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How to Tell if You Are Cursed 

How to tell if you are cursed: you’re not.  

You are not cursed.  

There is no such thing as curses.  

No such thing as hexes. 

But, sadly, it goes much deeper than that. So let me clarify.  

Cursed: Dark Magic and the Power of Influence 

The reality it that no one can do anything to you that you do not allow, invite, or encourage in some way.  

The law of attraction tells us that we attract what we are.  

And we must take full responsibility for everything single thing in our lives – every event, every person, every circumstance.  

“Oh so you’re victim blaming!” You shout at me.  


This is not about blame.  

It is about responsibility. 

So while it is one hundred percent true that no person can place a curse on another person and expect that curse to play out with accuracy without the other person’s involvement, it is also true that if you are involved, you could effectively accept the “curse.”  

You could allow the “curse.”  

You could be so greatly influenced by someone else’s dark energy that you operate as if you are living under a curse.  

That is how dark magic works.  

You Are the Spell 

In order for any magic to work, you must imbue it with your energy.  

That is how all creation works.  

If you want something to manifest, you must give it words, ways, and will.  

The words are simple, straightforward, and powerful. You cast the spell or curse. 

The ways are the materials you use, and they are typically symbolic but can also be literal. If you cast a spell for good luck, you might include a coin or a piece of clover. If you make cookies, which is kitchen magic, you need actual ingredients like butter, sugar, and flour.  

The will is the most important part of the spell, and you cannot cast a spell or a curse without it.  

You cannot create anything without will.  

And will is energy.  

You breathe life into your creation.  

Therefore, if you curse someone, or, in this instance, if someone curses you, they must breathe life into that curse.  

They must imbue it with their energy, and that energy is dark.  

Further, dark energy takes far more power than light energy. Far more.  

Think about it.  

The Universe is, and has always been, a place of pure positive loving energy.  

It is being created even as we speak by a higher consciousness that connects all things.  

From the babbling brook to the crystals on your altar, from humans to animals, from stars to planets, to black holes of emptiness.  

The Universe is the master creator.  

It creates from an expansive, all knowing, all powerful, infinite perspective.  

It creates to create.  

And it creates in an unfolding manner.  

It began with time and space, it moved into solar systems with planets and moons, and from there into individual life forms that finally led to humanity, the cutting edge of creation.  

Before humans, there was no negative energy.  

No evil.  

No darkness.  

Life just… existed, flowed, evolved.  

So, why create humans?  

Why would an infinite consciousness allow for the evolution into humanity where such darkness lay?  

The answer must be that there is great value in this kind of opportunity, these kinds of options.  

No other creature on earth has consciousness the way humans do – a shared consciousness with the Universe.  

We have egos. We have minds. We have awareness of ourselves.  

We have fear of death.  

Every other creature on earth is born, lives by instinct, and dies.  

It must be then that because we live in a universe of opposing forces, that the value in allowing for such an open, unlimited range of thought and feeling also allows us to reach great heights.  

Colin O’Brady, author of the 12 Hour Walk, talks about this reality in his book.  

He says most of us live our lives, on a scale of 1 to 10, in the 4 to 6 range, carefully ensuring that we don’t get too low or too high.  

We coast.  

Michael Singer calls this sleepwalking.  

Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it autopilot.  

We drift through life.  

We fear the lows and we avoid the highs because they involve too much risk, too much sacrifice, too much change.  

So we white knuckle it through life, staying the course, resisting change, ignoring our inner being calling us to amazing power.  

But here’s the point that O’Brady makes related to humanity: “it is because of 1s in my life that I have been able to experience the 10s.”  

It is because of the lows that we are able to treasure and reach for the highs.  

Abraham Hicks would put it a slightly different way.  

Full moon ritual

They tell us that it is suffering, the darkness, that allows us to head toward the joys and the light.  

When we see what we don’t want, we see what we do want.  

The darkness is a kind of course correction.  

The darkness is the bumps on the highway that tell you you’re going off the road.  

You were never meant to stay in the suffering, to ride the bumps for life, to sit in pain and dwell there. 

But that is precisely what some people do.  

They get so lost in the ego, in self identifying as victim, that they become so pinched off from the light, so far from the highway, the path of light, that they forget to get back on the road.  

They forget there is a road.  

And, in many cases, they will deny the road exists.  

They become, in short, the curse.  

Are You Cursed?  

You’ve surely heard the expression “hurt people hurt people.”  

Well, cursed people curse people.  

Yes, darkness is infectious, especially if you are vulnerable.  

If you were born into and raised in a situation where you take in darkness and become it, where you identify as broken, as hurt, as a victim.  

It is important in those scenarios to remember that you chose your circumstances.  

Long before you were human you were Source Energy. You were than vast ocean in a single drop.  

And you still are.  

But before you were human, you were purely that energy.  

And from an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful perspective, you chose these parents, this geographic location, this skin color, this sex, and so on.  

You could see everything, all consequences and all potential outcomes of potential actions.  

Your purpose, aligned with Source Energy, was to come here, into yet another human experience among the hundreds or thousands you have already had, to expand still further.  

What will happen if I am, in human form, presented with this set of challenges?  

And you cast your spell.  

You set your intentions.  

And those intentions determined the reality you were born into.  

Now, you are a grown ass person, and you must confront your reality.  

Are you a person who dwells in the darkness?  

Are you someone who just can’t seem to get it right?  

Get ahead?  

Get anywhere?  

Are you surrounded by people who suck the energy out of you?  

Toxic people.  

Others who dwell in the darkness?  

Negative energy is very real, and it is very powerful.  

And if you are pinched off from your Source Energy, you will be infected, no doubt about it.  

That’s how you can tell if you are “cursed.”  

Sure, maybe you wronged someone along the way, and that person “cursed” you.  

But it is your energy that has allowed that curse to play out.  

You feel guilt, shame, sadness, or simply a lack of self love.  

If you have wronged someone, make amends.  

Curse. Lifted.  

Truly repent.  

Apologize from the bottom of your heart.  

Step into the light.  

Curse. Lifted. 

Astral projection

If you have cursed yourself by surrounding yourself with others who dwell in darkness, move.  

Get up and go.  

Yes. It will be painful.  

It will be uncomfortable.  

It will feel ugly and gross.  

This is your 1.  

If you want your 10s, you will have to accept and move through your 1s.  

And look, once you accept it, once you become aware of your ego space, your darkness, your responsibility for your current state, the healing begins instantly.  

You are now awakening.  

You are allowing the light in.  

And the light is far, far more powerful than the darkness.  

Infinitely more powerful.  

Think about turning on a light switch.  

It does not gradually lighten.  

It is instant.  

My favorite story about this is the one of the prodigal son from the bible.  

For years he traveled away from his home, into darkness, through deserts, in pain, in agony, resisting his truth, resisting his light.  

And then, in a flash, he realized he belonged at home, under the loving gaze of his father, and he was home.  

He did not have to travel miles back, years back, to get home.  

He just… realized.  

And he made it real.  

That story is true of us all. 

If you think you are cursed, sure of it, convinced of it, you are right.  

Now, step into the light.  

Happy manifesting! 

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