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20 Easy Ways to Manifest 

You’ve watched The Secret, you’ve listened to Abraham Hicks, you’ve heard all the people on social media talk about manifesting, but you’re still wondering about easy ways to manifest. 

Why does it have to be so hard, you wonder? 


Well, it doesn’t. 

It actually does not have to be hard at all. 

You can manifest right now. 

In fact, lo and behold, you already have. 

You’re here, reading this article about manifesting. 

Which means you have already discovered one of the easy ways to manifest

Let me explain. 

You Are Always Manifesting

The single most important thing to realize about manifesting is that you are always manifesting. 

Everything in your life, everything in your reality, everything in your awareness, you are manifesting. 

You have manifested. 

Here’s how it works: 

Before you came into this human body, you were Source Energy. 

You were, I like to say, a “god drop.” 

Or as the poet Rumi says, “you are not a drop of the ocean; you are the ocean, in a drop.” 

When you were Source Energy, you were all powerful, all wise and all knowing and all present.

You could foresee all possible outcomes of all possible actions. And you manifested like crazy. 

Collectively with all the other god drops and Consciousness itself which created you and to which you are inextricably linked, you created suns and moons, stars and planets, and all of life on those planets. 

You then inhabited human bodies, animating them with spirit, and having the human experience. 

Over and over. 

Each time with the ultimate spiritual goal of expansion. 

From a spiritual perspective, nothing is good or bad except that thinking makes it so. 

God is neutral, loving, and creative. 

There is no judgment. 

So, you manifested yourself into a human. 

You, god drop you, spirit you, created yourself by setting intentions and then pooling yourself into this human form on earth. 

You manifested your humanity, your parents, your ethnicity, your region, your biological sex, your skin color, and so on and so on, all in the interest of expansions and meeting your set intentions. 

You set yourself up for the best possible outcomes according to your intentions. 

And since you were born, you have been manifesting. 

Because thoughts are things. 

Thoughts are energy. 

And energy attracts more energy. 

Like attracts like. 

The law of attraction tells us that we attract what we are. 

Ultimately, you manifested your circumstances, which led to a series of events, which then triggered you to manifest more. 

Everything you embody, you attract. 

Everything you focus on for long enough, you attract. 

And you have the power to change your energy in a single moment to attract, or manifest, something different. 

Even as a human, you are still incredibly powerful, and you have access to that higher self, the god drop part of you, that is all knowing and all present. 

So you can work with your higher self to manifest. Your higher self, in response, will guide you with messages, symbols, signs, even other people. 

How do you manifest then? What are easy ways to manifest? 

Now that you understand your origins and just how powerful you are, it will be even easier. 

20 Easy Ways to Manifest

Recognize Your Power

The first of the easy ways to manifest has already been referenced above a bit. 

You need to recognize that you are always manifesting. 

So much so that when something happens, good or bad, you can say, with confidence, “I did that.”

When you see how each of your thoughts and actions has a consequence, you can then begin to wield this power more consciously. 

As Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book Big Magic, your emotions are your energy, and while you cannot control your emotions, you can control your thoughts, and your thoughts control your emotions. 

So when we say to control your energy, we are saying control your thoughts. 




Meditation is the key to clearing your mind, to focusing, and to controlling your thoughts. 

For 20 minutes a day, before you do anything else, every single morning, sit in meditation and clear your mind. 

Set your timer, lie prone, in corpse pose, or sit straight up, and allow your thoughts to quiet. 

Perform a full body scan from your crown to your toes, clearing up your energy and checking in with yourself, gently loving yourself along the way. 

When you have completed the scan, allow yourself to sink into your higher consciousness, connect with your higher self, feel the connection take hold. 

It may take weeks to form this connection, depending on how long you have been resisting the connection, but once you feel it, it will be easier and easier each time you meditate. 

From that place, you have access to your higher self, which is constantly communicating with you, showing you, and guiding you toward what you want to manifest

It will be much easier to recognize those signs when you recognize the feeling of your higher self. 

And this human experience is all about paying attention to your feelings. 

