a specific location. These are typically things that cannot be seen by eyes and, therefore can only be driven away through a cleansing ritual

The Benefits of Incense Meditation
Benefits of Incense Meditation

As with other rituals and spells, the effects of smoke cleansing are magnified during the full moon. Aided by the moon’s energy, the cleansing smoke can clear easily.

To perform this ritual, gather incense or herbs such as lavender, juniper, and sage. Light the end and then waft the smoke around your area.

As you are moving the smoke around, say affirmations of release. Use phrases to let go of the things that are not serving you or moving you toward your purpose.

Waft the smoke into various areas when it feels right. Let the moon guide you as you choose the places to cleanse.

Bathe the area in the moonlight.

Manifestation Ritual

Manifesting is an important part of the witch’s life. We can manifest through affirmations, among other things.

The full moon is the perfect time to focus on manifesting the life we want. Write down your manifestations, affirmations, and dreams.

Light a candle as you meditate, thinking about the things you wrote down. Put the paper in a jar and set it outside in the moonlight.

Stay confident that the moon has energized and empowered your intentions. Remember to read and say these affirmations every day as you wait for their fruition.

What rituals should you do on a full moon?

The full moon offers us an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed every month. Making sure to connect with the energy and power from the full moon is essential as we seek to gain clarity and success with our rituals and magic.


Instead of letting the full moon pass you by, take the time to perform at least one ritual. As you experience the power from the full moon, you’ll understand.

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