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How to Receive Signs from the Universe 

When you’re trying to figure out how to receive signs from the Universe, there are a lot of factors involved that will help you understand what is happening and how to interpret it.  

A lot of this has to do with building a relationship with the universe and understanding its nature.  

And some of it has to do with self-awareness.  

And most of it, honestly, has to do with just paying attention.  

You Are the Universe 

First, it really helps to understand that the Universe with which you are trying to communicate is you. You and the Universe are one and the same.  

I capitalize the word Universe because, for me, the Universe is synonymous with God.  

In fact, I think Universe is a much better term than God, because, as Abraham Hicks says, we have muddled and mussed with the concept of God so much that it barely resembles the true nature of God anymore.  

So that’s a big part of this lesson.  

Relinquish what you think of as God if you imagine a willful, sentient being with some sort of plan independent from our own that enacts punishment and reward or has an autonomous hand in anything we do at all.  

God, the Universe, Source Energy, is Nature.  

Source Energy is the literal energy that has been present in the universe for as long as there has been a universe.  

This is an energy that created time and space, suns and moons, planets, and all the life on planets.  

This energy can see all, be all, is all powerful, and can foresee all consequences of all actions at all times.  

We are evolved from that energy as a result of the manifesting actions that energy took from the beginning of time.  

So, Source Energy, or the Universe, if you will, has always foreseen where we are and what we are doing right now.  

And Source Energy is in us, cannot be separate from us, at all times.  

Source Energy sees through our eyes, hears through our ears, feels with our senses, and tastes and smells with our mouths and noses.  

Thus, it is actually quite easy to receive signs from the Universe as the Universe is always communicating with us.  

We are, each one of us, “god drops” in human form, with our higher consciousness still connected to Source Energy and incapable of disconnecting. 

Human Design 

Humans are on the leading edge of this evolution, and we really were designed perfectly, with bodies that heal themselves, with minds that can heal our bodies just with belief, and with consciousness that can create and manifest just as powerfully as the Universe.  

But, people always want to know, why create humans in the first place?  

If you can see everything, be everything, and do everything, and are all powerful, why would you limit yourself in this form of restricted creation – humans?  

Well, logic says that there must be great value in limitation.  

I heard a functional medicine doctor answer the question with “what does chocolate taste like to a God?”  

Fair enough.  

Spirits cannot engage directly with the material world. They can only become the material world and engage from that vantage point.  

So spirits embody humans, driving around these vessels for as long as they will last, both engaging with the material world and maintaining access to the spirit world.  

Well, then, you ask, why don’t we have access to the all-knowing, all seeing, all being, all powerful Universe at all times? If we’re so connected?  

Well, I say, we do.  

But, again, there must limitation.  

If we were in our highest consciousness at all times – able to see, hear, know, and do all things, what would be the point then of humanity?  

We came here to have a human experience, and when we die, we go back to our god selves, part of the collective, until we cycle into our next human experience.  

The very purpose of the Universe is to expand, and the very purpose of humanity is to navigate this limited life enjoying the human experience and remaining open to guidance from our higher selves.  

The Universe Is Loving 

And finally, how do we know, taking all the previous information as truth, that the Universe loves us, that the Universe is even a loving energy?  

It’s a great question and one I’ve come back to time and again in my spiritual journey.  

The Universe is an infinitely neutral party, having no stake in the game itself as everything we do here on earth leads to expansion no matter what.  

If we lead miserable lives, we still contribute to expansion.  

If we hurt others, we still contribute to expansion.  

So why would the Universe care if we succeed or fail according to our own metrics?  

There are a couple of ways to answer this one.  

First, the Universe is us, and as an infinitely wise and powerful energy, how could it not love itself?  

Second, if you tap into your highest self, you can feel it. You can feel yourself being guided, always by a loving hand, held by a loving gaze, and showered with love.  

That energy comes from something much, much larger than the human senses.  

That is the Universal energy.  

That is, in fact, the only Universal energy.  

We have fear, and all of the emotions that stem from it – hate, jealous, anger, bitterness – because we are humans.  

Humans need contrast to navigate our limitations.  

We need to know what we don’t want so we can know what we do want.  

But love is pure.  

Real, deep, universal, unconditional love is a pure, unadulterated energy that moves mountains, that performs miracles, and it feels good.  

And if we have any way of navigating this world, any compass at all, it is our feelings. It is the love compass.  

Follow your good feelings, and you will never go wrong.  

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Receive Signs from the Universe with Self Awareness 

I cannot tell you how many people have heard this explanation of the Universe, or of the law of attraction – that you attract what you are – and poo poo’d it.  

I say you want to receive signs from the Universe, open yourself up to your own power.  

Open up to the reality that it is all under your own control.  

“Yea right,” they say.  

“I am not that powerful.” 

“Life just happens.”  

Or “It is God’s will.”  

Well, as with anything, whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.  

You are as powerful as you know yourself to be.  

Life does not just happen. There is abundant evidence of action and reaction, action and consequence, cause and effect.  

Life is a series of events that are all interconnected and coinciding.  

The more you believe that, the more you know that, the more you empower yourself.  

God has no will separate from our own.  

Because we are God.  

We set intentions long before we came into these human bodies.  

So when we talk about surrendering to divine will, or God’s will, we are essentially saying to surrender to the will we had before we came into these bodies.  


Because our higher selves know infinitely more than we do in our human limitations.  

When we can become self-aware, understand just how powerful we are, understand, in fact, our obligation to ourselves and each other, to be enlightened, to awaken to our purpose, then communication flows.  

How to Receive Signs from the Universe 

And finally, if you want to receive signs from the Universe, you must recognize that you already are.  

The Universe never stops sending you signs.  

The Universe is constantly calling you into the light, onto your path, toward your highest good.  

If you want to receive those signs so that you recognize them and can interpret them, all you have to do is stop resisting.  

How to stop resisting?  


The single most important thing you can do to listen to the Universe is meditate for 20 minutes each day.  

Sit before you do anything else, and do a full body scan, allow your thoughts to quiet, and sink into your higher self.  

Learning how to get in touch with your higher self during meditation will help you identify it throughout the rest of the day.  

You will then recognize divine timing, “coincidence,” and clear doorways and windows opening.  

Follow Your Good Feelings 

This one can sum up a lot.  

What to eat, when to sleep, when to work, when to rest.  

How to behave, how to act, how to respond.  

So much goes into following your good feelings, your good sense, or as my five year old says “the angel on my shoulder.” 

Your ego is going to rage and scream and push you into the darkness to keep you comfortable.  

The more you simply allow your ego to tire itself out and turn instead to your angel, you will recognize all the signs from the Universe constantly coming at you.  

And you can live a life of alignment.  

Happy manifesting! 

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