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129 Fluorite Affirmations for Clarity and Focus 

Fluorite affirmations will help you get unblocked and into flow; many people are drawn to the fluorite crystal right when they are feeling exhausted and burnt out and in desperate need of release. 

Affirmations can serve as an aid when using your crystal to eliminate negative energies from your life and put yourself into a space that only welcomes positive energy going forward and allowing negative energy to simply pass by. 

Fluorite and Fluorite Affirmations 

Fluorite is a crystal with deep shades of purple or green, or both, which is called rainbow fluorite. The word fluorite comes form the Latin word “flux,” which means fluid or flowing. 

Thus, fluorite has been used for millennia to unblock energy, unblock chakras, and introduce flow back into one’s personal energy. 

Further, because green is most associated with the heart chakra, green fluorite is most closely connected to matters of the heart, and when it comes to the heart chakra, that space needs attention to go first to love of and compassion for the self. 

The first 29 fluorite affirmations then related directly to simply unblocking any obstinate energy and welcoming flow anew into your life. 

Rainbow Fluorite
Rainbow Fluorite

29 Fluorite Affirmations

“I welcome abundance into my life.” 

“I can step into the flow of the universe.” 

“I am the universe having a human experience.” 

“I will surrender to the will of the universe.” 

“I can flow.” 

“I want to flow.” 

“I will flow.” 

“I release negative energy.” 

“Negative energy is a human experience.” 

“This too shall pass.” 

“I am ready for something new.” 

“I am open to change.” 

“It is my job to accept change.” 

“I am willing to adapt and shift with life.” 

“I am always being guided.” 

“I am here.”

“I am open.”

“The universe has my back.” 

“Life is change.” 

“The universe is a purely positive loving energy.” 

“My intuition is always with me.” 

“I have faith in my higher self.” 

“Things are always working out for me.” 

“Life is meant to be fun.” 

“I came here to find joy in life.” 

“I had a set of intentions when I came into this life.” 

“I will trust in the process of life.” 

“What is meant for me will come.” 

“I welcome what is coming.” 

Remember, the beginning of all change, of all transformation, is desire. 

Desire is the first step to welcoming abundance, joy, and everything you ever dreamed of into your life

But you have to allow yourself to desire. 

Far too many people today are unwilling to want more in their lives because they either think they are unworthy or they are afraid to tempt fate. 

They figure their lives are already so good that wanting more is just getting greedy. 

I have been happily and passionately married to my best friend for many years, I have two beautiful, happy healthy children, I am healthy, I have friends and family who love me, I live on a beautiful property in a gorgeous environment surrounded by wild nature, and I get to do what I love for a living. 

And guess what? 

I still want more. 

More love, more travel, more experiences, new adventures, great food, and yes all the silly little things like pretty jewels, the latest technology, the next nice car, and so on and so on. 

How greedy of me, right? 


You Came Here to Want More

If you want to get into a better flow state, you will have to accept this about life: you came here to want more. 

That’s it. 

It’s your job. 

Wanting, longing, and, most importantly, asking. 

That’s why you’re here. 

Not to sacrifice yourself to some belief or concept or for some person. 

Not to suffer and strive. 

To rest, to relax, to do things you love, and to ask for more. 

Think about it, wanting more is what the universe has been doing since the beginning of time. 

Expansion Is the Whole Point

Look to science. In You are the Universe by spiritual guru Deepak Chopra and astrophysicist Menas Kafatos make a great argument for how life can only come from life. 

Put together with the teaching of Abraham Hicks we can see that in the beginning, there was only consciousness. 

That consciousness had a single purpose – to expand. 

Basically, to want more. 

So it started creating. 

Drawing on its pure, positive, loving energy, wisdom, and power, it created. 

One thing at a time, slowly, and with immense patience, it created the cosmos as we know and barely understand them. 

From planets to suns to moon, to amoeba, to fungi, to animals, and finally, to the most conscious among all living creatures that we know of, to humans. 

Humans are the cutting edge of creation, and we have the power to manifest and create just as the energy form which we come. 

We are extensions of that consciousness, able to tap into its power at any time, and all we have to do is work with the greatest power of the universe – the law of attraction

All we have to do is want, and focus on what we want, and then move lovingly in the direction of what we want, following the guidance of our higher selves, which is always fully tapped into the Universe that created us. 

See? Simple. 

All we have to do is want, and flow. And with what are we flowing? 

Why, love of course.  

Fluorite Affirmations for Flow and Love

So, if you want to open up more, to welcome flow, and to step into the abundance of the universe, truly getting everything you want in life: you have one job. 

Flow with love. 


To begin, meditate. 