Let Go

Let go of control. 

Let go of the need for it all to turn out a certain way. 

Let go of how it should look. 

Let go. 

It is easy once you give it a try. 

Especially if you are determined to manifest. 

Do Something Different

Not only easy but also quick. 

Do something different from what you would normally do. 

If you would sleep in, wake up early. 

If you would say no, say yes. 

If you would fight, walk away instead. 

Anything different will trigger a new outcome, and you will see how easy and quick it is to manifest. 

Try Something New

Sign up for a class, show up for a meeting of minds, sit in a café and read a book, take yourself to a movie, hit the gym. 

Try something, anything new, out of your comfort zone, and you will watch manifestation come alive for you in the best ways. 

Become Love

Determine that everything you do will come from a place of love, first for yourself and then for others, and your entire world will crack wide open. 

You will notice others loving you in ways they could not before. 

You will notice people bending over backward to meet your needs and desires, and you will want to respond in kind. 


Be generous. 

If you want to get, give. 

The quickest and easiest way to change your fate, to manifest in abundance, is to give generously. 

You may not have money, but you have love, you have time, you have something. 

Give it. 

And give it without conditions. 

Build Routine

Psychologist Jordan Peterson says there is no more powerful action you can take to change your life than to build routine. 

Wake up at the same time, meditate, exercise, eat well, go to work, schedule time to play, read your book, take a bath, go to bed at the same time. 

Creating this order allows space for creative chaos to flourish, which is where all manifestation comes from. 

Build Ritual

Whatever your spiritual practice, build a ritual around it. 

Howl at the moon when it is full. 

Light candles on a new moon. 

Go to church if you are religious. 

Meditate daily and journal on your meditations. 

Pray each night before bed. 

Build a ritual that connects you to your higher self, and you will develop that relationship that allows you to better open up and access your Universal power. 

Call Someone You Love

You would be surprised by how quickly you can manifest when you simply pick up the phone, call someone you love, and have a little chat. 

Take the time, and it will pay off. 

Take a Trip

Travel opens you up, lowers your resistance, and allows you to let go. 

All essentials for accessing easy ways to manifest. 


Exercise gives you endorphins, like a happy pill. 

Hit the treadmill for a quick run. Lift weights. Go for a 45 minute walk. 

Anything to get your blood pumping will lift you up and inspire you to see your power to manifest. 

Practice Self Care

Take yourself to a movie. 

Enjoy a bubble bath. 

Sit with your book. 

Eat the chocolate. 

Pay your bills on time. 

Anything that allows you to feel genuinely cared for, loved, and looked after will put you in a place to manifest. 

Acts of Service

Much like giving, setting the tone for acts of service puts you in manifestation mode. 

When you give of yourself freely, you change your nature inherently. 

You become a person for whom things come easily. 

And that is the key to manifesting. 


So often we do not allow ourselves to dream big. 


Indeed, schedule time to dream, to just let your mind thing of all the possibilities, to explore what you want, how you see yourself. 

When you do this, you are telling the Universe, “this or better.” 

And the Universe is thrilled to respond. 

Climb the Ladder

Allow yourself to gradually work your way up the emotional ladder. 

We create best from a place of joy. 

If you are sad, angry, frustrated, stressed, you will need to slowly work your way up from there to joy. 

Give yourself time, and don’t give up. 

Open Up

You must allow yourself to stop resisting, to stop stopping yourself, to unblock. 

You have to open yourself up. 

Meditation helps, as do many of the other ideas here, but also ensure you are getting good sleep, taking time to rest, and doing things you love, so you can relax. 

Relax and open up. 


Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. 

It’s as simple as that. 

You must let go of limiting beliefs and accept that truly anything is possible. 

It might to start reading stories of “miracles.” 

They really are all around you, and if it can happen for “them,” it can happen for you. 

Make Friends with Manifestors

You are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with. 

Who are you spending your time with? 

It may be time to change that. 

Practice Practice Practice

And finally, practice practice practice everything here. 

The more you practice, the better you will get at it. 

This is a hard and fast truth. 

Happy manifesting!

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