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Affirmations for Feeling Safe

Affirmations for Feeling Safe

Of course we need affirmations for feeling safe.

We live in a time of seeming great peril. 

Every day on the news some new atrocity has been committed. 

And you worry that you might be the next victim in the news.

Or worse, maybe you have already been a victim in some way or ways, and now you’re seeking a sense of safety you did not feel before, and you expect you have no reason to feel now. 

Feeling safe is an essential part of humanity. It is an essential part of all life, really. 

So, how to we practice feeling safe? 

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Affirmations for feeling safe are a great start. It will also be critical to put into place several practices and belief systems that allow you to feel safe at all times. 

Safety and the Law of Attraction: Affirmations for Feeling Safe

Perhaps the most difficult conversations to have around the law of attraction are the ones that include attracting negative experiences. 

Most people are with you all the way on the “love and light” train. Sure, sure, they say. Just focus on the positive, and positive things will come. 

A lot of that love and light mentality, unfortunately, involves burying negative thoughts and experiences rather than simply dealing with them and/or releasing them. 

The problem is, if you never confront what got you into those past negative states, you are bound to repeat them. 

You cannot “love and light” and “positive vibes only!” your way to a happy life. 

You actually have to feel the sadness, take ownership of your role, and accept responsibility for moving through it. 

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Victim Blaming

And here’s where victim blaming comes in. 

Many, many victims of hurt and trauma will scream things like “victim blaming!” when you begin to talk about ownership and responsibility.

“I’m a victim!” they will say. 

Sure. You have been victimized. But you played a part in that situation, energetically if nothing else, but also probably physically and mentally. 

You cannot walk down a dark alley and “positive vibes only” your way to safety. 

You must take ownership for the choices you make, and you have to see yourself and your intentions with clear eyes. 

The law of attraction tells us that nothing happens to us that we do not invite in. 


There are no exceptions to this rule. 

Which means either your spirit set intentions before you came into this human body, and what happened to you is part of a larger set of intentions your inner being has, or you, in your human body, attracted what happened to you energetically. 

This statement is not the same as saying “you asked for it!”

There is no blame and no shame in the Universe. That is purely a human manifestation of the ego and of fear. 

Love has no blame or no shame, no judgement and no criticism. 

But it does have discernment, clarity, and Truth with a capital T. 

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

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I had a friend once, a really, really good friend. 

She was really my best friend at the time. 

Our children were best friends, we hung out all the time, our families were close. 

She was a Science of the Mind practitioner, which means she had studied under teachers and was certified to work with others in need of healing. 

The Science of the Mind church, as developed by Ernest Holmes, is basically the original source of the Secret and the Law of Attraction

It teaches everything we talk about on this site in terms of the power of your mind, of you being a god before you came into this human body, and of you having unlimited potential to manifest all of your desires. 

It also teaches that you invite in everything you experience. 

One day, my girlfriend’s wife was hit by a car while riding her bike to work, and the car fled the scene. 

She was transported to the hospital and found to have a mild concussion, ordered to rest for several weeks, and sent home. 

Otherwise, she was perfectly fine. 

No broken bones, no broken skin, nothing. 

She was relatively unharmed. 

As our children played on the playground one day, I asked my friend, “I wonder what she needed in her life to have attracted that accident.”

My friend lost her mind. 

“No! No! No!” She yelled on the playground. 

I was stunned. I totally thought we were on the same page. 

“No. I just mean, if we attract everything in our experience, she clearly needed something that she got out of this accident. To be otherwise fine, but just ordered to rest. Maybe she really needed rest, but she did not know how to manifest it, so she manifested it like this. That’s how the Universe works. You know that. The Universe reads energy. Not words. And usually not even thoughts, unless you really, really focus on those thoughts.” I said, quietly, gently. 

My friend was shaking her head and bouncing on the balls of her feet by now. 

“No. She did not ask for this. Sometimes things just happen.” She stated, unequivocally, closing the conversation. 

But, what she did not realize then, and still does not realize, is that you cannot have it both ways. 

I feel for my friend, and everyone like her, which is most people. 

We want to exist in a space where we are both empowered and powerless, so we can accept credit for our successes and refuse credit for our failures. 

But you cannot have it both ways. 

You either own your power or you relinquish it, in which case, “things just happen” will be your lifelong mantra and you will continue to feel powerless. 

I remember hearing Abraham Hicks talk about how the most enlightened among us are able to feel gratitude for the most horrific experiences in their lives because of the resulting gifts and lessons, like strength, courage, and love that they had been given. 

There is no problem that presents itself without a gift for you in its hands. 

You either believe that, or you don’t. But you cannot have it both ways. 

What you can have are practices and affirmations for feeling safe.

Open arms


When you accept this, that you are all powerful and that you are always in control of your energy, so you are always inviting into your experience everything in it, you can take full control of your life. 

Now, every space is a safe place, guardian angels are always watching over you and guiding you, the world is made up of spirit guards calling only good things into your life. 

Now, positive attitudes abound, confidence levels soar, and you walk down the dark alley without fear, and without “testing” the Universe. 

You simply know you will safe no matter what. 


Because you are unkillable and indestructible. 

Sure, your human body can be harmed and killed, but that human body is only a vessel for this particular life experience. 

Your inner being watches from within you, connected to you at all times, and is excited for you to release fear and live your life, free from worry and concern over things like “safety.” 

Practices and Affirmations for Feeling Safe

Because when it comes down to it, feeling safe is about that and only that, feeling safe. 

You just know you will be fine, no matter what. 

Practices and affirmations for feeling safe involve resetting your belief system so that you are in touch, at all times, with your inner being, your intuition, and you feel secure in your human body. 

The Universe Has Your Back


Spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein wrote a great book called The Universe Has Your Back that outlines just these principles. There is a universal force always communicating with you and leading you to your yes in life. 

It will not caution you or warn you; instead, it will pull you “over here!” so you can experience more love and more joy. 

Learn to recognize and honor that voice, and you will never fear for your safety. 

Affirmation for feeling safe: the Universe has my back.

Recognize Your Inner Voice

How do you learn to recognize that inner voice, the voice of God, the voice that is infinitely loving and only wants to give you everything you desire? 

By getting into your most loving space. 

Affirmations for feeling safe are a support for this loving space.

It takes practice and implementing lifestyle changes like daily meditation, starting a healthy exercise and diet, and getting plenty of sleep and rest, but you can get to a place, and rather quickly, where you feel those intuitive tugs. 

From that place, you don’t have to worry about your safety; you will simply trust that the Universe will never steer you down a dark alley.

That is, unless there is an incredible gift there for you.

Affirmation for feeling safe: I am always being guided by my life loves.

Get Your Energy Straight with Affirmations for Feeling Safe

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The biggest, and hardest, part of all of this safety stuff is to get your energy straight. 

You need to get yourself into a space where you really believe that you are worthy of only good things. That negative feelings and experiences exist only to provide you with contrast so that you know what you do want. 

Let the negativity come and go and focus on your own affirmations, the fact that you are in a safe environment, the reality that you live in a secure neighborhood, and that you are surrounded by a barrier of peace when your energy is straight. 

Affirmation for feeling safe: I am a bearer of light, and I am the recipient of divine protection. 

Happy manifesting!