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5 Signs that You Are Spiritually Connected to Someone 

How do you know if you are spiritually connected to someone?

I have talked a lot about the difference between being in love and being lovesick. So, if you are here wondering how to tell if you are spiritually connected to someone, you came to the right place.  

Lovesickness does not feel good, and it is not spiritual connection.  

It brings out the dark parts of you, it makes you angry, jealous, lonely, and sad. At first it may feel euphoric, but the euphoria is fleeting.  

If you find that your loving relationships always result in an emptiness and low vibration feelings, it is time to do some shadow work and focus on self-love.  

Spiritual connection, real love, is entirely different from lovesickness.  

What Being Spiritually Connected to Someone Means 

When you are spiritually connected to someone, you feel high vibrations, high energy, lighthearted emotions.  

Yes, at times they can feel intense, especially with a lover, but those feelings are fleeting, and they do not leave you feeling empty when they work themselves out.  

Mothers know this when they have babies.  

At first, you are almost in pain with how much you love your new baby, how much you fear and worry for their safety.  

Then, you allow yourself to settle into this love and let it wash over you, through you, and into your baby.  

The parent child bond is perhaps the easiest way to understand being spiritually connected to someone because it is so obvious.  

So you can take a lesson from that and apply it to virtually any other connection you might have.  

A spiritual connection does not have to be romantic. In fact, it is rarely romantic.  

You will have many more friends, family members, and even brief but bright casual encounters that are spiritual connections than you will intensely spiritually connected lovers.  

Spiritual connection with someone means that you have a soul contract with that person.  

You knew each other before you were human, likely in past human lives, and you have committed to connecting in this lifetime.  

This connection could be a life partner style soul mate, someone you are destined to spend eternity on fire with, or it could be a connection like mother and child, sibling, best friend, someone you are spiritually aligned with across eternity in ways that are not sexual or romantic.   

5 Signs that You Are Spiritually Connected to Someone 

To tell if you are spiritually connected to someone, the first indicator is that the feeling is mutual.  

If the feeling is not mutual, you or the other person is likely lovesick, not spiritually connected. A connection is being forced rather than fostered.  

Another indicator that you are not spiritually connected is that it feels natural, good, and sweet, not desperate, urgent, or like a drug.  

If you feel drunk in love, afraid that you will lose the person, or jealous that someone will take that person from you, you are lovesick, not connected.  

So how do you know if you are spiritually connected?  

You Feel Drawn to the Person 

There is a pull to that person, where you can almost feel the invisible energetic string attaching you. 

You think of that person, think to send them notes or gifts, think of getting together with them or spending tie with them, and you enjoy your time together.  

Typically, you feel excited to have things in common. A lot of “me too!” or “yes!” 

That drawing in is a sign that you are spiritually connected. 

Again, it is not a desperation. If plans change or get cancelled, you don’t get your feelings hurt, you are not angry.  

You know you will see each other again and connect soon.  

They Feel Drawn to You 

In a spiritual connection, the feeling is always mutual. If you are drawn to a person and they are not drawn to you, meaning they don’t respond or seem uninterested or disengaged, let it go.  

It really is true that if you love someone you can let them go. That is real love.  

That is real connection.  

Because if the connection is real, they will always end up circling back into your life.  

Someone is drawn to you who reaches out, makes plans, expresses clear interest, follows up, and follows through.  

And look, if that person does not do these things, it is them, not you. They may simply not be mature enough or emotionally intelligent enough to have true spiritual connections outside of family yet.  

Let it go.  

You Can Go Months without Talking and Reconnect Easily 

A sure sign you are spiritually connected to someone is the ability to reconnect easily every time you get together, even if it has been months or years apart.  

I have a friend I still call my best friend who I sometimes don’t see for years.  

Then, when we see each other, we cannot stop talking, interrupting, speaking over, practically jumping in our seats to be together, and we cannot seem to break away from each other.  

Likewise, one of my sisters is one of my best friends in the world.  

After many years of growth, we don’t have a lot in common, but we are still able to find common ground and connect each time we get together.  

This is true spiritual connection.  

When my family made our most recent move to the Pacific Northwest, my husband could not be with us for the first six months.  

I had no doubt our bond would remain strong, and indeed it grew even stronger.  

When you are truly spiritually connected to someone, absence only makes the heart grow fonder.  

Conversation Feels Effortless 

And when you do get together, whether frequently or rarely, the conversation flows.  

You can discuss any topic and let it grow or fade according to each person’s interest. It feel effortless, like you are talking to a truly beloved person who you adore but hold no attachment to.  

There is no judgement or criticism, and you can weave in and out of conversations, with no animosity. 

When you find yourself oppositional, angry, or irritated by conversation, you are likely in a lovesick situation where you feel like you must be there but would rather be somewhere else, with someone else.  

Further, remember that great minds talk about ideas, and small minds talk about people.  

Silence Is Comfortable 

And when there is a lull in conversation, you can be still.  

You can be silent.  

You do not feel the need to fill the space with empty words or make up something to talk about.  

Comfortable silence is a true sign of spiritual connection because vibrationally, energetically, you know you have eternity to be together, well beyond this human lifetime.  

Albert Einstein said, of a friend who died, “he and I both know that death is merely a transition to the next journey.”  

Sure, he mourned the loss of his friend in this lifetime, but he knew they would have many more lifetimes to enjoy together, adventuring through it all, and finding each other over and over again.  

A little silence only helps a relationship become that much more solid.  

Spiritually Connected? How to Foster It

If you feel you are spiritually connected to someone, and you are hoping to foster than connection, it is important to be loose, light, gentle, and easy about it.  

Fostering spiritual connection means reaching out without strings, without needs, without attachment.  

And then allowing the person to respond or reject you.  

Rejection is a pain, of course, but it is a temporary one.  

Invite the person out and let them say no.  

Leave space for them to invite you and say yes.  

And when you are together, be curious, open minded, and open hearted, showing that person that you are available to make a spiritual connection.  

Remember that spiritual connection cannot be forced, and it cannot be denied.  

There is no “it’s going too fast” or “let’s speed it up.”  

Connections form of their own accord, almost independent of our human thoughts, which is what creates that drawing in feeling.  

Something inside of us tells us that this other person has something we need in this lifetime, or in all lifetimes.  

And maybe that is just connection.  

Or maybe it is something small like a smile or a kind word on a difficult day.  

Or it could be something much bigger like a lifelong love affair.  

Let it be.  

Whatever it is, feed it lightly, water it, shine your sunshine light on it, and allow it to grow naturally, at its own pace.  

You will be surprised by how many relationships thrive by leaps and bounds with only a little patient loving care, and how others grow slowly over time with very little attention at all.  

Like ivy versus a succulent.  

What you don’t want, in any case, is an orchid, something that requires your undivided, carefully curated attention.  

Orchids are pretty, but they are no metaphor for spiritual connection.  

Happy manifesting! 

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