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Is Tarot Accurate? Can Tarot Card Reading Actually Work? 

Is tarot accurate? 

Yes and no. 

Like with anything, tarot is as accurate about you and your life as you are open about you and your life. 

What do I mean? 


Well, tarot is a divination tool, a method to communicate with God, Nature, Source Energy, the Universe, call it what you will. 

You can get a great tarot card reader, one who is deeply in touch with Source, and she can read your tarot cards accurately, interpreting them in ways that match your energy. 

You can then accept it or refuse it. 

I have a really good medium friend who joined me for many women’s circles I used to host, and I watched her accurately read woman and woman after woman.

She would bring tears to the eyes of those she read, so startling was her accuracy. 

There were times when she struggled, and she would admit, “sometimes the vibration is just off. I can’t get a good read.” 

Then, there was one time when another friend of mine brought her aunt to the circle. 

The woman was clearly a skeptic, tight lipped, arms crossed over her body. She was clearly not only not a believer, but in fact a nonbeliever. 

When my medium friend read this woman, it was clear and direct. She spoke unto her a message from the Universe and she offered guidance from a spirit who had passed, a family member that was close to this woman. 

“No.” The woman said in response. 

“No. No. Nope. I have no idea what you’re talking about. That makes no sense to me. And I don’t know anyone like that.” She said, vigorously shaking her head. 

My friend who had brought her, her niece, had also come with the woman’s daughter and her other niece.

All three of these younger women nodded their heads in unison. They could see how this message made perfect sense for her. 

“Mom,” the woman’s daughter said. “That sounds just like Tio Juanito.” 

“No.” The woman said. “Not at all. Nope.” 

It was fascinating to watch for me. 

I have long been a skeptic of all things mystical. While I have always been a believer in something larger that myself and of the law of attraction and mental science, I hesitated to step into the world of psychics and divination tools. 

There are just so many charlatans out there. 

But as I made my journey deeper into spirituality in the last decade, I have worked very hard to become less hard headed, less “science only,” and more open to what we don’t yet fully understand, what we cannot easily explain. 

Even Albert Einstein noted that we needed to remain curious and interested, in awe of the world and the universe at large. 

He was much more interested in hearing the voice of God than he was in breaking down the minutiae of quantum physics. 

It just so happened that quantum physics was how he best interacted with God. 

So it was intense for me to sit and watch this woman who was receiving clear guidance from the Universe via this medium sit in abject denial of a loving message being delivered to her. 

And that is, for me, the greatest example of how accurate or inaccurate divination can be. 

Tarot as a Tool

tarot cards on table

If you can see tarot as a tool, and nothing more, you can open yourself up to the possibilities of what you will see, hear, understand. 

Is tarot accurate?

Well, you must be able to get loose, light, and easy with it. 

Of course, you may encounter wielders of that tool who misuse it or use it for ill purposes. 

It is like nuclear energy. 

It can be used to kill millions or to provide clean energy for billions. 

It is not the fault of the energy. It is the responsibility of the one who harnesses that energy. 

The most important thing you can do is to get clear on your own energy. 

Clear Up Your Energy

If your energy is not clear, if you are not in touch with your own intuition, you are likely to be abused by anyone with stronger, clearer energy than you. 

You must call back all of your power that you have given away in your lifetime, find your voice, and tap into your intuition. 

There’s this great story I heard recently about the day the conquistadors arrived in Peru to conquer the land back in the 1500s. 

The head of the conquistadors from Catholic Spain went to the head of the tribe in Peru, a shaman and tribal elder, and he told him, “this is the word of God. I came to bring it to you and your people.” 

He handed him the Christian Bible

The shaman took the Bible and held it to his ear for several moments. 

Then he handed the book back to the conquistador and asked, astonished, “what kind of god does not speak to his people? How long has it been since your god has spoken to you?”

And the conquistador answered, “1500 years.” 

Then he asked. “When did your god last speak to you?”

The shaman answered, without hesitation, “this morning. At breakfast.” 

So, the question is, which god is accurate? The god that speaks once and never again, for hundreds or thousands of years. Or the god who speaks all the time? Through plants, animals, air, water, fire, earth.

Astral projection

The answer is obvious. 

And it has nothing, of course, to do with the god but with the person. 

The god is the same. 

There is only one god. All gods are one god. 

Nature. The Universe. Source Energy. God. Call it what you will. 

And it is always, always speaking to us. 

We have just forgotten to listen. 

We think we have it all figured out, or we think it is unknowable. And so we quit listening. 

We close our eyes, our minds, our ears, our hearts, our spirits. 

If we want tarot to be accurate, we must open our eyes, our minds, our ears, our hearts, our spirts. 

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear, as the expression goes. 

So get ready. 

Clear up your energy. 

The first thing you can do is to sit in meditation every morning, before you do anything else. 


Meditation is a great way to connect to the divine. 

It is one of the easiest ways as well, as you don’t even have to leave your home.

Simply sit for 20 minutes each day and perform a full body scan. 

From your crown chakra down to your root chakra, check in with yourself. Clear up your chakras, imagine your body parts alive and well, 

Feel your inner body energy, alive, vital, and completely different from what you perceive as your body. 

Your inner body is all powerful, can heal you in an instant, and is waiting for you to recognize it. 

Just like God. 

As you complete your scan, allow yourself to drift into your higher consciousness. It is there you will meet God. 

Allow the thoughts to come and go, silencing your mind, reminding yourself that you are not your thoughts. Often you are not even the thinker of your thoughts but the awareness behind it all. 

When you connect with that higher self, you are opening yourself up to an accurate reading. 

You are opening yourself up to an energy source that is never ending and only loving. 

From there, you can pull tarot, have a professional tarot reader pull cards for you, or simply channel the divine without any tools at all. 

Is Tarot Accurate? A Divination Tool


I like to include tarot as part of a morning meditation process because it is fun for me. 

I enjoy the feel of the cards in my hand. I enjoy the ritual aspect of tarot every morning. I enjoy feeling like I am communicating with the divine each day in a concrete way. 

For me, tarot is accurate because I am open to all interpretations. 

I also trust without doubt that the Universe loves me deeply and immeasurably. 

I know that the Universe does not speak in negatives, in cautions, or in omens. 

I am not afraid that “the wrath of God” is raining down on me, because that is no god I believe in. 

God has no wrath. 

Source Energy cannot even fathom wrath, can only see good, love, and light. 

Wrath, fear, anger, frustration, all negatives are purely human experiences and purely here for contrast. 

We need contrast, what we don’t want, so we can see more clearly what we do want. 

That is all. 

We are not meant to suffer, to sit in darkness or sadness, to drown ourselves in sorrow and pain. 

We are here for the full human experience, to expand, to come fully alive. 

And tarot is a great way to open ourselves up to guidance toward that fully aliveness from our higher selves. 

The goal with tarot, or any divination tool, should be to have fun. 

In the end, if matters far less if tarot is accurate than if you are in touch with your inner being, which is always accurate. 

Happy manifesting!