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Egg Cleansing: How to Remove Curses with an Egg 

Egg cleansing is a time-honored tradition around the world and throughout history.  

From Mesoamerica to Greece and over to Scotland, people have been using the egg as a material object to draw away negative energy for centuries.  

Before we get into the actual rites and rituals involved in egg cleansing, however, it is important to clear a few things up about energy.  


The Law of Attraction 

So, first and foremost: no one can curse you without your permission.  

There cannot be some random witch across the galaxy (or the country) hexing you with a voodoo doll and you fall ill as a result.  

That’s only for the movies.  

The reality is that you are not powerless. You are not a victim. You have total control over your energy at all times. And you get to decide.  

The law of attraction tells us very clearly that we attract what we are.  

So if you are experiencing negative energy, you are responsible for your negative energy.  

You welcomed it into your life.  

It is up to you to clear it up, to cleanse it. And egg cleansing is a great ritual for that.  


You are the Universe 

Before you work on cleaning up your energy, however, be sure you understand who and what you are. 

First, what you are not:  

You are not a human being with a spirit.  

You are a spirit with a human body.  

You are the Universe having a human experience.  

And you are only here for that express primary purpose: to have the human experience.  

You see, in the beginning of what we call time, there was only consciousness.  

There was a vast, open, purely loving, all powerful, unkillable energy.  

Some people call this energy God, some call it Nature, Abraham Hicks calls it Source Energy. I most often use the term the Universe.  

But it’s all the same thing.  

All gods are one god.  

decorate with crystals

This consciousness has the power of creation, and it takes, all it has ever taken, are words, ways, and will.  

So the consciousness started small, with energy vortices ramping up and creating small planets, then larger planets, then a sun to support those planets, then moons to manage those planets.  

On some of those planets grew life forms, plants, animals.  

And, at least on our planet, humans.  

Humans are the latest creation of the Universe.  

We are, as far as we know, the only creations with consciousness like our creator, with the ability to create with our minds, with our words, ways, and will.  

We are the only creatures that fear death.  

And we are imbued with a vast array of powers that are an extension of the Universe itself.  

Before we were human, we were pure Universe, we were spirit forms that longed to have sensual, sensory experiences.  

So we, in essence, created ourselves.  

We created the pathway to evolution, which led to humanity.  

And in each human life, we get to experience a little more pleasure, joy, awe, surprise, delight.  

But what of pain, sadness, darkness, anger, and fear?  

Well, those are the contrasts that allow us to have the positive experiences.  

That’s it.  

Just contrast.  

We need light to see dark and vice versa.  

We need pain to appreciate joy and vice versa.  

It’s all part of the experience.  

The Cursed 

So, when you talk about being under a curse, I am not denying that you may be in a dark place, maybe even in a very dark place, but remember, you have brought yourself there.  

No one else.  

When you take full responsibility for where you are in life, you begin to reclaim all of your power.  

Sure, someone can curse you with all their might.  

And if you have wronged that person in some way, you might carry guilt around with you, so the curse works because you believe it does.  

The person cursing you is influencing you to attract negativity into your life.  

And you are allowing it.  

Your feelings of guilt are overpowering your feelings of compassion and forgiveness for yourself.  

Likewise if you come across someone who is in a dark place that enters your life.  

You have attracted this person for whatever reason, maybe you have stepped into victim mode, or you are excessively a people pleaser. You identify as an empath who absorbs the energy of others, a fixer who takes in wounded animals.  

When you identify as such, you are bound to attract abusers and people with narcissistic personalities. 

Broken heart

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

You say, “oh I’m an empath. I attract people who want to abuse me.”  

And so it is.  

That’s how powerful you are.  

Self-Love and Egg Cleansing 

The first step to shifting your victim mentality is to love yourself.  

And make no mistake.  

If you are allowing someone to abuse you, you do not love yourself.  

Think of a small child you love, or a best friend or even lover you love deeply. 

Would you sit by idly and allow them to be abused?  

Would you say “oh well, that little girl is such an empath, so she is going to be abused?” 

No. Of course you would not. You would defend her to the death. 

Now you have to do the same for yourself.  

You have to love yourself first and completely.  

You have to fill up your vessel and allow in the full love of the Universe into your heart so that not only do you not allow anyone to abuse you, but you also do not attract people into your life who even think of abusing you.  

Further, you do not put yourself into situations where someone might abuse you or curse you, influencing you to attract dark energy into your life.  

Sit with that. Feel it.  

Meditate on it.  

Know that you are the Universe having a human experience and that no one can mess with your vibe unless you let them.  

Now determine to never let them.  

Still, you likely have a lot of junk to take out to the trash, a lot of unhealed trauma to clear up, and a lot of old “curses” to release.  

That’s where a good old fashioned egg cleansing can come in handy.  

How to Do an Egg Cleansing 

To perform an egg cleansing, prepare a sacred space for yourself to sit for 20 minutes as if you were meditating.  

You will need a water glass and an uncooked egg.  

Step 1: Cleanse your egg 

Take the time to rinse your egg under clean water, picturing the egg clean and whole, breathing with new life, prepared to absorb any negativity in you.  

Pat the egg dry.  

While you are at your sink, fill your glass up 2/3 of the way with clean water.  

Step 2: Meditate 

Hold the egg gently in your two hands, sit with your legs crossed yogi style, with your back straight and your shoulders back.  

Now take a few minutes to meditate on the energy you want to release.  

You can even chant a few ommmmms to clear out any tension in your body.  

Relax, breathe deeply, and prepare to be cleansed.  

Step 3: Rub Yourself with the Egg 

Now you begin the cleansing.  

You are going to give yourself a full body massage with the egg, rubbing it gently all over your head, on your forehead, down and around your face.  

Then rub the egg in small circles all over your neck and shoulders, your arms, down your abdomen and your legs, all the way to your feet.  

As you cleanse yourself, picture the negative energy leaving your body and going into the egg.  

Step 4: Crack the Egg and Drop it in Water 

Once you have completed your cleansing, crack the egg and drop it into the glass of water.  

You will now read your egg by looking at it through the glass, not down into it.  

How to Read Your Egg 

Bloody egg or smelly water: You are feeling ill 

In this case, you will need to do a physical cleanse. Eat well, sleep well, move your body, get plenty of water, and start treating your body like the temple it is.  

If you are still getting this result in a few months, seek the help of a functional medicine doctor to get to the root cause of your illness.  

Bubbles: negative energy was absorbed into the egg 

Congratulations! Bubbles mean you cleared up your yucky stuff and you can move freely into a positive, loving space.  

Cobwebs: Someone is influencing your energy  

You have to get really firm on your boundaries and self-love in this case. Someone is influencing you to have negative energy.  

Needles: You are allowing energy vampires into your life 

This may be that friend that is always negative, always complaining, always sad, bad things always happen to them, and you are allowing them to suck all your energy out.  

Time to set clear and loving boundaries.  

A face in the egg: You must deal with conflict with a person 

It may be an abuser now or in the past. It may be a friend you aren’t telling the truth. It may be someone acting mad at you but not telling you why.  

Jordan Peterson says conflict avoided is conflict multiplied.  

Have the conflict.  

Clear water: you have no negative energy  

Yay! You’re all good! 

In the end, the egg cleansing is just like tarot, tea leaves, or runes. They tell you as much as you are ready to see with your own loving eyes.  

Be sure to hold space for yourself and be compassionate with whatever you are going through.  

And remember that healed, well, and whole, is your natural state.  

Happy manifesting! 

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