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How To Use Tarot For Manifestation

Tarot is a tool of divination or fortune-telling. It is not just a way to predict the future: it is a way to foresee, create and shape the future you desire. This can be extremely useful when trying to achieve your goals (whether they are major, long-term life ambitions, or short-term goals).

The first places most people go to try to set goals are often outside of themselves; by reaching out to friends, family, Google – you name it. However, I will argue that if you want your goal to be reached, it’s important that you place the action within yourself.

You can use tarot cards to manifest your dream life, and it’s way easier than you think.

Tarot Card Spread For Manifestation

  1. Use The Fool Tarot Card As Your Signifier Card
  2. Interpret The Cards In A Positive Way
  3. Shuffle and let the cards fall out around your fool card. Take the first 3-5. Sometimes a lot will fall at once, that may be a sign you have too much on your plate.
  4. Meditate On The Meaning Behind Each Card and where it landed in relation to the Fool.
  5. Focus On One Card At A Time And Interpret Its Meaning For Your Situation
The Fool
The Fool

The best way to use Tarot cards for manifestation is to use a spread that’s focused on what you need to do to attract something into your life.

You can also use a spread on what you need to do to remove barriers in order to attract in if you’re having trouble with any blocks.

What the cards are, exactly, depends on who you talk to.

Some people say they’re a portal to the spirit world, others that they’re simply just a tool for tapping into our intuition.

Regardless of where we land on that debate, I do believe tarot is an effective way to open up your mind and delve into a deeper understanding of your world.

When compared with other forms of divination such as astrology or numerology, the tarot has perhaps the most direct connection to our own lives because we determine the correlations between our lives and each card ourselves.

Ace of Cups

For example, Ace of Cups is the purest and most powerful version of love out there.

It’s unconditional, which means that it comes without any conditions or attachments. When this card shows up in a reading about love, it shows that the person is ready for true love and happiness.

How do you manifest unconditional love?

If you’re trying to manifest unconditional love (like self-love or romantic love), try pulling some cards for a reading about it.

1. Find out what kind of person you need to attract.

2. Ask for guidance on how to get them back into your life.

3. Use tarot cards to tell yourself a story about what it might be like if they were there with you right now.

  • If you get something like Ace of Pentacles, Temperance, or Judgment, you can tell it’s on its way to you — just stick with your practice of loving yourself more and more every day until The One arrives.
  • If you get something lukewarm like Six of Wands or The Moon? Keep working on yourself before pushing ahead with meeting someone new right now.

4. See yourself with them by holding an object that reminds you of them close when doing this exercise (e.g., a piece of jewelry or clothing).

5. Write down a list of all the reasons why they would make a great partner and then read through it daily until you feel like they already are in your life.

Get rid of your negative energy

This is a little like the affirmation technique – but instead of putting yourself in the most negative mindset possible (which will have a negative effect) look at where things can get better and how you can make that happen.

By using tarot for manifestation, you’ll be able to really focus on the areas of your life you need to strengthen and where you could do with a little bit more help.

This makes manifesting so much easier and gives you something tangible to aim for, as opposed to just hoping things work out or changing your attitude without moving forward in any way.

tarot cards on table

Ten Ways You Can Use Tarot Cards To Help You Manifest

1. Understand your past

2. Make predictions about your future

3. Communicate with the universe

4. Get in touch with your intuition

5. Take a spiritual journey

6. Bring balance to your life

7. Heal psychological wounds

8. Heap abundance into your life

9. Cultivate gratitude for what you have

10. Enhance your creativity and imagination

Tarot cards are pretty accurate when used correctly

One thing I want to say is that, as much as I believe in and love tarot, it’s not magic. It’s not a magical system for telling the future, but rather a tool for tapping into your intuition and subconscious. And everybody has those things!

You don’t need to be psychic or spiritual or into crystals and astrology to use tarot.

Doing a tarot reading

How can you use tarot cards when you manifest?

  1. Use Tarot Cards To Help You Manifest A Job
  2. Use Tarot Cards For Healing & Reiki
  3. Use Tarot Cards To Help You Find Lost Items
  4. Use Tarot Cards To Find Out If Someone Is The Love Of Your Life

Tarot cards are just symbols that represent parts of our lives, thoughts, feelings, experiences, hopes, and fears. When you tap into your intuition and subconscious—which is what you do when you pull cards—you can look at the images in front of you and piece together a story or an idea about where you are right now on your path to manifesting what you want.

We have all sorts of instincts and knowledge about our lives stored away in our brains that we forget about all the time. All tarot does is act as a visual aid to help us access it all and make sense of it.

When it comes to getting what you want out of life, there’s no magic bullet. It takes work and it takes time.

That said, using tarot for manifestation does have its benefits: after all, the cards are designed to give clarity into where we are right now so we can make changes if necessary; so why not use this practice as a tool when looking toward the future?

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