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13 Herbs To Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

If you have been thinking of honing your psychic powers and increasing your intuition and divination ability, you may consider using a specific set of herbs.

For thousands of years, witches and healers have used certain herbs in their spiritual work.

Herbs are an amplifier, increasing the effectiveness of magical workings such as healing, psychic ability, and divination.

herbs to enhance psychic abilities

Herbs have amazing magical properties. They are actually one of the most natural magics that the earth has to offer.

How to use herbs in your spiritual practice

Just as with other forms of natural magic and energy, each herb has specific properties that correspond with certain things. That’s why it’s important to know which herbs are right for the magic you are seeking to use.

If you use the wrong herb in your spell, you are missing out on its natural powers, and sometimes you could actually be counteracting what you are trying to do.

So, if you are performing a spell to increase your relaxation and rest, you won’t want to use the astragalus root, which promotes energy.

using herbs to be psychic

As witches, we seek to be in tune with and work in conjunction with the natural world as much as possible. We know that the universe has spread energy and magic, and we need only learn, discover, and practice to harness that power.

Working in conjunction with natural resources is a great way to ensure the efficacy of your spell. Learning about herbs and each one’s magical properties is essential if you want to amplify your spells and abilities.

Are you ready?

Best Herbs for Divination and to Enhance Psychic Abilities

There are a handful of herbs that are known to enhance psychic abilities. The most common and popular are jasmine, star anise, and yarrow.

Jasmine Magickal Properties

As an herb, jasmine is in alignment with the planet of Venus and is associated with the waxing of the moon. Jasmine’s power is derived from its strong connection with both.

psychics using herbs

Jasmine is used with love magic and increases psychic ability. Using jasmine when your spells align both types of magic is incredibly powerful. However, it is still a strong amplifier when used for psychic ability on its own.

You can use jasmine to enhance your psychic abilities in a few different ways.

  • Drink jasmine tea.
  • Diffuse or topically apply jasmine essential oil.
  • Place jasmine (in flower or even essential oil form) inside of your pillow. When used in this way, you can increase prophetic dreams and discernment.
  • Place the jasmine flower on your third eye chakra during meditation. This deepens your connection with magic and increases your psychic ability.
  • If you are performing a tarot reading, keep jasmine on hand to enhance accuracy and divining skills.

Star Anise Magickal Properties

Often used in Eastern cuisine, star anise is an extremely popular herb for psychic ability. The mystical is alive in star anise, as this herb comes from a gorgeous, eight-point star.

star anise magical properties

As a moon herb, star anise is strongly effective for psychic ability and divination when used during lunar spells. It is used as protection against evil spirits and for third eye power increase.

There are many ways to use star anise during spells or psychic readings. The most common, and often considered the most effective, is burning.

When star anise is burned, its clairvoyant and psychic powers are released, giving you the sight. This ritual allows you to be filled with these powers as they are released from the star anise, taking them into your mind, your third eye, your spirit.

Ways to enhance your psychic abilities with star anise include:

  • Placing it in your pillowcase increases divining dreams and understanding as you sleep. Also, because star anise protects against evil spirits or the evil eye, keeping it in your pillow can ward off nightmares.
  • Drink star anise tea.
  • Enhance your spells and readings by combining star anise in sachets.

Yarrow Magickal Properties

You may notice that yarrow is often mentioned in folklore or mythology.

Medicinally, yarrow has been used as far back as 60,000 BC and was mentioned in the story of the Trojan War as an herb used to heal Achilles and his Greek soldiers.

herbs to enhance divination

While it does have amazing healing properties, yarrow also has magical properties that make it one of the best herbs for psychic enhancement. Scottish folklore claims that you can be given the sight by rubbing yarrow on your eyelids.

The herb is endowed with healing and magical properties, making it incredibly valuable for witches. Aside from rubbing it on your eyelids.

Here are some other ways you can increase your psychic ability with yarrow:

  • Use the stalks for divination in I Ching.
  • Place yarrow in your pillow for psychic dreams.
  • Drink yarrow tea before attempting a reading or other psychic connection. It will increase your ability to decipher meaning.
  • Burn yarrow to enhance your magic and psychic abilities.
  • Place in sachets or amulets and carry with you to have psychic assistance on hand at any time.

More Psychic Enhancing Herbs

While jasmine, star anise, and yarrow are the most popular herbs that witches use to increase the second sight, there are others that may be just as useful. You will want to practice with a variety of herbs to find which ones your psychic abilities are most receptive to.

Herbs For Divination

Keeping jasmine, star anise, and yarrow on hand is important. You’ll also want to try out some of these herbs to create a magic protocol for your spells and divinations:

  • Acacia (works great when burned with sandalwood)
  • Althea (burn flowers or leaves or place in a sachet)
  • Bistort (burn with frankincense)
  • Camphor (burn as incense during readings/divination)
  • Dandelion (dry and roast dandelion root to drink in an infusion)
  • Honeysuckle (rub onto the third eye)
  • Lemongrass (drink an infusion)
  • St John’s Wort (place under pillow)
  • Palo Santo (burn to increase sight and ward off evil)
  • Myrrh (burn, drink, or place in a satchel for enhancement of all magical powers)

While there are many herbs known to increase psychic ability, every witch will connect differently with each one.

Take some time to get to know each herb and how it affects your magical powers and psychic abilities.

herbs for witches

Build a “medicine” cabinet of herbs that you want to keep on hand for magical spells, rituals, divination, and readings.

Use the power of the earth to harness and grow your magic.

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