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6 Herbs for Manifestation and How to Use Them

When beginning to work with herbs to manifest, the trickiest part is not to undo your good work. 

You see, when it comes to working with things like tarot cards, crystals, runes, oracle cards, or any other divination tool, you either believe in it, or you don’t. 

And all of the power in those tools comes from you. 

The Power Is Within

Sure, they hold their own power in terms of the facilitating communication between you and the divine, but that is really all the power they hold inherently. 

If you don’t believe, then crystals and runes are just pretty rocks, tarot and oracle cards are just made-up drawings and interpretations, and so on. 

You don’t have to believe in them. You can live your entire life without ever concerning your life with divination tools or leveling up to communicate with the Universe. 

Indeed, two of the greatest things about this life are free will and the unconditional love we receive from God no matter what.

No matter what.

You don’t have to believe in God. You can hate the Universe or be indifferent to Source Energy. 

You can refuse all forms of communication and ignore all signs.

And you are still loved intensely and without exception or favoritism, and you will be welcomed right back into the loving arms of the divine upon your departure from this body.

You get to live your life on your own terms. 

Free will. 

And unconditional love. 

Supreme gifts like these are rare, and we are extremely blessed to have them as real superpowers.

As Abraham Hicks says, you can never get it wrong, and you will never get it done.

So no, you don’t have to believe in magic, in divination, or in any spirituality or religion, or herbs to manifest, and you can still live a decent life here on earth in this human body. 

Are you better off, more capable of joy and abundance, when you work into your daily practice connecting with the divine, and do divination tools help? 


But that’s my witchy opinion, and I don’t force my opinions on anyone. 

Herbs to Manifest

Herbs, however, are a completely different matter altogether.

You cannot “not believe” in herbs. 

Herbs are material magic created here on earth like we are.

Not believing in the power of herbs is like not believing in the power of humans. 

We can see with our innate five senses that herbs work. 

I have become something of a village witch thanks to this reality. 

When I first came out fully as a witch, it was largely based in my love of herbalism. 

Sure, I played with tarot, and I had a few crystals (mostly because they were pretty rocks), but my deep and intense faith has always been in the logical, and herbs are a highly logical. 

Plant Medicine and Herbs to Manifest

Plant medicine is ancient and abiding medicine, and, for those who are unaware, witches were the first doctors. 

We largely lived on the fringes of societies, necessarily, so we could grow, harvest, and study our plants, and the villagers came to us in their times of need. 

We were revered as healers, as helpers, and as deeply compassionate for those in situations of distress, regardless of the fact that they put themselves into those situations. 

We were nonjudgmental and inclusive. 

We helped women enhance their fertility and have babies. 

We helped women abort unwanted pregnancies

We helped mothers heal their sick babies. 

We were doulas for both life and death.

And we always had remedies that worked. 

And those remedies have always been rooted in plants.

We have always used herbs to manifest.

Of course, not everyone wants a nonjudgmental, inclusive, powerful healer in the village, and we were outcast and whispered about with fear and suspicion. 

And then the Roman Empire placed the Catholic church at the center of everything, and the scientific revolution began in the 1500s, and over the course of hundreds of years of persecution, witches were turned “wicked,” and we had to get even further out on the fringes. 

Still to this day, after studying this stuff for decades, it makes no sense to me that we would not simply revere the women, and even a few men, with the power to heal with herbs and help people. 

There is absolutely no reason that witchcraft and religion, or witchcraft and science, cannot work hand in hand. 

But it never was about actually helping people, was it? It was about power. 

Thus, thou shall not suffer a witch to live.

So, our herbal practices were largely lost in the west, replaced by pseudo medicine – pharmaceuticals concocted based on the power of plants, but those plants were manipulated and enhanced in ways that extracted powerful properties and left behind essentials, creating side effects and serious dangers that so many people hooked on pharmaceuticals deal with today.

The Power of Plants to Heal and Herbs to Manifest

Plant medicine

I tell you all of this to show you the power of plants, and the power of the women and men who work with them has a long history, and that power has not gone away. It exists today. 

All you have to do is practice. 

And once you do, people will take you seriously.

