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15 Best Crystals for Test Taking: Stones To Help With Mental Focus And Clarity

15 Best Crystals for Test Taking: Stones To Help With Mental Focus And Clarity

When school is in, that means quizzes, tests, and exams! If you’re anything like me, you struggle through this part of your life, because taking tests can be stressful.

I’m here to tell you there is hope for all of you test-takers struggling through the semester. I have found that crystals can help manifest so much good stuff in your life.

And one of the things they really help me to excel in is taking tests. In this post, I’m going to share with you 15 crystals that are best for test-taking.

best crystals for test taking

How Can Crystals Help With Test-Taking?

Taking tests does not come easy for all of us. The truth is, for some of us, it stresses us out so bad that we’re nervous and can’t fully concentrate. Or we’re so anxious that it’s difficult to study well.

Or, we may not have good study habits and find that test-taking just isn’t a strength we possess.

For generations, crystals have been used by many people to help manifest what they want in their lives. There are different ways you can use crystals. Here are some of them:

  • Close your eyes and meditate with a crystal in your hand.
  • Carry a crystal around with you throughout the day in your pocket or purse.
  • Wear a crystal close to a place on your body that needs healing.
  • Keep a crystal on your yoga mat during yoga.
  • Decorate a room with a cluster of crystals or a large one to shift the energy in that space.
  • Incorporate crystals into your self-care routine, like in your bath.

Now that you’ve got the gist of how people have used crystals to help manifest what they want in life, you just need to know the best crystals to help you do that.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to study hard to pass your exams. But the right crystals may help you to position yourself mentally to study better and may even help you to remember most of what you studied. Here are some ways to use crystals for test-taking:

Put Them on Your Study Desk

Place the crystals on your desk! Just having them there will help to bring the energy you need for studying, which is to be focused.

A top view image of rose quartz and various energy healing crystals on a white wooden table

The energies and vibrations of the crystals are strong enough to keep you focused throughout your study time. And when you’re really into it, you can just pick them up and hold them in your hand.

They’re supporting you as you need them to.

Meditate With Them

Meditation is a great way to get focused. Use the crystals when you meditate. That’s a great way to connect your energy with the vibrations from the crystals.

Doing this for about ten minutes before studying should greatly increase your chances of not only having a good study session but acing the test. When meditating, just hold the crystals in your hands and allow your meditation regiment to do the rest.

Wear Them as Jewelry

Crystals make great accessories and can be awesome fashion statements. But they can also keep you focused and grounded on the task at hand when you’re wearing them.

Miscellaneous silver necklaces of various shapes and colors set with colored stones on blurred background.

You can wear them as necklaces or bracelets, and when you do this, they’re always close to you. You’ll never have a study session without them again.

They’re always on you and you’re always soaking up their energy.

Use Them With Affirmations

Apply your affirmations with your crystal of choice. As you’re doing the affirmations, talk to the crystal and ask for help.

How To Manifest anything you want

Best Crystals for Test Taking

When it comes to test-taking, every little bit helps. And if there’s a crystal that can make a difference in the outcome of a test, I’m more than happy to tell you about it. Here are 15 of the best crystals for test-taking.


Who isn’t stressed out during test time? Amazonite will help to relax you, releasing the stress that follows us all to the testing center. You can work hard on passing your test while feeling less tension than you normally would.


Amethyst will help you relieve confusion in your mind, which makes it an excellent crystal for test-taking. It will clear doubt and keep your mind stayed on the lesson at hand. With amethyst, you’re sure to get a good, restful sleep the night before the tests. If crystals are a new thing in your life and you’re using them for the first time, Amethysts are a great first crystal to have.



Azurite is the stone of celestial powers. It will help you stay ahead of the exam by letting you know what’s best to remember for your tests. While it’s hard enough remembering everything you study, azurite will help you to focus only on what you really need to know for the big test.


Black Agate

Black Agate is instrumental in getting rid of any negative energy that’s trying to interrupt your study flow and your concentration during test-taking time. It has calming properties that keep the stress away so you can be about the business at hand. If you’ve been having any doubts about your educational goals, the black agate is a handy crystal to have around to dispel that negativity.

black agate

Black Opal

Say ‘bye bye’ to the evil curses that always mess with you when it’s test time. Black Opal is a stone of the highest powers of protection that keeps the evil prowess’ away because they know how anxious you are about test-taking. Wear black opal during the test for an even better outcome.

black opal

Black Tourmaline

If you fear exams, this stone is exactly what you need. Black Tourmaline provides the protection you need when it’s test time. This will help you to focus more on passing the exam and less on how nervous you are about it.

Black Tourmaline


This may be the best stone for studying. This truly has everything you need to manifest the outcome you want. Calcite helps to improve your memory and learning abilities and keeps you motivated during the test. It also helps keep you calm, which makes it easier for you to concentrate and provide you with the clarity you need to succeed.



Carnelian is a great crystal for so many reasons. It helps you to stay focused, improves your memory, and is great for creativity. It stimulates optimism and patience that you know you’ll need on test day.


Citrine is perfect for instilling confidence and courage. This is so needed as we strive to pursue our goals in life. For many of us, that means acquiring higher education and taking tests. Citrine will help to instill that personal power and growth you’re trying to manifest in your life, which promotes success. They’re sure to make every test you take a success.


Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the best crystals to have to improve your memory. It’s a high vibrational crystal that intensifies intention and retains information that you really need to have. There’s no better time to need to retain information than test-taking time.

clear quartz

Green Aventurine

If there was a time you ever needed good luck, it’s at test time. Even when we’ve studied and don’t feel that we’re at our best for a test, we still wish for a stream of luck to come our way to help us to do well on it. And that luck comes in the name of green aventurine. Green Aventurine brings good luck and positive vibes. So, when it comes to your educational goals, don’t give up before exploring what manifesting with this lucky charm can do.

green aventurine


Hematite shifts that negative energy away from you, so you have the energy you need to not just complete your test, but totally concentrate to provide the best answers. Rather than roast in sweat and negativity during the test, you’re present and calm, keeping you completely focused.

hematite blood stone


Want to feel alert and super-charged for the test? Then Iolite is great for that! It’s filled with positive vibes that help enlighten you. It’s also good to wear Iolite as a pendant or locket when you’re taking the exam just to keep you alert throughout the test.

Cordierite (Iolite)

Red Jasper

Sometimes, no matter how hard we study, we feel we’re not ready. If that sounds like you, you need Red Jasper. Red Jasper dispels the negativity around test-taking to keep you positive about the test and your ability to pass it.

red jasper


Didn’t think you could feel any smarter? Well, you haven’t tried sodalite. Sodalite helps take away unnecessary distractions and boosts your intelligence. If your test has an oral component, sodalite is just what you need to help you along. You’ll feel like you know everything you need to know.

Remember, crystals without studying are only half the remedy you need to cure the failing tests. Use the crystals along with your studying to help manifest what you want.

They are sure to make the difference in succeeding and barely getting by.

Rosario Bly

Wednesday 7th of September 2022

Thank you very much for sharing, I am a crystal lover myself and I have always believed that crystals have great energy and it affects our lives unknowingly and helps us to focus our energy. I have purchased many crystals and have purchased crystal jewelry for my wife and friends as well and believe that this will help our lives to get better and better.