The 11 Most Powerful Crystals for Manifestation: Get What You Want

The law of attraction has been the backbone of many age-old sayings, and over the years, it has been used as a powerful tool in strengthening minds and building confidence. It’s definitely a concept that’s a bit too good to be true– ”positive thoughts attract positivity into one’s life”. The act of manifesting also goes by this law, where one has to think about their wishes and dreams constantly, and even surround themselves with images and reminders of it, as though summoning it.

Although results of manifestation haven’t been proven by science, the act of manifesting tends to bring in a better mindset that fosters resilience and confidence. Apart from that, surrounding yourself with many different reminders about what you want naturally incites feelings of confidence, making you believe that you’re a few steps closer to attaining it is also another way.

There are many ways to manifest– praying and journaling with intent are a few of these ways, but doing any activity while focusing on mental images of your goals and dreams is also a solid way to manifest them into life.

The act of manifesting has a lot to do with the subconscious mind and with our energies and chakras. Blocked chakras tend to block the power to manifest, which means energy that can openly flow through our bodies is more favorable than leaving ourselves with overused or underused chakras, when used for manifesting.

So what should you do to maximize your manifesting potential?

crystals for manifesting

Crystals are a powerful tool you can use to heal and unblock chakras, and ultimately, they’re a great amplifier of the vibrational energy you need in order to be aligned with the energies that your goals are also emitting.

What crystals should I get as a beginner?

There are a lot of crystals that are brilliant at the job of pushing you to the highest potential you need to be in order to manifest optimally.

11 Best Beginner Crystals For Manifesting


If you are currently handling a business or if you’re thinking of furthering your career, Pyrite is one of the best stones for the job. Sometimes called an “abundance stone”, It helps with enhancing feelings of motivation. Placing it on your work desk or near the place you store your money will help bring in prosperity and good fortune. Even simply keeping a small bit of this stone in your wallet will help vastly with manifesting energies.



Another great stone for attracting financial abundance, Citrine is a great stone for financial prosperity and wealth, and is sometimes called the “money crystal” as it’s particularly used for bringing money in. Apart from these aspects, this yellow stone is also known to bring in joy. Unlike Pyrite, it’s a light crystal perfect for taking anywhere with you.


Green Jade

Green Jade is another amazing crystal known to amplify abundance and wealth. Like Citrine, it is also called a “money stone”, however it is also associated with matters of good fortune (as in “luck”), and friendship. It is especially popular as a stone used in jewelry, so finding a jade bracelet or necklace is not that difficult compared to the other stones listed here.

green jade

Clear Quartz

Unlike the previous stones on this list, Clear Quartz is not a “money stone” or “fortune stone”. Rather, Clear Quartz is known for its quality of clarity. This stone can not only help you gain clarity on what is troubling you, but it can also act like a blank canvas, which means you can set any intention to it and it will amplify the associated energies. It’s the perfect do-all crystal, and best of all, you can place it near your other stones to amplify their effects.

Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, on the other hand, is a pink form of quartz that can boost feelings of attraction, romance, friendship, and self-love. It’s great for amplifying empathy, and it helps you see the good over the bad without blocking entire memories completely. If you’re having relationship issues or if you want a date, meeting, or any form of communication to go well, take some Rose Quartz with you.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


While Clear Quartz is an amplification stone, the dark Obsidian stone is used to absorb and dissolve negative energies within and around you. This way, obsidian is very effective against removing blockages within your energies, and is a great stone to use when you’re healing from trauma and overcoming obstacles that are hindrances to your manifestations. A by-product of Obsidian’s effects is that it improves focus, as it blocks out all unnecessary stresses and thoughts.


Amethyst is a great crystal for relaxing the mind and healing yourself from stress and fear. It’s a crystal associated with the mind such that it clears the connection between our minds and higher, divine energies. It’s a very spiritual stone also used in manifestation as it strengthens intuition, which makes it ultimately point to the direction of our goals.



Carnelian is practically the “patron saint” of those stumped by writer’s blocks or artist’s blocks. Sometimes called the “artist’s stone”, Carnelian is a stone that increases our courage and pushes out our ambitious side, all while eliminating fear and doubt.


If you’re manifesting a more inward and holistic approach towards manifestation, the Peridot crystal is the stone for you. It’s a stone that increases abundance and happiness, but mostly by pushing the best version of yourself out of its shell. It also helps unshackle you from past traumas and pains that might be holding you back in the present.

Golden Topaz

Golden Topaz is the perfect stone for manifesting anything of spiritual nature. If you have issues with retaining the faith to push forward with your goals, or if you feel like you’re lacking some focus, Golden Topaz is your stone of choice.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is sometimes called the “stone of opportunity”, as it is believed to attract opportunities– particularly money-making ones. Apart from that, it helps you release old habits and patterns that could be holding you back from seeing new opportunities. It also helps you have a more positive disposition– an important trait for business owners and for those who are thinking of taking risks in both career and business.

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

How do you know which crystal is for you?

These crystals can be used in various ways, such as placing them on your desk, in open spaces where the wind can flow easily, or under your pillow (especially for stones that are more focus-oriented or mind-oriented).

You can also take them around as jewelry, keychains, or even just taking them as the charms they are!

You can even use them during meditation and yoga, and especially while you’re journaling and actively thinking about your manifestations.

Setting aside some time to set your life’s intentions and having a personal ritual for manifesting with these stones will also push your energies to vibrate accordingly.

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