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The Best Crystals for Self-Acceptance and Self Love: Because You’re Awesome

It’s no secret that the way we feel about ourselves and our overall mindset is key in the way we live our lives. When we walk in confidence, accept ourselves, and feel good about ourselves, we are in the right frame of mind to manifest the life we want.

While there are many rituals and spells that we can use to aid us in our awareness journey towards self-acceptance, crystals are a simple and effective tool that most of us already have. By using certain crystals in our rituals and day-to-day life, we can boost our confidence and develop a deep and honest love for ourselves.

Crystals have the ability to clear our blockages, opening us to positive feelings of the self and giving us the power to manifest the feelings we desire. Specific crystals are powerful for our confidence and can cover us with feelings of belief, worthiness, and in turn, motivation, to actively seek the things we want.

Energy is both transmitted and received through crystals. Finding the vibrational stones that work best with your personal energy is important as you journey towards self-love.

When working with crystals for self-acceptance, you will actually build a deep and unique relationship with them. As a form of energy, your crystals will become in tune with you and your energy, creating a seamless exchange.

The more that you use and embrace your crystals, the more they will fill you with positive energy. Keeping them on you and in your home, as well as meditating with them and using them in rituals, will help the effects to grow.

Why Care About Self-Acceptance?

Sister, I hope you know why you need to love and accept yourself. I really hope this isn’t news to you.

The relationship you have with yourself truly is THE most important relationship that you have. It is the foundation of ALL of your other relationships.

When you don’t have love and compassion for yourself, it’s practically impossible to have it for others.

Self-love is also needed for manifestation. You can’t use your sacred energy to manifest love, life, happiness, and prosperity if you don’t even think you deserve it!

Increasing your positive energy and growing your self-acceptance is the number one way to attract GOOD into your life.

Okay, are you with me? Are you seeing how this plays out?

To manifest the good life, you need to love yourself.

To love yourself, you need to attract positive energy into your being.

To attract positive energy, you need to surround yourself with energy.

That energy can be obtained through crystals.

What Crystals Should Be Used For Self-Acceptance?

The best crystals for self-love, self-acceptance, and confidence, are those that are loaded with positive energy! You also want to choose crystals that promote peace, calming, and emotional stability.

Here are some of the crystals I’ve found to work best for increasing self-acceptance:


Nothing has more bright, positive, and shining energy than the sun. Amber, known as the stone of the sun, exudes these properties, sending forth cheer, warmth, and comfort.

Amber (Sunstone)
Amber (Sunstone)

Amber is filled with the energy of the earth, representing life and vitality. It uplifts the spirits and heals negative emotions, helping you feel better and more at ease in your skin.

Use amber by placing it on specific chakras, amplifying their energy and helping you to feel more balanced and accepting. The solar plexus chakra is one of the best areas to place amber when growing in self-acceptance.


Oftentimes, when we think about having compassion, we forget that we need to have compassion on ourselves. When we love and accept ourselves, we are able to be compassionate towards ourselves.

Rhodochrosite (Spirit Quartz)

Rhodochrosite, the stone of the compassionate heart, vibrates the energy of self-love, healing of the inner child, and compassion. It helps to heal wounds and promotes a peaceful evolution of the self.

Wear rhodochrosite or hold it while meditating in order to work through healing and embrace yourself.


A foundation of self-acceptance requires inspiration, positive vibrations, and deep inner strength. The popular purple crystal, amethyst, is filled with energy of peace and universal awareness.


Keep amethyst around your house for a continual flow of positive energy. You can also place amethyst on your third eye chakra during meditation to clear the self-defeating thoughts and negativity from your mind and increase your confidence and self-love.

Rose Quartz

As the crystal of unconditional love, rose quartz doesn’t just increase your love for others, it increases your love for yourself. Through meditation and keeping the crystal on you throughout your day, you will begin to look beyond any of your flaws and barriers.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Place rose quartz on your body to increase compassion on yourself and to re-energize your spirit.

Lapis Lazuli

When we feel negatively about ourselves, it’s often due to lies and poor messages that we continue to feed our soul. We become consumed by negative energy and regularly walk in false ideas that drag us down.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a crystal filled with the energy of truth and wisdom. When we use lapis lazuli, we are opening ourselves up to honest messages and ridding ourselves of negative, false messages.

Gaining self-acceptance means gaining awareness of the truth of who we are. It means removal of the lies and an embracing of the beautiful, positive truth.

When we wear lapis lazuli on our throat chakra, we are opening our voices to speak and receive honest messages. With the truth within us, we are able to love and accept ourselves.


People who have experienced self-doubt, self-criticism, and an overall self-loathing, tend to know that they have allowed false, negative messaging into their lives. They may regularly criticize themselves and repeat the poor ideas that continue to bring them down.

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

Reducing self-criticism is a key part of embracing self-acceptance. The hard part is that when you have built a habit of criticizing yourself and you begin to believe the things you’re telling yourself, ridding yourself of those ideas can seem impossible.

Green aventurine is a crystal of balance and objectivity. It can help you move beyond the criticism you have become used to as you find a new self-confidence and develop belief in yourself.


Emerald energy brings love, increase, and abundance, which aid in building and increasing your self-acceptance. Place the emerald on your heart chakra to attract the positive energies you need on your journey.


Accepting yourself and building your confidence is an essential step in your soul’s journey. Manifesting your desired reality is possible, as long as your heart, spirit, and mind are together as one, believing in your abilities and that you are deserving.

By incorporating crystals into your daily life, meditations, and rituals, you can grow in your acceptance of yourself.

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