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Finding Your Life Path Number: How To Calculate It and What Your Number Means

Numerology is an amazing tool for understanding yourself and becoming in tune with the universe. Every number has its own energy and vibrations that help us and provide insight into our lives.

One of the most valuable parts of numerology is the life path number. Everyone has a life path number, whether they know it or not.

This number can actually shed light on who we are, why we behave in certain ways, and what decisions we should make. The life path number is a tool that really helps us get to know ourselves.

Learning my life path number has helped me to become more intentional about certain things in my life. I understand a whole lot more about myself now than I did before, and I use that knowledge to make choices that are more honoring to my path.

Yes, all because of a number.

Okay then, tell me about life path numbers

You know your zodiac sign, right? You know your sign and you know what it says about you.

If you know your zodiac sign, you should also know your life path number. They’re actually very similar.

While a zodiac sign represents the constellation the sun passed through when you were born, a life path number is the sum of the numbers of your birth. They both represent something very telling about you.

finding your life path number

Your life path number can reveal things about you; quirks, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and the why of your life experiences. It helps you understand yourself so that you can make wise decisions and live your best life.

You can learn your life path number by analyzing your birth date. Once you know your number, you’ll most likely begin to see it everywhere, including in your newspaper, on a receipt, in a book, or even in your dreams.

Seeing your life path number all over the place should be a comfort. When you begin to notice it, take a deep breath and be grateful for your angels who are certainly around, trying to get your attention.

How Do I Find My Life Path Number?

Finding your life path number is simple, especially for witches who are regularly performing more complex spells and rituals. Really, all you need to know is your birthday and basic arithmetic (please tell me you know those things!)

Turn every part of your birthday into just a single digit. So, let’s pretend your birthday is September 15, 1995.

September becomes 9.

The 15th becomes 1 + 5, which equals 6.

1995 turns into 1 + 9 + 9 + 5, which equals 24. 24 becomes 2 + 4, which equals 6.

Then, you take all of the single digits and add them together.

9 + 6 + 6.

This equals 21.

21 then becomes 2 + 1.

The answer is 3.

Your life path number would be 3.

It’s super simple. There’s just one more thing you need to know.

If you add up your birthday and the answer is 11 or 22, you wouldn’t reduce the answers. So, you’re not going to add 1 + 1 or 2 + 2.

Instead, your life path number would be 11 or 22. These are the only double digit numbers that can be left when determining a life path number.

11 and 22 do not need to be reduced because they are what is known as master numbers. These master numbers are a representation of a very powerful energy that will be embodied by those who have a master number as their life path number.

Life Path Number Meanings

Every life path number, 1-9, and the master numbers 11 and 22, have their own meanings. Just as your zodiac sign says certain things about your personality, preferences, and purpose, your life path number does the same.

Once you’ve figured out your life path number, you’re going to want to get to know what it means about you.

Number 1

The Independent Leader.

A life path number of 1is a visionary, leader, and innovator. They struggle with confidence and courage, however, they must move past those struggles to be the leader they were made to be.

Number 2

The Peacekeeper.

Number 2, also known as the peacekeeper, is nurturing and supportive, as well as creative and detail-oriented. They use their heart to lead and are typically well loved by others.

Number 3

The Communicator.

3’s are sensitive and empathetic with great communication skills. They need to work on having patience, which is often lost right away during conflict and when they feel the need to be heard.

Number 4

The Builder.

Number 4’s are natural leaders with strong organizational skills. They bring stability to others but can also be stubborn.

Number 5

The Traveler.

5’s are often travelers with big eyes and hearts hungry to see the world. They are wanderers, however, they need to find moderation and embrace less stimulation.

Number 6

The Nurturer.

Those in life path number 6 are balanced caregivers. They would do anything for the people who care about them.

Number 7

The Seeker.

Seekers, or 7’s, are constantly looking for answers. They want to know the truth, they want knowledge, they want awareness.

7s need to learn how to communicate their needs in a healthy way.

Number 8

The Powerhouse.

8s are extremely dedicated and hard-working. They are often very financially wealthy thanks to their consistent hard work.

8s need to make sure they are working through their issues and not allowing anyone to take them down.

Number 9

The Humanitarian.

The number 9 tends to be creative while seeking to help others. They are people who hold on when it’s time to let go.

Master Numbers

11 and 22 are master numbers. These numbers have strong energy.

They hold the same qualities as their single digit counterparts, however, they are simply more powerful.

Understanding your life path number is an important part of getting to know yourself.

Keep in mind that your life path number does not define who you are. In fact, it can be a helpful tool, but if you use it to box yourself in, it can be debilitating.

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