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51 Self-Love Affirmations to Feel and Attract More Love

Self-love affirmations are everything.

I cannot tell you how many people I have had this discussion with. You cannot love anyone, and you cannot receive love from anyone, until you love yourself. 

That’s it. 

No matter how much you think you love someone – your spouse, a friend, your kids – it’s not real, capital L, Love, if you don’t love yourself first. 


Because Love comes from within you and radiates outward. 

Love pours over from your filled vessel. 

It does not work in any other direction. 

And if someone is loving you and loving you but your vessel is empty because you don’t fill it up yourself first, it’s like their love is but a mere drop on the dry desert sanded bottom of your vessel. 

So, you must love yourself. 

Start with self-love affirmations and move into self-love practices. 

Self love

The Divine, the Heart Chakra, and Self-Love

I had a girlfriend once try to convince me that she could love others without loving herself. 

“I just don’t love myself. I just don’t. But I love my kids. I love my wife.” 

But here’s the thing, I explained to her. 

If you don’t love yourself, then the way you love others is a sick kind of love. 

It’s a possessive, overprotective, controlling, manipulative love. 

It is the devouring mother love. 

It is the Mother Gothel of love. 

It is not the healthy, unconditional love we all deserve and that I know you want to give to your kids and your wife. 

Rose Quartz Heart
Rose Quartz

You Are Worthy of Love

Loving yourself begins with recognizing that you are worthy of love. 

How do you get there? 

Start with the person you love most in the world. 

You would forgive them anything. You can’t imagine losing them. Your heart is full when you think of them. 

They are worthy, no matter what. 

Now, you expand that. You learn that if any single person is worthy of that kind of love, then every single person is worthy of that kind of love. 

Including you. 

This is called unconditional love. 

It is an enlightened love you can give yourself from your god space. 

Remember, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. 

Self-Love Affirmations: 

I came into this life to experience love, joy, and happiness. Everything else is just contrast to deepen my human experience. 

I am worthy of love.

I must love myself first, and then I can love others even more deeply than I do. 

I am a child of God, and God loves me no matter what. 

If God can love me, I can love me, and I can love me the way God loves me. 

Self-love is my superpower. From that place, I can achieve anything. 

Practices to Enhance Self-Love

If you are struggling with self-love, you must first sit with yourself to discover why. 

The first way to sit with yourself in this self-love discovery session is to sit in meditation. 

But before you meditate, it can help to send out a prayer on what it is you are meditating


Prayer is asking and meditating is listening for the answer.

So, send out a prayer that is also a kind of self-love affirmation, asking for help understanding the root cause of your struggle. 

Self-Love Affirmations: 

I can learn why I struggle with self-love.

When I understand myself, I can love myself better.

I deserve to sit in silence and hear from the Universe/God (or whichever term you use for your higher power).

I believe in the power of love, and I can adopt it for myself. 

When I ask, God answers, and I will listen.

My intuition is the Universe speaking to me in the language of love. 


I like to send out my prayers at night before I go to sleep and then sleep on them. 

When you arise in the morning, before you do anything of import, sit in meditation

I typically wake, brush my teeth and scrape my tongue (this is ayurvedic medicine and helps release toxins and bacteria from the night before). 

Then I drink a glass of lemon water to wake up my insides. 

I usually walk outside barefoot in the grass to greet the day. (My three hungry cats accompany me on my walk to remind me of how hungry they are.)

Then I come back inside for some gentle yoga and then meditation.

Before I even get to meditation, I usually repeat several of these self-love affirmations to myself to connect with the Universe. 

Self-Love Affirmations: 

I am a child of the Universe, connected to everything around me. 

The grass loves my feet, so I can love my feet. 

I will sit in silence and allow love to enter me. 

My mental health is worth healing.

My sense of worth is tied to my self-love, and I can improve on that. 

I am a purely loving, energetic being who chose this life to have fun. 

I can be loving, childlike, and open. 

Change is good for me, and I can always adapt to change. 

I deserve the best, and I accept the best right now.

Today will be a monument to how much love I can receive. 

I am open to receiving endless amounts of love.

The Universe is abundant and rich, and I am worthy of everything I ask for. 

What I ask for is already on its way to me.

Once I sit on my yoga mat for yoga, I do some gentle stretches just to wake up all my muscles and joints, and then I sit in silence.

To meditate, set your timer for 20 minutes, and sit in a clean, clear, quiet space. You can either sit criss cross applesauce, sit in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor, or lie down flat on your back in corpse pose.

To begin, imagine a loving light from the Universe entering the crown of your head at your 7th chakra and filling you with that light. Move the light down into your third eye chakra, opening you up to the ability to see Truth as the Universe sees it, with only Love. 

Move the light down into your throat chakra and allow the Universe to help you speak Truth as you see it with your third eye. 

Next, move the light into your heart chakra and allow it to pool there and expand in your chest. 

This is the seat of all of your self-love. 

Allow your heartbeat to fill your body, to pound in your ears, to match your breath. 

Feel all the love of the Universe, and every ounce of love you can imagine feeling to sit with you, in your heart, and extend it to your entire body. 

These are my favorite affirmations

I love myself.

I love my body. 

I love my spirit.

My spirit loves me. 

I am lovable. 

I forgive myself. 

I let go of my stories. 

I release past traumas and pains.

I release suffering. 

I surrender to divine will. 

The Universe knows so much better that I do. 

I have faith in a loving Universe.

I am held. 

I am supported.

I can never get it wrong.

I am doing the best I can with what I have.

I will continue to grow, learn, love, and do better.

The people I love deserve me to love myself first.

I am better able to serve and love others when I love myself. 

I am whole. 

I am complete.

I already have everything I will ever need inside me.

I can start today.

I can start right now.

I begin within. 

I begin with love.  

Repeat these lines over and over until you have them memorized, until they flood your brain, your heart, and your spirit with so much love, so much faith, and so much power, that they crowd out any other noise. 

Allow the light to then move down into your third, second, and first chakras, the chakras that connect you to others, and then root down into the earth and spiritually connect you with all of life. 

You are the ocean that is the Universe in a single drop. You belong here. 

Close out your meditation by honoring the four corners of the Universe, earth, water, fire, and air, and commit to good thoughts, good words, and good deeds for the day. 

Self-Care Practices

solar plexus chakra

Now, know that it is not enough to simply say it. You must also do it. You must show yourself in real, actionable ways every single day that you love yourself and that you are worthy of love.

If you suffer from low self-esteem and need to tell yourself that you will love yourself if for no other reason than so that you can better love those around you, then so be it. 

But you must put that self-love into action. 

Care for your body, your mind, and your spirit in tangible ways every day, and support those practices with your daily affirmations and positive statements and you will notice a real shift taking place. 

You will move from negative self-talk to a positive mindset. You can change a bad day to a bad moment, a learning experience. 

In a single day, great things can come to you and help you move out of your comfort zone. Before you know it, you will be one of the successful people you admire most, and you will be creating your own affirmations for a happy life. 

Happy manifesting!

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