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What Are Soul Contracts and How Do They Work?

If you’ve ever been in love, never had a close relationship, ever felt deeply attached to somebody else, or even had a horribly toxic relationship, and done any investigation into these energetic ties, you’ve likely heard of soul contracts.

However, there is a ton of misinformation out there about what a soul contract is, what a soulmate is, and what your obligation to that contract is.

So let’s clear it up.

Origin Story

To understand soul contracts you first have to understand the soul, and to understand the soul you have to understand the origin of the soul.

I like to think of the soul as the ocean in a single drop.

Abraham Hicks tells us that in the beginning long, long, long before anything else existed, or even was a seed of existence, there was only energy.

That energy, as understood by most spiritual people, is thought of as consciousness, higher consciousness, or what some might want to call God. This consciousness has also been called the universe, spirit, or even nature.

Whatever you want to call it, that is all there was, a consciousness that could manifest at will.

This theory has been supported by spiritual leaders as well as astrophysicist. It is logical, and it is sound. Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and astrophysicist Menas Kafatos authored the book 
You Are the Universe, which explains this energetic origin story in detail.

Suffice to say that this consciousness willed into existence everything we know, and even more that we still don’t know, in the universe. It is not an overreach to say this consciousness is the universe.


Because a creator cannot create some thing without imbuing it with its energy, its very essence.

We know from ample scientific evidence, and much anecdotal evidence if you’re paying any attention, that everything is energy. We also know from the same proof that everything is connected.

Thus, human beings are the end product, the end, result, of an evolutionarily process, set into motion by pure consciousness, and because it is indeed an evolution, we are the highest possible living form of that consciousness. So far anyway.

When you parse through religious literature, spiritual texts, and scientific research, experiments, and evidence, you cannot help but see that the human experience is a direct result, indeed, the manifested will of a higher consciousness. When you see that, you also cannot help but see how each individual human consciousness is directly linked to that higher consciousness.

What Is a Soul?

What then, is the soul? The soul is just the word that we give to that consciousness within us. The ocean in a drop.

When we are not in our human form, with our souls poured into our human bodies, we are part of that larger consciousness. When we are in human form, we are, of course, still connected, linked, to that higher consciousness, but we are limited in our interaction.


To understand the limitation within the human experience, you have to ask yourself what the purpose would be of manifesting limited humans from the perspective of a higher consciousness. Remember, that higher consciousness is all knowing, all seeing, all present, and all powerful.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson paraphrases from the Jewish proverb, for the higher consciousness, to manifest humanity and all of life on earth, there must be great value in limitation

And so we are, these little drops poured into these human bodies with our limitations, and with great value

What is the value?

The experience. The sensory, sensual, tactile, tangible experience. Everything we do in these human forms benefits our soul. 


From the perspective of a higher consciousness, that is unkillable and infinite nothing that we can do in the human experiences is good or bad. It just is.

From the perspective of a higher consciousness, there is no good or bad energy. There is just energy.

It is the human experience, the perspective of the human, and quite often the perspective of collective humanity, that makes things good or bad

We are not dealing here with a judge, mental, harsh, punishing, rewarding, God.

We are dealing with nature.

We are dealing with consciousness interested in experiences. Period.

The express purpose of our souls, of our consciousnesses as they are poured into our human bodies, is to have the human experience.

What Is a Soul Contract?

Now you understand what a soul is, your consciousness poured into your human body, do you want to know what is a soul contract?

Well, remember, when you’re not in your human form, you are a part of the larger consciousness, you and every other soul, or mini consciousness, if you will.

So outside of your human body, you’re just hanging out with all the other souls that are outside of their human bodies, and all of us have existed as part of this larger consciousness, since the beginning of what we can think of as time.

It makes sense them, that we would form connections with other souls that may be on similar journeys, with similar intentions, similar interests, or even contrasting interests.

Those that come into this lifetime with us, are those with whom we have soul contracts for this lifetime, there are also souls with whom we have formed bonds and sole agreements,, who don’t come into this lifetime with us, and those are our spirit guides.

The Human Experience

Think about it higher consciousness, God, if you will, is purely interested in the human experience. But your consciousness, at an individual level, has specific interests.

From your higher consciousness, perspective, you can see all, be all, do all. You can see every possible outcome of every possible choice extend it out into infinity.

So it’s fun to think of yourself as a kind of video game player every time you choose to come into a human body. You set your intentions for the experiences you want to have and then the result of those intentions is the body you were born into.

Now, if your interests are aligned with another souls interests, you may form a soul contract, a commitment to find each other here on earth, and help propel each other forward.

Even if you have contrasting interests with another soul, you still may make a soul contract to meet and propel each other forward.

Think about it: some of our most profound lessons in life come from our greatest challenges, and a lot of times those challenges come from interactions with other people

Maybe somebody is hit in a car accident by a drunk driver. Maybe you have a terrible break up from a toxic boyfriend. Maybe your robbed in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and terrified.

We can get really dark here.

But from a universal perspective, all of this is just “experience.”

So one person’s intentions may have brought them into a life where they became a drunk driver, a thief, and narcissist. And that person’s journey involves working through those realities.

And your journey may involve interacting, and really dark ways with that person.

Likewise, of course, soul contracts can be beautiful. You may meet many of your soulmates with whom you made sole contracts – your children, your siblings, your parents, romantic partners, other family members, and yes, the love of your life.

If you have done any research on twin flames, this would be an example of a soul contract.

I like to joke with my children that in the next life, they can be my parents, and I’ll be the kid who won’t listen.

My mom has always joked with me that I was born her mother, constantly, raising her, admonishing her, and even nurturing her.

How Do You Know if You Have a Soul Contract?

So, how do you know if you have a soul contract?

You do.

In fact, you have many.

Back to the video game, analogy, think of your soul contracts as every other player in the video game, including the villains. And think of all the NPCs, or non player characters, as people you don’t have soul contracts with.

You may interact with those NPCs, but they don’t have a profound impact on your life.

Now, how do you know if you have a soul contract with a specific person?

That’s easy. How do you feel around this person? If you have deep, undeniable feelings, you find yourself thinking about this person often, and you find yourself magnetically drawn to this person, do you like we have a soul contract with that person.

Conversely, if you have been hurt by, or if you have hurt, another person in a way that has left a mark on you, you like we have a soul contract with that person also.

There is no limit to the number of soul contracts you can have, but the extent of the soul contract can change from person to person, and event from lifetime to lifetime.

Your job, really, is simply to surrender to the entire experience, soul contract, or no.

Bottom line? Just have fun.

Happy manifesting!

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