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23 Healing Crystals For Anxiety, Stress and Depression

23 Healing Crystals For Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Healing crystals, or healing stones, use powerful energetic properties to help us cope with stressful times. Healing crystals do this by aligning our seven chakras, and getting rid of negative energy.

This form of crystal healing harkens back to ancient Hindu and Buddhist philosophies that use the natural world to help us feel calm and attain inner health.

crystals for healing and anxiety

With our energy centers balanced, we can unleash the powerful forces of healing always present inside us.

These are the crystals you need in your collection to help you find your inner strength and mental clarity. To begin your emotional healing.

As you become familiar with the healing power of crystals, you will unlock your inner peace. While also finding your favorite crystals for daily use!

Each of these crystals is a great choice to use when you want to get rid of bad vibes.

healing crystals

What crystals are good for stress and anxiety?

Hematite Stone 

Hematite is used as an essential stone for “grounding” throughout the length of your spiritual journey.

It is translated as “blood stone” for the iron content and reddish color it carries when pulled from the earth. It can help with self-control, and compulsive thoughts that occur with anxiety. It is a lot like Tiger’s eye in that it gives you an instant calming effect.

Unlike other common dark stones, it is considered a nurturing stone. And can help reveal hard truths on our spiritual journey. 

crystals you can use for anxiety

Black Tourmaline 

As an excellent stone to help you find harmony, this crystal can help bring balance to your root chakra.

Black tourmaline helps to cast out negative emotions and cleanse your auric field.

It is a powerful crystal to carry for anyone with an anxiety disorder. I also love this stone as a little help for anyone with anger management or who just needs a little help chilling out. These powerful healing crystals give you instant stress relief.

It typically is found in various shades of black, each carrying slightly different energetic properties. Use Black Tourmaline to bring protection, and steadying energy to your root chakra.

Blue Lace Agate 

This is a beautiful pale blue stone, often etched with white lines throughout.

Blue lace agate is one of the strongest stones for confronting stress, lack of mental focus, and anxiety.

It is commonly used in helping to express ones deepest truths.

Associated mostly with the throat chakra, it is also known to work through the heart and crown chakras. Opening us up for oneness with the universe and its eternal love for us.

Also, if you struggle with racing thoughts at bedtime or during meditation, Blue Lace Agate works wonders, and leaves you awash in feelings of serenity and quiet bliss.

crystals for impulse control

Smoky Quartz 

All quartz crystals are considered “clarification stones” with Smoky Quartz being most effective at revealing troubling thinking patterns.

You’ll find these in colors from almost translucent, to yellowish, to an opaque brownish color.

Offering stability and clear thoughts, use this crystal any time troubling thoughts arise and clear the way for an influx of positive energy!

Clear Quartz

In a world where it seems everything is vying for our attention, Clear Quartz is considered the purest of the “clarification stones” and should be used before any big project, important conversations, work meetings and anything that requires absolute clarity of mind.

It can also help amplify effects of other stones and is associated deeply with our third eye chakra.

Helping us to visualize and manifest our deepest heartfelt desires, use these healing crystals in all spiritual exercises or tasks.

crystals for healing and anxiety

Lapis Lazuli

One of the most highly sought after stones in the ancient world for dress and ornamentation, this stone carries a deep blue color and can be used as an effective anti-stress and anti-anxiety stone, by increasing understanding.

Helping to block out any thoughts which deter healthy communication, this stone can help increase comprehension between yourself and others.

Use Lupis Lazuli if you need to get a point across to someone you love, but are struggling for the right words. It’s even known to bring calm to those who find themselves in otherwise trouble or difficult situations.


  A beautiful crystal which carries an orangish-yellow color, Citrine is commonly known to promote a sense of cheerfulness in whoever bears it.

It has also been found to help a suffering self-esteem, allowing someone to view themselves in a healthier light. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, it is said to carry the energy of the sun.

An added caveat, this radiant crystal is often associated with wealth and better financial fortunes.

Brighten your luck and self-esteem with Citrine!

Tiger’s Eye

Known to strengthen a sense of courage and confidence in the wearer, this stone is also associated with the heart and solar plexus chakra.

A unique and powerful stone which resembles the eye of a tiger, golden-brown and crossed with lines of black, it can increase personal power and vitality, while instilling a sense of fearlessness in the wearer.

Carrying a strong vibration, it’s considered a highly protective stone, shielding one from danger and toxic energy.

Lava Stone

crystals for impulse control

Coming from the heart of a volcano, this can interact with all chakras to strengthen and enhance the spiritual profile of one who holds it.

Carrying a multitude of minerals from stones and crystals found all around the world, it is mainly associated with the root chakra. Through the balancing forces of fire and earth, and a melding together of the two, it has a vibrational energy of fortitude, strength, and resilience.

Use this powerful stone to help center you in the present moment while facing daunting tasks.


A beautiful stone that occurs in a myriad of colors, it is used for a variety of emotional and physical healing properties. It is considered one of the main healing crystals.

