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9 Crystals for Intuition and Improving Psychic Abilities

You may have heard of intuition, but what is it really? It’s a natural ability that often goes overlooked.

It’s a way to directly know something without getting that information from a process that is rational or logical. Just knowing something is a powerful ability that can serve you in many ways throughout your life.

You naturally have intuition, but you have to be able to tap it. There are a number of crystals that can help you to develop and focus your intuition so that it serves you better.

They allow your inner guidance to connect with you more fully so that your decision making will have a whole new dimension. They can help your third eye chakra to open so that you have more sensitivity to energies and will become more intuitive.

Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is a beautiful blue crystal with a metallic sheen. It is often used for meditation and to become more spiritually attuned.

Blue Kyanite

It is well-known for its ability to help people to communicate telepathically and to strengthen their psychic abilities. It helps all of the chakras in the body to align together for better abilities and better intuition.

This stone helps you to be calmer and at peace, making it easier to make good decisions. The tranquility from this stone can help you to make sure that you are getting effective intuition and that you are tapping the help of your spiritual guidance.

It also helps with developing logical thoughts and thinking in a linear manner. When you combine all of these types of thinking with intuition, you have more help that can guide you to the best choices.

It can also help you when you try to connect with your spirit guides.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can be clear or slightly milky white. It is a favorite stone for its many important properties and abilities.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

It is a crystal that helps you to think more clearly. It’s a healing stone that helps you to focus your dreams and to manifest them into reality.

When you think more clearly, you can get rid of the static in your thinking, and this allows you to be more open to your own abilities of intuition. Hearing that intuition is important, and clear quartz helps you to quiet all of the noise.

When you need to concentrate, use a clear quartz. It allows you to look inside for the answers and to heighten your psychic power.

It can also help you with your memory and amplify your energy. It stores energy and helps you to increase your own.


This lovely stone can range from very light lavenders to very vivid purples. It’s a highly spiritual stone that is known for helping people with their spiritual awareness.


It’s perfect for using during meditation and for helping you to open your intuition to you more. It is also highly protective and will help you to relax.

Sometimes, getting into a more relaxed state can better help you to access your intuition. It can also lull you into a state of contentment that makes thinking and reasoning easier.

Amethyst can help with insomnia as well as getting better quality sleep so that you are better rested and can access your intuition more easily. It can help you to enhance your spiritual power and to find the wisdom that is already inside you.

It can stimulate your mind and help you to better focus your thoughts and efforts.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is so prized for its beauty that many people don’t know just how powerful it is and how helpful it can be. It is a deep blue that is flecked with white and gold.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is highly mystical and has been prized since ancient Egypt. It is a stone that helps you to find your wisdom and allows you to have a stronger self-awareness.

Being more aware of yourself and your abilities can help you to find your intuition and to use it. This crystal can help you to recognize the truth and to have more wisdom.

It’s one of the strongest stones for intuition because it helps you with your overall awareness. Use it during meditation to see and understand what is true.

It can also help you to be at peace and to be under less stress.


This is another pretty stone that is often used in jewelry because of its good looks. However, it’s a powerful stone that can also help you to better organize your thinking as well as tap into your own innate wisdom.

Green Fluorite
Green Fluorite

Fluorite can be anywhere from clear to green to purple to all of them at once. It can help to clear your head and to better align with your own energies.

It helps you to not waste your energy on flailing in the face of decisions and to use rational thought instead. Whether to use rational thought or intuition when making a decision can be a big conundrum, but fluorite can help you to balance each of them so that you use both to your own advantage.

It can also help you to increase your self-confidence and to cleanse your aura. It takes in the negative energy around it and neutralizes it so that it won’t affect you.


The power of the moon is legendary, and so is this crystal that is aligned with the moon. It is a pale white color that has dashes of other colors within it.


This harmonious stone helps you to find inspiration and helps you to discover your own insights. It is a crystal that promotes strength and inner growth.

If you are under a lot of stress or suffer from unstable emotions, this stone can soothe you and help you to have better inner peace. It can help you to be calm and to tap into the feminine energy that can help you with intuition.

If you get too emotionally involved in something toxic or get surprised by an issue that comes up in your life, moonstone is a valuable tool to use. This stone will help you to shift your energy into something more productive.


This is a stone that isn’t used as often as some of the better-known ones, but it is a powerful way to increase your intuition. It’s a pale stone that has yellow-brown, violet, and blue speckles.

Cordierite (Iolite)

It’s sometimes called a vision stone for its power to help you to get a vision of the answers you seek. It can help you with your clairvoyance and help you to see into the future.

If you are seeking to better express yourself, this crystal can help you to forget about others’ expectations and express yourself freely. You can use this stone to be more fully yourself and to get a good idea about the future of the decisions you make.

Carry it with you when you need extra help with seeing what is to come.


Labradorite contains a lot of colors, including blue, green, gray, and gold, and it looks like the Northern Lights flashing in the sky. It has many different mystic abilities that can help you with your intuition.


If you are seeking knowledge of your destiny, this is a crystal that can help. It also helps you to consider the possibilities that can get you to that destiny.

If you have low energy or aren’t sure which path to take, carry a labradorite with you to help energize you and to point the way. This stone is also perfect for helping you to visualize what you need to.

Being able to use your intuition requires you to be able to visualize what may happen as well as to have a good imagination. This stone helps with both those needs so that you can more easily trust in yourself and your inner knowledge.


This sunny crystal comes in a number of shades of yellow as well as yellow gray. It is a beautiful stone that is as energizing as the sun.


It works with multiple chakras to give you more energy and to help you to be more joyful. It helps people to find more delight in life and to want to express themselves.

It assists you in being more creative as well as aiding in concentration. By energizing your mind, it helps you to get guidance that is accurate and effective.

If you suffer from depression or negativity, this happy stone can allow you to release those. It helps you to have clearer inner senses so that you can better receive your intuition.

If you’re searching for positivity, this crystal can help you find it. If you think of yourself in negative terms, use this stone to turn those thoughts around.

It can change your outlook and allow you to be better able to receive abundance. If you have a decision that has to be made quickly, use your citrine for its fast results.

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