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How to Manifest Love Using the Law of Attraction

I’m going to tell you how to manifest love using the law of attraction in two words: become love. 

That’s it. 

As with most thing spiritual and woo woo witchy, it is very simple.

And it is, in most cases, not easy.

If you came here for love advice, it is because you are struggling with love. 

And all of love begins with self-love. 

Rest assured. You are not alone. We live in a world shockingly absent of self-love, which is a tragedy, because a return to love really is the only thing that will shift us into the next, much more joyful and enjoyable, paradigm. 

How to manifest love

But fear not, there is a clear outline for growing and maintaining the self-love you need in order to manifest all the love you want in your life.

So let’s break it down, shall we? 

The Law of Attraction

First, the law of attraction. 

You need to know that the law of attraction is an unwavering, unbreakable, unbending universal that you can always count on to do one thing: send you your vibrational match. 

The law of attraction is that you attract what you are. 

Hence, in order to attract love, you must become love. 

And you must become ferocious in love; you must love yourself so much that everyone who looks at you knows how to love you and knows that if they cannot love you like that, then they should not bother. 

Furthermore, you will instantly recognize anyone attempting to love you less than you love yourself, you will see it as a red flag, and your interest will quickly fade if it was even there in the first place. 

Once you master that awareness, you can manifest love, and the law of attraction will only send you that kind of earth-shaking love. 

Manifest Love: It Begins Within

So, how do you develop such a strong and stalwart sense of self-love? 

Well, first, if you do not love yourself so much that those around you also love you, then it is because you have decided you are unworthy of that kind of love. Whether you realize it or not. 

And if you don’t think you are worthy of your own love, why would anyone else think you are worthy?

It’s all energy. 

There’s this super sappy song from some boy band that came out a while back with lyrics that said something to the effect of “she don’t know she’s beautiful and that’s what makes her beautiful.” 

I had a problem with that song the first time I heard it. 

Call me a crazy feminist, but the fact that some guy wants a girl who does not realize just how great, worthy, beautiful, she is, tells me he wants someone he feels superior to. 

Someone who won’t make him feel inferior. 

I had a friend who told me once “I told my husband how much I loved him the other day. I was crying, and I said ‘you don’t understand. I would hurt myself for you!’” 

Okay. Wait. 

Two things. 

Heart chakra

First, love never, ever, ever calls you to hurt yourself. 

Second, even if you feel that way, in a moment of unworthiness or desperation, you certainly do not call it out to the universe like that!

No one wants to be worshipped. 

Even if at first they think they do. It gets really old, really fast. 

And hurting yourself for someone else, even in theory, is not love. 

It is fear. 

Fear that he will leave, fear that he will find someone else, fear that your only value is in self-sacrifice, when in fact sacrifice of self is not a value at all. 

You came here on your soul’s mission, with your soul’s path. You can manifest love.

A loving relationship, any loving relationship, encourages you to grow and continue on your path, not subjugate yourself for another soul’s path. 

We are all equals. 

To take it one step further, for all my women readers out there, it is a hard-won lesson for so many of us that women are here to be adored, lifted up, supported, and provided for. 

Women, by our very nature, are here to receive, to nourish, to nurture, to include, to build community, to embrace our emotions as they relate to our intuition, to embrace our sensuality, and to see clearly with the loving eyes of the Universe. 

Any man, or woman, who does not treat a woman that way, is not ready to love. 

And first, you must do it for yourself. 

What do we do for men? 

We let them provide, we let them protect, we let them offer and adore and be strong, and we expect them to be men, in full embrace of their masculinity. 

In short, we balance each other out, highlighting each other’s strengths and compensating for each other’s weaknesses with our own strengths. 


So your very first step toward attracting this type of earth-shattering loving relationship is to step into your role as a woman. 

You want to manifest love?

Treat your body like a temple, treat your mind like an open vessel, treat your spirit like a goddess, and treat yourself like a queen. 

