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What Is a Vibrational Energy Shift and How to Manage It 

When we talk about a vibrational energy shift, we usually refer to vibrating higher, meaning those of us who are on a journey of awakening reaching a next level shift. It can feel uncomfortable.  

It can get ugly.  

We are literally working to shift out of years, sometimes decades, of old habits that do not serve us, and working hard to shift into a state of openness, curiosity, and joy.  

It sounds so crazy to say it is not easy.  

Who does not want to just be open, curious, and joyful?  

Your subconscious, that’s who.  

But energy shifts are not just about vibrating higher; they can also be about downshifting.  

When you start tapping into your psychic abilities, you become more sensitive to energy.  

Once you start learning to feel your way through things, you start feeling EVERYTHING.  

And at first, this feeling is not a good one.  

It takes time, persistence, and consistency to continue forward despite feelings of discomfort.  

It begins with understanding, first and foremost, that energy is everything.  

Energy Is Everything 

It is a basic fact of science and spirituality – energy is everything.  

Rocks, grass, air, animals, the sky, humans, everything.  

It’s all energy.  

Before there was matter, there was energy.  

Energy created matter.  

In the spiritual world, we refer to the energy that came before everything else we know and don’t know as Source Energy.  

Some religious people call it God.  

Pagans may call it Nature.  

It is all that there is, it is inside all of things, we came from it, and we will return to it.  

It is also consciousness.  

Remember, everything is energy.  

Which means consciousness, too, is energy.  

The highest possible vibrational energy is Source Energy.  

Pure bliss.  

The pure blissful state of being infinite, unkillable, knowing everything, seeing all possible outcomes of all possible actions, and being all powerful.  

That is Source Energy.  

Remember we learned in science that energy never dies; it is merely transformed or transferred.  

So to understand human life, we must understand that the consciousness we have emerged from a higher consciousness – that is Source Energy.  

This higher consciousness created everything there is in a beautiful design that allowed for the ultimate evolution into humanity, the leading edge of consciousness.  

We are, in essence, spirits – drops of Source Energy – poured into human forms for this human experience.  

The purpose of the Universe, of Source Energy, is to expand, to continue creating, and it creates through humans.  

The purpose of humans is to create and to have fun while doing it.  

How do I know this?  

It is the literal biological impulse of humans – to create and to feel good.  

It makes sense that our biological impulses would be connected to our spiritual purposes.  

Unmanageable Energy: Triggered! 

What makes all of this rather difficult is that we seem to have lost our way as humans.  

We have had it right on several different occasions in history, various cultures and civilizations have seemed to be on the right track, aiming toward a natural consciousness, living in harmony with each other and with the earth.  

But we have free will and access to all possibilities.  

We also have fear, a necessity for human survival.  

Without fear, we would likely die before we had a chance to reproduce, and that would be the end of humanity as we know it.  

We would throw ourselves into fire, off cliffs, and into senseless wars (Oh… wait…). 

In any event, we need a healthy dose of fear.  

But with an even healthier does of love, we could use fear as a guide away from what we don’t want and toward what we do want.  

Instead, at various times in history, fear has been the most powerful motivator of man.  

We did indeed throw ourselves into senseless wars and we threw each other off cliffs and into fires, all because of fear.  

Fear of scarcity of resources, fear of the other, fear of the unknown.  

We have allowed fear to rule us, rather than to be the gentle bumps on the highway letting us know we are off track.  

Energy shifts, then, for most of us who have learned to live by our feelings, seem to be constant.  

Your energy is always shifting.  

The only thing constant in this world is change, and things are constantly changing.  

Which means, if you live a life based on external factors, call them triggers if you will, your energy will be in a constant state of shifting.  

Bad things happen and you get angry, sad, frustrated, or some other negative emotions.  

Good things happen and you get happy, excited, joyful, or some other positive emotion.  

You live on autopilot, reacting, responding, but never directing or guiding your own boat.  

And when you do decide to direct or guide some aspect of your life, it is usually external factors you try to control.  

You try to find love to make you happy.  

Make more money to make you feel safe.  

Stop people and events from triggering you so you don’t get upset.  

It is exhausting.  

And once you realize how exhausting it is, and how utterly pointless for you can never control enough external factors to make you feel safe, happy, etc., you can learn to focus on a single energy shift: vibrate higher.  

Vibrate Higher: Energy Shifts 

When you decide to vibrate higher, it means you decide to shift your own energy from the inside.  

You cannot change the world.  

But you can change yourself.  

And when you change yourself, like magic, you also change the world.  

The Buddhists call this energy shift, the focus on the internal, Tatata.  

The suchness of life.  

You simply accept that what is happening right now is happening, and you do not let it control your energy or emotions.  

You know, deep within you, that you are infinite.  

And that as long as you are connected and in communication with your Source Energy, nothing can ever really go wrong, and you will never really get anything completely done.  

You are infinite.  

When you first start to experience this energetic shift, it feels super uncomfortable.  

You might feel an intense pressure in your head, you may experience migraines, your body may feel like it is vibrating and shaky, and your nervous system feels out of whack.  

You are allowing your spirit to surrender to Source Energy, and your subconscious is fighting you tooth and nail.  

Michael Singer describes this process in his book The Untethered Soul.  

You have been living an unconscious, zombie like life for many years, and your subconscious has been doing all of the driving.  

It, and your ego, are happy to be in charge.  

They keep you comfortably numb, miserably safe, and surviving.  

Attempting to shift out of that will take a sheer force of will.  

Your physical energies will lure you back into bad habits and unhappy realities over and over, trying to bring your energy back down.  

How to Manage Your Energy Shifts 

Don’t worry. You got this.  

You did not come this far to only come this far.  

There are very real, very effective ways to manage your energy shifts.  

Just keep at it, persist, and be consistent.  


Meditation is the highest form of managing your energy.  

Sit for 20 minutes every day, before you do anything else, and prime your mind for the day.  

Clear your thoughts, silence the voices in your head, and connect to your higher self.  

When you do this, you teach your subconscious mind who is boss, you assert yourself as the leader, and you place your spirit in the driver’s seat.  

In this way, you can allow whatever happens to just happen, and you can focus on the good in life, thereby attracting more good.  

Eat Well and Exercise 

Energy is everything, remember?  

Well, what you eat and how you move are huge contributors to your energy.  

You cannot eat crap that weighs you down and makes you feel sluggish and low energy and then expect to transcend the crap you attract into your life because you feel like crap so you attract crap.  

Get it?  

Eat whole foods, plants, pasture raised, humanely treated animal proteins (if you eat meat, and there is an excellent argument for eating meat for energy), drink lots of water, introduce lots of herbs and spices into your diet.  

Also cut toxins out of your diet – processed foods, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, and even people with toxic energy.  

You will notice a significant natural energy shift for the better within a week.  

Add exercise to that and you are seriously winning.  

45 minutes of movement every day, ideally outside, and your energy will be through the roof! 


Finally, practice the art of surrendering over and over.  

Surrender to the will of the divine, your higher self, Source Energy, which knows so much better than you do, and is always supporting you in your quest for creation and joy.  

Surrender, and then surrender again.  

Your energy will thank you for it.  

Happy manifesting! 

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