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10 Kid-Friendly Full Moon Activities to Celebrate the Lunar Energy

The full moon is a magical time for both adults and children. It’s a chance to connect with the lunar energy and tune into our inner selves.

While there are plenty of full moon rituals for adults, it can be trickier to find activities suitable for kids.

kid friendly moon activities

Fear not!

I’ve compiled a list of 10 kid-friendly full moon activities that will help your little ones connect with the lunar energy in a fun and meaningful way.

These activities have a spiritual vibe, but they can also be enjoyed by kids who are simply looking to have a good time.

1. Moon-themed art project

Get creative with a moon-themed art project. This could be as simple as painting a picture of the moon or as elaborate as creating a 3D model of the moon out of clay.

moon coloring page
moon coloring page

Encourage your kids to think about the different phases of the moon and how it affects the tides and our emotions. You can even turn this into a science lesson by talking about the moon’s orbit around Earth and its impact on the tides.

2. Full moon picnic

Pack a special picnic basket with moon-themed snacks and head outside to enjoy a meal under the full moon.

This is a great way to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of lunar energy. You could pack some silver-colored treats, such as cookies shaped like crescent moons or crackers with moon-shaped cheese. Don’t forget to bring some blankets and pillows to get comfy under the full moon’s glow.

3. Full moon meditation

Guided meditation is a great way for kids to relax and focus their minds.

Plenty of kid-friendly meditation videos are available online that focus on the full moon.

Encourage your kids to close their eyes, take deep breaths, and imagine themselves under the full moon’s glow.

You could even try some simple visualization exercises, such as imagining a white light radiating from the full moon and filling their bodies with positive energy.

4. Full moon journaling

Give your kids a journal and some pens and encourage them to write or draw about their experience of the full moon.

This is a great way for kids to express their thoughts and emotions and reflect on the full moon’s energy.

A Dream Journal

You could prompt them with questions such as: “What does the full moon make you feel?” or “What do you think the full moon represents?” Encourage them to let their creativity flow and to write or draw whatever comes to mind.

5. Moon yoga

There are plenty of yoga poses that are inspired by the moon. Try doing some moon salutations or a moon-themed yoga flow with your kids.

This is a great way to get moving and connect with the lunar energy at the same time. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try acro yoga poses, such as “Crescent Moon” or “Full Moon.”

Just be sure to practice safely and to have a spotter if you’re attempting more advanced poses.

6. Full moon storytelling

Gather around a cozy fire (or snuggle up on the couch) and share some stories about the moon. You could tell your kids traditional moon stories from different cultures or make up your own stories together.

This is a great way to encourage your kids’ imaginations and to bond with them in a special way. Don’t be afraid to get silly and have fun with this activity.

7. Moon-themed games

There are plenty of games that you can play with your kids that are inspired by the moon.

Try playing “Red Light, Green Light” using the phrase “Full Moon, New Moon” instead, or play “Mother, May I?” using moon-themed tasks (e.g., “Mother, may I take two giant leaps to the left?”).

full moon activities for kids

Another fun game is “Moon and Star Hot Potato,” where you pass around a stuffed animal that represents the moon or a star and play some music.

When the music stops, whoever is holding the stuffed animal is out. You can also play “Moon Tag,” where one person is “it” and has to catch the other players.

When a player is caught, they become “it” for the next round.

8. Moon-themed sensory bin

Fill a large bin with moon-themed sensory materials, such as silver pom-poms, cotton balls, and small plastic stars.

Encourage your kids to explore the materials and use their senses to connect with the lunar energy.

You could even add some moon-scented essential oils, such as lavender or sandalwood, to enhance the sensory experience.

This is a great calming activity for kids who need to de-stress.

9. Full moon scavenger hunt

Create a list of moon-themed items your kids can hunt for around the house or yard (e.g., a silver flashlight or a white feather).

This is a great way to get kids moving and to encourage them to use their observation skills.

You could even turn this into a competition by dividing the kids into teams and seeing which team can find all the items on the list first. Don’t forget to have some prizes ready for the winning team!

10. Full moon movie night

Gather some cozy blankets and pillows and have a special movie night under the full moon. Choose a movie that has a moon-themed or a magical theme, such as “E.T.” or “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

full moon rituals

You could even make some moon-themed snacks while watching the movie. Some ideas might include moon-shaped pizzas, “moon cheese” (grilled cheese sandwiches), or “lunar landing” cupcakes (cupcakes with a small toy spaceship on top).

I hope these kid-friendly full moon activities give you some inspiration for ways to celebrate the lunar energy with your little ones.

The full moon is a special time that can be enjoyed by all ages, and these activities are a great way to connect with the magic and mystery of the moon.

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself as well.

The full moon is a powerful time for self-reflection and personal growth, so make sure to carve out some time for your own full-moon rituals and practices. You could try moonstone meditation, burn moon-themed incense, or sit outside and soak up the full moon’s energy.

Whatever you choose to do, embrace the full moon’s energy and make the most of this magical time.

Happy full moon!

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