Meditation, according to pretty much every expert on health, wellness, and spirituality is the most important step toward accessing a flow state. 

Sit for 20 minutes every morning with your fluorite crystal, and allow the energy of the universe to come into your body and clear out all of your chakras on a daily basis. 

Before you do anything else, in a clean and clear space free of distractions, set your timer for 20 minutes, and began your full body scan. 

Lying on your back or sitting with your legs crossed, picture a bright green energy ball entering your crown chakra and clearing it out, connecting you to your higher self and communication from the infinitely wise and powerful universe. 

Then allow the energy to clear your third eye chakra, your throat chakra, and descend into your heart. 

When you get to your heart, make a commitment to open your heart, to love yourself first and foremost, which means to hold boundaries for yourself, to treat yourself life the god you are, and to walk with your head high and your shoulders back. To call your power back to you. 

Allow yourself to love others, but also allow others to love you the way you deserve to be loved, and accept nothing less. 

Finally, allow that energy to make its way to down into your solar plexus chakra, into your sacral chakra, and then into your root chakra. 

Then encourage that energy to enter the ground beneath your body, hooking you into the material that made you and connecting you to all of life. 

When you close out your meditation, be sure to commit to spending your day with good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. 

Fluorite Affirmations for Your Day

As you go throughout your day, repeat as many of these fluorite affirmations as resonate with you.

“I am worthy of love.” 

“I deserve love.” 

“I can love.” 

“I Can receive love.”

“I will step into receptive mode.” 

“I commit to knowing better.” 

“I commit to doing better.” 

“I am growing.” 

“I am learning.”

“I am pure positive energy.” 

“I am tuned in.” 

“I am tapped in.” 

“I am turned on.” 

“I am lit up.” 

“I am awakening.”

“I am leveling up.” 

“I accept goodness.” 

“I can never get it wrong.” 

“I will never be done.”

“I am that I am.” 

“I am whole.” 

“I am perfect.”

“I am unique.” 

“I am a miracle.”

“My heart is open.” 

“My mind is open.”

“I am love.”

“I will hold space for myself.”

“I will set boundaries.”

“I am worthy of respect.” 

“I have compassion for myself.” 

“I can have compassion for others.” 

“I am worthy of forgiveness.” 

“I forgive.” 

“I cut the cords.” 

“I will not cling.” 

“I let go.” 

“I have come so far.” 

“I did not come this far to only come this far.” 

“I can keep going.” 

“I will keep going.” 

“I am still here.” 

“I can do hard things.” 

“I’ve got this.” 

“I am not alone.” 

“I am never alone.” 

“The universe is rich in resources.” 

“There is plenty for everyone.” 

“I am made to be loved.” 

“I am made to be adored.” 

“I am willing to be surprised and delighted.” 

“I let go of the need to control.” 

“I have nothing to fear.” 

“There is nothing to fear.” 

“I feel no shame.” 

“I feel love.” 

“I accept love.” 

“I attract what I am.” 

“I attract abundance.” 

“What I focus on I attract.” 

“I can manage my thoughts.” 

“My thoughts control my feelings.” 

“My feelings are my guide.” 

“I lean towards what feels good.” 

“I lean towards my yes.” 

“I do not run in fear.” 

“The universe does not speak in negatives.” 

“The universe does not send omens.” 

“I can let others have their own experiences.”

“Each of us has our own inner voice.”

“I can unlearn what does not serve me.” 

“I can let go of what does not serve me.” 

“God is good.”  

“My intentions are coming clear to me.” 

“I follow my highest good.” 

“I am a spiritual being in a human body.” 

“Yellow fluorite, blue fluorite, and purple fluorite provide mental clarity.” 

“My spiritual energy expels negative thoughts.” 

“Negative thoughts are just passing through.” 

“Positive affirmations allow for clear communication.” 

“The best way forward is with clarity of mind.” 

“This great crystal and protective stone bring excess energy to my heart.” 

“I allow in new things and psychic abilities from my higher self.”

“This powerful stone helps with my health conditions.” 

“I deserve good health.” 

“My body knows what to do.” 

“My spirit knows what to do.” 

“I can get out of the way.” 

“I am allowing.” 

“My mental abilities and emotional levels are strong.” 

“The metaphysical properties of fluorite are with me.” 

“My immune system provides me with physical strength.” 

“I have a strong immune system.” 

“I am strong.” 

“I can be brave.” 

“I am enlightened.” 

“I listen to my spirit.” 

“I remain open.” 

“I sleep well so I can live well.”

“My body is a temple.” 

With practice, you can trust that your mental power and spiritual growth will release unwanted energy and you can live free and in flow.

Happy manifesting!

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