I have advised countless mothers to offer ginger tea to their little ones sick with colds, to brew marshmallow root for a sore throat, or to include mullein leaf in a batch of tea for lung health. 

I recently got a call about a friend’s husband who had mouth sores, and I sent her into her backyard for blackberry leaves (blackberries are a wild invasive species in my region) to make a tea with ginger (an antibacterial) and honey (an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial). 

They were both so pleased! He loved the tea and healed in a matter of days, and she raved to her friends about me.

My sister is currently dealing with fertility issues, and I am working on helping her through plant medicine and lifestyle changes to reset and bring balance to her hormones. 

She feels better than ever!

So, I am grateful that we have come to a time, now we are in the age of Aquarius, the rise of the feminine, that we can reclaim our power and our connection to herbs and plant medicine, an undeniable power that can only help us become stronger, healthier, and more capable of wielding our own innate power. 

Which Herbs to Manifest

Finally, to the ultimate purpose of this article: which herbs to manifest? 

Well, this one is a bit tricky because we need to understand a couple of things first. 

When we talk about manifesting, we are talking about your own ability to bring into your life what you want. 

As author Alix Harrow says, “magic fills that gap between what a woman has and what she needs.” 

And this is the kind of manifesting you are hoping to do, I presume.

How do you fill that gap? How do you work that magic? And what do herbs have to do with it? 

That brings us to the second thing you must understand – the power is inside you.

Yep, back to that fact.

You already have everything you need to manifest the life of your dreams or anything else you want or need in your life. 

So when we talk about herbs to manifesting, we are not talking about mixing some herbs in a satchel and placing them under a stone as some sort of ritualistic spell. 

You can of course do that, but you can do it with virtually any herb or any spell or any stone that speaks to you.

The real magic, when it comes to herbs, is how those herbs can open you up to your own potential. 

The single most powerful herb in the world right now, as far as we know, that can serve this kind of purpose, is ayahuasca

It is a leaf native to the mountains in Peru, and I have not heard a single account of a person whose life was not radically altered in the most beautiful ways by their ayahuasca vision quest. 

Ayahuasca has the power to shift your perception, allow you to heal unresolved trauma, recover from addiction, and so much more. 

I will note that it should be done under the observation of a trusted witch or shaman with a long record of safe practices and spirituality. 

Don’t go drop ayahuasca in your backyard with someone from the internet. 

Remember, plants that heal can also be poisonous plants in the wrong doses.

If you’re not up for a weeklong retreat in the Peruvian mountains, you can work on your own with less potent, although still intense herbs that help relax your nervous system and open up your creative process. 

The top two on my list are valerian root and kava root

Both are well known for their inebriating effects. They lull you into a fully relaxed state that can be a great opportunity to unlearn some of your old stories that are blocking you from reaching your fullest potential.

Experiment with small doses at spaced out intervals to see how you feel, if you are able to open up more, and write down your experience. 

My favorite way, because I believe it is the most effective way, is to take the longer, less intense, slower route to manifestation, to work with the best herbs like ashwagandha, lavender, chamomile, and passionflower or lemon balm, all relaxing herbs that settle your nervous system over time, when taken daily, and allow you to sleep better and with more lucid dreams, which opens you up to better days during which you can focus on what you are manifesting in your life.  

Various fresh herbs hanging on a rusty iron rod

I make a tea with honey and grassfed milk I call “moon milk” with all of these much more mellow but still powerful herbs. 

In the end, herbal medicine is like any medicine or practice, you have to experiment and see what works for you. 

The good luck, good fortune, and magical workings are not locked in a powerful herb

They are locked inside you. 

Sacred herbs help unlock you. 

So do what you will over time to get rid of your own negative energy, to heal what is hurting and blocked in you, whether that includes just the power of herbs or also a full moon, ritual baths, and other spiritual practices that enhance your magical properties is up to you. 

A great way to work with your favorite herbs is to open yourself up to the spiritual world entirely by facilitating your own emotional healing, working your self love magic, and channeling positive energy into your life. 

Negative energies are merely here to show you your own emotional set points. Your own practices will bring your good health, new beginnings, spiritual powers, and the magical uses of your herbs and divination tools. 

Happy manifesting!

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