This is a slow process that will develop over time, and as you shift into your higher purpose, a fully embodied self-loving spirit having a human experience, you will notice that you attract dramatically different people into your life. 

Eat Well

Yes, you must actually treat your body like a temple. Stop eating and drinking poison in the form of fast food and convenience and processed foods. 

Enough science exists now to show they make you feel like crap and they affect your mental health. 

It’s true. Too many Cheetos or Doritos or sour gummy worms (my personal favorite) can actually make you anxious or depressed. 

Eat plants without chemicals sprayed on them. Drink loose leaf teas you select and prepare yourself. Eat sustainable, organic, grass fed and pasture raised meats, get your healthy fats, drink lots of water. You know the drill. 

fresh sage

Do I expect you to do it perfectly right now all the time? 

Of course not; that would make me, and you, a rigid uptight a$$hole. 

No, enjoy the occasional chip or French fry or corn dog or bucket of Ben N Jerrys. And when you do, really enjoy it. 

I treat myself to a single bucket of Ben N Jerry’s Chubby Hubby once a month during PMS. It’s so amazing. 

But the rest of the time, you should be focusing on food as fuel, on healing a perhaps broken relationship with food, and eating mindfully.

Exercise and Connect with Nature

Moving your body is perhaps the single greatest way to connect with it. Try to get outside and move for at least thirty minutes, and ideally an hour, each day. 

Find local hiking trails, walk your neighborhood, smile at passerby, turn your face up to the sun, let the wind flow through your hair. 

Within 30 days I guarantee you will feel like a different person, one who loves herself so much more, one ready to manifest love. 

Sleep Well and Long

Dedicate your life to sleep. 


One third of your life should be sleep filled, so make it the best you can. 

Aim for at least 8 hours of uninterrupted, dark, cozy, restful sleep. I actually prefer 9. 

And watch how much more energy, mental health, and vitality you have in a matter of weeks. 

Your skin will glow, and you may actually lose some excess fat from your body, since your body holds onto fat when it feels it is in survival mode. 

Insufficient sleep sends your body into survival mode. 



Build a 20-minute daily meditation practice into your life. 

Simply sit for 20 minutes taking deep breaths each morning before you do anything else and connect with your higher self.

Combined with eating well, sleeping well, and exercising, this practice will allow you to see how loveable you really are. 

Manifest Love: Accept Love, Set Boundaries, and Watch for Red Flags

Once you have done all that, you can begin to open yourself up fully to the love you deserve. 

Along the way, you will run into old habits and limiting beliefs stemming from childhood trauma that die hard, and you will need to set boundaries and watch for red flags. 

People who are just not that into you, let them pass. 

Abusers, keep them out of your life or far away. 

Your ideal partner is someone who wants only good things for you. You can create a vision board for what they look like and how they act.

Remember, the best way to build healthy relationships, including romantic relationships, is to be your own and first true love. 

Romantic love with the perfect partner is the next step after in your love life, and it is the kind of love that stems directly from the power of manifestation

You can practice using powerful affirmations you believe like “I am worthy of deep love,” to attract the kind of partner who is the right person for you. 

Positive thinking is a powerful tool on the right track, but a happy relationship as your desired outcome calls you to be the vibrational match for that person

You must live your everyday life in love with yourself first. Express gratitude for yourself, shift your belief system, be your authentic self, and the laws of attraction cannot help but deliver. 

Then, simply trust in divine timing to bring your potential partner to you and then decide if that person is the love of your life based on your own intuition, unconditional love for yourself, and your manifestation techniques. 

Negative outcomes are normal, and merely hiccups that will give you a clear sense of what you want for your better life. 

So set those good intentions, trust your subconscious mind, and put in the hard work of growing a relationship with yourself. 

Your romantic partner will then just be around the corner, seeking you as you are seeking them. 

Happy manifesting!

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