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The Best Herbs & Spices To Use For New Moon Rituals and Manifestation

The New Moon is a perfect time to do some serious magic and manifestation. The coming month provides us with all the energy, moonlight, and opportunity we need to bring new plans and projects to fruition.

new moon herbs

This is not a time to play small or be conservative. It’s a time to take big chances and leap at opportunities because we have the power to manifest them in our lives.

Let’s use fresh herbs and essential oils to tap into that moon magic.

A new moon is the best time to set new intentions and begin again.

Many people recognize the new moon as a good time to set new intentions, begin something new, or start over. Use this energy to your advantage.

It’s a wonderful time to get into new relationships.

What do you want to manifest? The more precise you can be with your intentions and goals, the more likely they will come true. Write down precisely what you want and make sure it’s clear.

The new moon is the dark phase of the lunar cycle when the moon isn’t visible.

It occurs right after the moon and sun are aligned and when you can’t see any visible light from the moon.

During this time, many people use the moon’s energy to practice goal-setting, visioning, and intention-setting rituals to harness their goals for the month ahead.

A new moon allows you to connect with the lunar energy through your emotional body and start over.

It’s an ideal time to set new intentions, renew your intentions or start a new project in your life.

The following herbs are powerful tools that can help you make the most of the energy and support you during the new moon phase:

  • Chamomile – to relax and for new beginnings
  • Feverfew – to help relieve headaches from the lack of moon energy
  • Mugwort – to attract money
  • Passionflower – to calm
  • Agrimony – to clear your head and make way for some fresh new ideas. 
  • Pearl Clover – to keep you from running away from your problems
  • Yarrow – to feel more appreciated
  • Lavender – to spread goodwill
  • Cinnamon – to restore harmony In relationships
  • Gingko Biloba – to help keep your wits about you while also calming your emotions. 
  • Basil – for abundance and money
  • Hyssop – for purification
  • Marjoram – for success
  • Myrrh – for healing
  • Organic Rose Petal – for self-love and protection

The new moon is a powerful time for setting intentions and making positive changes.

Every month, the cosmos opens a window of opportunity to plant new seeds and set ourselves up for success.

Carving out even just five minutes to connect with your higher self can make all the difference. Here are some tools to activate our intentions and enhance our emotional bodies.

The waning moon begins just after the full moon and lasts until the new moon.

This is the dark phase of the moon, which begins just after the full moon and lasts until the new moon.

It is a time to release energy. Consider what you want to release in your life.

Some herbs are best harvested during this phase because they release their energy more quickly during this time; these include dandelion, mugwort, and thyme.

What herbs harvested during a wanting moon are suitable for protection?

Other herbs that can be used for protection include most culinary herbs such as sage, rosemary, cilantro, and oregano.

One particular herb for protection is angelica: its botanical name means angelic herb, and witches have used it to ward off evil spirits since ancient times.

The waxing moon begins just after the new moon and lasts until the full moon.

The waxing moon is a period of growth, creativity, and prosperity, so it’s a great time to work on achieving your goals, focusing on self-care rituals, and cultivating self-growth.

  • Try making a vision board during the waxing moon to manifest your hopes for the future.
  • Use this phase of the moon as an opportunity to try out new hobbies like painting or pottery!

A tarot card reading can help direct your focus during a ritual for starting over when the new moon’s energy is in your favor.

Tarot cards are a helpful tool to guide you as you plan your new moon ritual.

A tarot card reading can help direct your focus during a ritual for starting over when the new moon’s energy is in your favor.

Doing a tarot reading

A reader may suggest that you hover over a card and notice what feeling or thought comes to mind when you look at it. If you are comfortable with this practice, let yourself fall into the experience, don’t worry if it seems silly or crazy. Just go with it!

The idea is that these kinds of rituals will release the energy we’re holding onto and allow us to act with more clarity in everyday life.

You can use tea candles instead of sage sticks for your space because they are less likely to catch fire and are easier to find ethically sourced, but still, fill an area nicely and provide ambiance at night—make sure not to leave them unattended.

Here’s how you can do a new moon energy tarot reading:

  • Draw one card for each day of the week and use that card to guide your choices through the day.
  • Use each card’s meaning as a specific intention when lighting candles around your home office area or workspace each evening.
  • Pull three cards from your deck to see how the month will go.
  • Ask a yes or no tarot question and use that answer to set your intention.
  • Pull a card at the first sign of the new moon and use that card to guide your manifestations.
  • Keep your cards in a sacred space that you look at throughout the day.

Clear quartz helps you manifest your intentions and amplifies energy, thought, and purpose.

  • The new moon is a great time to set intentions and focus your energy on what you want to achieve in the new lunar cycle. Clear quartz is a powerful stone for manifesting your goals and amplifying your energy. It’s also good for healing and spiritual development.
  • Keep clear quartz with you by carrying it in your pocket or purse or wearing it around your neck as a pendant. Alternatively, place clear quartz in the four corners of a room to keep the energy balanced and calm.
  • You can infuse water with clear quartz for several hours or overnight to create a crystal elixir called moon water for more profound manifestation work during the new moon.
  • You can also use it as a meditation tool by holding one piece of clear quartz in each hand as you sit cross-legged with feet beneath you.

Each month, you can use herbs like lemon balm to create a focused ritual during this lunar phase.

As you probably know, herbs are a powerful tool to implement in many magical rituals. Flower essences and herbal teas can also help you make a positive change during the different phases of the moon.

Try including any of the following sacred herbs in your next new moon ritual bath.

  • Lemon balm — can help focus and clear your thoughts and negative energies
  • Mugwort — aids in astral projection and a fresh start
  • Rosemary — helps to remember your dreams

You can also add these herbs to lotions or drink them as tea. You can also use these herbs in potions or incense if you’re going for a more elaborate spell or incantation.

How often does a New Moon happen?

The New Moon comes around every month, on or near the very first day of the month.

These moon cycles allow us to honor the newness that we’ve started in our lives and all of the opportunities we are presented with, as this energy is always fresh and new.

This energy can come full circle quickly, so think before acting. Use your time wisely.

Remember, the new moon represents the end of a challenge or a problem. It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you and open to something new in your life.

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