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How To Do Moon Rituals

There is a lot of power to be harnessed from the moon cycle. These energies can help you in your daily life.

Moon rituals can help with your career, your love life, and your all-around happiness. 

how to perform a full moon ritual

There are eight moon phases. All lunar phases are great roadmaps to harnessing positive energy.

When you begin to live in sync with the moon’s energies and the lunar cycle, you’re paving a road to internal strength and happiness. 

But first, you need to learn how to harness the moon’s energy. The moon is a powerful tool for manifesting and spell work.

how to perform a full moon ritual

And remember that, although there are great benefits to the moons energy and performing moon rituals, the benefits and positive changes won’t be felt overnight.

This is something that you need to work consistently in order to harness energy from the eight phases of the moon. 

how to perform a full moon ritual

What Are Modern Moon Rituals?

Moon rituals date back to ancient Babylonia and Egypt. Moon worship was a large part of ancient cultures. The moonlight had a large effect on plants, animals, and human life.

how to perform a full moon ritual

These traditions have carried over into present times. 

Now we’re living in a society filled with distractions, and stress. We’re always on our phones or laptops, and we’re always running around with a million things to do. 

Moon rituals are designed to get us away from distractions for a little while. Moon rituals are about the peacefulness of the quiet. 

They may be something as simple as lighting some (ethically sourced) palo santo or using some essential oils in a diffuser, or they could be a tarot reading or something with an oracle card. These rituals are specific to you and what your plans are for the next month.

What Are The Eight Phases Of The Moon?

how to perform a full moon ritual

The eight phases of the moon are as follows: 

  1. The New Moon 
  2. The Waxing Crescent Moon 
  3. The Waxing Quarter Moon 
  4. The Waxing Gibbous Moon 
  5. The Full Moon 
  6. The Waning Gibbous Moon 
  7. The Waning Quarter Moon 
  8. The Waning Crescent Moon 
how to perform a full moon ritual

While there are eight different phases of the moon, new moon and full moon are the rituals that are most often completed. 

What Is A New Moon Ritual?

how to perform a full moon ritual

A new moon ritual is about reflection. It is done during the new moon phase, and is a great time for a fresh start. It’s about letting go of the things in the past that we can’t control, and starting a fresh page.

A New Moon Ritual is about absolute comfort.

New Moon Rituals For Manifestation

The new moon is the perfect time to begin a powerful manifestation. It’s all about starting over, and grounding yourself to find something new. Full moon manifestation rituals can work too, but are better for the things you have you want to make better.

Where should you have a New Moon Ritual for Letting Go?

So what better place to do this than in the comfort of your home?

Negative energy should be let go before the next new moon. Take the new moon intentions into the next phase of the new cycle.

Here are a few ways to begin your New Moon Ritual: 

how to perform a full moon ritual
  • Declutter and organize your sacred space

In order to feel absolute calm, you need to prepare a room in your house for the ritual. Wherever you plan on performing the ritual, you need that space to be clean, and calming. If you are planning to use tarot cards or oracle cards, cleanse them first.

Light some candles, put on some music, and make sure to have a pen and paper nearby for writing. 

  • Connect To A Divine Source Of Energy

Speak to a source that you believe in and you feel supports you. Whether it be a deity or the four elements, connect with it. You can also just speak directly to the magic of the moon. It’s a beautiful way to begin your spiritual practices, and there is no wrong way to connect with nature and the world.

In ancient times, they used a sacred circle to draw the energy closer.

how to perform a full moon ritual
  • Write The Things You Want To Release, And Call-In

Grab the paper and pen that you have in your sacred space and write down your thoughts. Don’t hold back. Write the things in your life that you want to let go of. Thoughts that are holding you back. But also write about the things in your life that you want to help push you forward. 

Write about the career that you want to land. Write about a bad breakup that you want to let go of. Whatever thoughts are occupying your mind needs to be written down.  

  • Read Your Writings Out Loud

After they are written you need to declare them. It isn’t enough to have your thoughts written on paper, you need to say them out loud. You’ll get an even stronger emotion when you declare them then when you simply write them. 

After you’ve completed the previous steps, now its time to sit back, relax, and meditate. Picture all those thoughts coming to fruition. Take deep breaths, and imagine the life that you want. 

What Is A Full Moon Ritual?

how to perform a full moon ritual

A Full Moon Ritual is about reflecting as well, but this time there’s more energy involved. A Full Moon Ritual is about celebrating your life’s accomplishments.

Performing a Full Moon Ritual is similar to a New Moon Ritual, with a few differences. 

Here’s how you begin a Full Moon Ritual: 

Full moon days are the best time of the month to harness your creative energy on a deeper level and to ground yourself and connect with mother earth.

how to perform a full moon ritual
  • Relax Your Body And Mind

Since you will be experiencing a lot of energy, you need to take the time to relax before you begin the ritual. Sit down, take some calming breaths, and relax your body and mind. 

  • Write About Your Successes

Get out that piece of paper and reflect on your life over the past couple of months. What has happened? What are you proud of? And where is there room for improvement? Allow yourself to brag about the success that you’ve had. Be proud of yourself. 

  • Write About Your Barriers To Success 

Now that you’ve taken the time to write about your successes and where there is room for improvement, write about what is getting in the way of complete happiness.

This isn’t some list you want to keep on a vision board. Once you’ve written all of this down, you can ceremonially burn the paper, or flush it down the toilet. 

how to perform a full moon ritual
  • Get Some Moonlight

Now that you’ve written everything down, go outside and bathe in the moonlight. There are many proven benefits of moonlight on your skin. Go experience it. 

  • Now It’s Time To Dance

Dancing is one of those things o do in a full moon for good luck. Get some energy out of your body by dancing to your favorite music. Fill your body and mind with joy. There’s no better way to do this than to dance in the moonlight. 

This Doesn’t Happen Overnight, You Need To Make A Commitment

how to perform a full moon ritual

This is one of the most important factors in understanding Moon Rituals.

You don’t perform one once and see that all of your dreams come true. It takes a commitment.

Over time the negative thoughts will go away and the new intentions will start to creep their way into your life, and you will be having a good time before you know it.

how to perform a full moon ritual

Commit a few months to the rituals at least, and then see what changes have been made in your life. 

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