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How To Raise Your Vibration and Keep It High: Find Happiness

Each of us have vibrations, which are our state of mind and being or our energetic qualities. This is often referred to as “vibes.”

While the word vibration is used as a description of someone’s overall state of being, there can be various frequencies in which vibrations can operate.

For example, someone with a low vibration can easily be spotted; perhaps they feel dark, confused, sad, etc. In contrast, vibrating at a higher level means you feel light, open, happy, and more at ease. 

If you’ve noticed your vibrations at an all-time low, the good news is that a few simple tweaks can help you raise your vibrations.

I got you, boo.

Check out these easy tips and tricks to raise your vibrations that sound a lot more complex than they actually are! (Wait, what? Heh.)

How To Raise Your Vibrations

First, a great way to start to raise your vibrations is to just be aware of what is happening around you. This isn’t the time to focus on how to fix those things.

This is just the time to see them and accept that they are happening. This is the awareness stage.

This includes becoming aware that your vibrations are low, which means you can consciously choose to focus your attention and efforts on ways to raise those vibrations.

Ways to Raise your Vibrations

Meditation and Mindful Breathing-

Simple meditation is one great way to raise vibrations.

For some, this may sound overwhelming as they may not know where to begin when it comes to meditation practices.

The unique thing about meditation is it can be uniquely designed to be as little or as much as you like. Meditation helps calm your mind and soothe your thoughts.

Start by finding a calm or relaxing place that you like and pay special focus to your breath.

Keeping focus throughout this process will help you in raising your vibrations.

Sit in a comfortable position and try closing your eyes, paying extra attention to the way you are breathing.

A simple 10-minute daily meditation can help improve your long-term high vibrations. 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness goes hand-in-hand with meditation, as they work to calm your nervous system and restore a sense of peace and calm thoughts.

The practice of mindfulness is all about careful and considerate thoughts, which in turn can help lend itself to increasing your positive vibrations as you begin to show more compassion towards yourself and others.

Give mindfulness and meditation a chance, and you will be surprised by the astonishing impact on raising your personal vibrations!

Drink Water

Drinking water seems to be a part of every health practice because it is one of the most essential things to human life.

When possible, aim for the cleanest filtered water you have access to.

Water is essential because it can flush out toxins in our bodies.

By drinking water, you not only flush our physical toxins but are also able to mentally check in by clearing out negative thoughts and energies as you aim to bring back a higher vibration.

Daily Acts of Kindness

Ever hear of the pay it forward movement or see people practicing daily acts of kindness?

This type of positive thought increases compassion for others while shifting the focus off of yourself for a temporary period of time.

Being mindful of what others are going through and practicing kindness helps increase your personal vibration, while negative or hateful thoughts towards others lower those vibrations.

Exercise and Move

Much like adequate water intake, practicing daily exercise or physical movement can help increase your personal vibrations.

This could be any form of exercise, whether it’s walking around the grocery store, hitting the gym, or having a dance party in your living room!

Aim to find a form of physical activity that you enjoy to get the most benefit in increasing your vibrations.

When possible, outdoor activities and exercise can have extra benefits as you soak up the nature around you and enjoy the sun.

Practice Forgiveness

Holding grudges or negative feelings towards a person can build up inside of you and lead to low vibrations.

Working towards forgiveness can free you and allow you to let go and consume yourself with more compassion.

While forgiveness may be tough, it can be a long-term way to release yourself from bad energies and allow you to be the higher-vibration person you desire to be.

Be Mindful of what you Consume

Alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances can often decrease your vibrations over time. While these substances temporarily bring happiness and feelings of euphoria, this quickly fades as it begins to wear off.

Consider eliminating these negative and toxic things from your life and adopt a healthier lifestyle for increased vibrations.

This also includes eating high-quality, nutrient-rich foods in your diet and eliminating processed foods.

A famous quote by a German philosopher is often tossed around: “you are what you eat.” This premise applies to those looking to increase their vibrations.

Our bodies work best and function optimally when we put real food, from nature, into them. Our bodies absorb good nutrients from these foods, overall impacting our thoughts and mood.

To keep your vibrations high, eat food that is considered high-vibration.

What is the secret to keeping a high vibration?

Bro, live your best life.

It’s all about the vibes man.

Ignore the negative stuff, focus on the positive, and don’t sweat it too much when things don’t go exactly as planned.

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