Depending on the color, it can be associated with different chakras(blue for the throat chakra, and green for the heart chakra). It is also known for balancing chemicals in the brain and can be a fantastic soother of panic attacks. Increase intuition, emotional stability and cognition with this stone.

Remember, depending on the color, its properties can change!


Connected to the heart chakra, Amazonite is a wonderful stone for releasing toxic energy and promoting feelings of tranquility and wellness.

It is not uncommon for wearers to experience a sense of ecstasy while meditating with this stone.

Its healing properties are also associated with the throat chakra, and promoting clear ideas. Use this stone for feelings of self-love and healthy communication! 

What crystals are good for depression?


Carnelian is one the best crystals for releasing apathy and overcoming hurtful situations that have left us saddened. It can help you make healthier life choices, from going to bed on time, to a healthier diet, to finding a better life partner. Use this crystal to remove dependency on others for validation, and bolster a healthier self-regard. A true heart stone, carry it with you whenever your heart is troubled.

Ocean Jasper  

Bringing in an element of water, coming in many shapes and colors, these healing crystals can help us adapt to the changes of life, and not become fixated on those things that have drifted away. We all must face the transient nature of life and can become low-spirited.  This stone is best at washing away negative energies and cleansing the soul. Use Ocean Jasper to soothe yourself in trying times, or give it to a family member who may need some extra “go with the flow” energy in their lives. 


This stone, found in many different colors, is known to soothe and stabilize your aura. This is a gentle cleansing crystal which can help calm agitated, and depressive states. Promoting emotional maturity and stability, it is the perfect stone when life has become hard to bear and we need inner perspective. New mothers can use this to help ease the burden of motherhood and promote a healthier environment for the child as they grow.


Aventurine is perfect for those who feel they have been isolated for too long and are struggling to reconnect with those they love. It can help reveal anxious thoughts that keep us seperated and better understand our tendencies associated with them. Use Aventurine when reaching out to old acquaintances or family members we’ve missed. Its power lies in bonding and can help ease our transition back into healthy community.  


the use of crystals for healing in times of stress

The “crystal of purity”, in its lovely purple hue, can help reawaken us to the mysteries of the universe and our spirituality. It promotes a sense of reverence and mysticism and can erase depressing thoughts as they occur. An added effect is improved concentration and the ability to think more rationally. Use Amethyst when life has seemingly lost its luster, to reconnect yourself to the beauty and unexplainable mystery of the universe. 


Bringinga vivid and clear connection to the resonance of light, Amber can help shine a light into our darkness. It’s warm and nurturing energy is connected to the solar energy of the sun, and it has a radiant ability to quell any notions of depresson or lack. It is best to be used first thing in the morning to invite feelings of acceptance and love early on, and then to carry its positive energy throughout the day. Its also one of the best stones for curing drowsiness and lethargy.  


  Helping to strengthen natural tuition and a deepening of ones sense of reality, it also dampens the negative side of our personality and opens us up to receive a healthier self-narrative. Labradorite can be to used to dispel negative self-talk and hurtful themes in our lives, while also improving impulse control and sheltering us from actions committed without self-awareness.

Rose Quartz  

crystals for healing and anxiety

Rose quartz, considered the “love stone” is used to dramatically increase feelings of unconditional love for yourself, others, and all things.

Such a driving force as this stone can help to cure many ills in our lives, physical and mental. But the most immediate is the removal of apathy and depression.

A wonderful stone to carry between lovers, or close friends. It is no surprise that it is intimately connected to the heart chakra. Use Rose Quartz to open and heal the gate that lets all light in, and rebalance your center of love.


Bringing freshness and hope to the mind, this stone can be found in various hues of green, with bright green being the most familiar. This stone has represented romantic love since ancient times, and can produce loyalty and harmony between lovers. Its also used to stimulate creativity of all kinds, enhance intuition, psychic abilities and awareness. Use Emerald as a bond of trust between lovers and creatives alike!  


Highly effective at easing depression, this stone can help us release the past and move on in peace. Its ability to powerfully heal the heart by drawing out past traumas and hurts, allows us to process and move past them.

Also considered a “nature stone” it can help ground us and attune our energy to the Earths. It creates a sense of security when we face past traumas. Use Malachite when you need to move on from the pain of the past, and aren’t sure if you’re capable. 


Found in a remote village in northwest Russia, this rock carries a type of black rock called non-crystal carbon, known to be one of the oldest forms of carbon known to man. Its use aids directly in balacing all the chakras, while also protecting us from radiation and electromagnetic fields. Shungite has the ability to get rid of the negative frequency found in electromagnetic fields, thus rendering it inert. Use Shungite daily to protect your mind and body from the life-altering effects of modern technology, while balancing your chakras.

Pink Opal 

This stone carries a predominantly feminine energy that is all about forgiveness, empathy, generosity, and love. By reducing resentment, and self-destructive behaviors, this stone can pave a way for the heart to open again and for the light to shine through. Use Pink Opal everyday to cleanse your heart chakra and invite feelings of warmth and gratitude wherever you go.

crystals for healing and anxiety
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