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Numerology and Your (Hopefully) Lucky Name

You probably know quite a bit about numerology. The intricate ways that numbers shape and affect our lives frankly is mind-blowing.

From dates to addresses to birthdates to repeating digits, numbers can tell us so many things about ourselves.

Have you taken a deep dive into numerology and begun to see the magic present in numbers? Have you heard about this one; the lucky name?

Yes, you heard me right. The lucky name.

Names have numeric values, right? So it really isn’t that much of a stretch to believe that there are lucky names.

We’re going to get into lucky names in just a second. First, let’s briefly catch you up on numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the spiritual understanding of numbers and how they affect our lives. Through numerology, we can learn about individuals as well as the world at large.

Many people consider numerology to be the language of numbers. When understood this way, we can see that numbers actually communicate with each other and with us, although most people just haven’t learned to speak their language.

There are so many types of numerology that it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming when you’re first starting to learn. But, think about how many different languages there are in the world.

different types of numerology

You don’t jump in and start learning every language at once. You choose one, learn it, and practice it, before moving on to the next.

Numerology works the same way. When you start speaking the language of numbers, begin with one type and expand your knowledge from there.

The language of numbers tells us that the universe is a spiritual system with a basic numerical foundation. When we understand this simple truth, we can begin to look at various aspects of a person, place, or event and reduce them into meaningful numbers that give us insight.

Numerology can be used to understand the world and to understand ourselves. We can uncover things such as our purpose, our impulses, and our personality, and can discover how to make good choices.

With numerology, you can even determine your best home address, as well as the right (and wrong) dates to get married, start a new job, or take any big life-changing action. Numerology shines a spotlight on our lives and gives us guidance through our life path number, our heart’s desire number, and yes, through lucky names.

Lucky Name Numerology

Our name numerology numbers actually play a huge role in our lives’ successes and failures. Names are powerful, holding a key to our identity, whispers of who we are.

When there is a cohesive thread between our name and our birthday, light is actually built around us, preparing us for success. The names that we bear are either destined to bring us positivity, light, and happiness or to lead us towards difficulties and many uphill battles.

I know, these thoughts are kind of intense. You’re probably thinking about how you didn’t have a say over your name.

This is almost always one of the first things that come to mind when talking about lucky name numerology. People realize that they were named by their parents and had absolutely nothing to do with choosing a name that could mean bad luck when combined with their birthday.

However, as with everything, we have free will and the power to change things as we see fit. If your name isn’t lucky, you can change it to make it lucky.

Whether you go about getting a legal name change or simply having a ceremony that connects you with your new name, you can give yourself a second chance at a lucky name.

Calculating Your Lucky Name Number

Not so fast! Before you head to court to change your name, you’re going to want to figure out if your current name is lucky. You’ll use the name calculator as a way to determine the cohesiveness between your name and your birthday.

The calculator works by discovering the relationship between your name number and your birth, or destiny, number. The concept of numerology dictates that every letter has a number.

Calculate your name number by adding together all of the numbers of the letters in your name. For example, if your name is Bea, then B = 2, E = 5, and A = 1.

Then, add 2+5+1, which equals 8. You can include your last name as well, adding the letters to the letters of your first name.

If the added letters end in a double-digit, add those digits together to come up with a single digit. This is your name number.

You then need to find your destiny number. This is calculated by taking the number that corresponds to your birth month and adding it to the day and year of your birth.

Remember, every number is added individually, so if you were born in 1995, you would add 1+9+9+5. If your birthday is August 21, 1995, you will add (August) 8+2+1+1+9+9+5.

This equation equals 35, which becomes 3+5=8. Your destiny number is 8.

You will then take your name number and add it to your destiny number to determine their cohesiveness and whether your name is lucky or not. 8+8 = 16, which becomes 1+6 and equals 7.

If your name isn’t lucky and you want to remedy that, you will be able to use the name calculator to choose the perfect name for your birthday. By simply adding another letter or changing your name altogether, you can fundamentally change your status.

Which Numbers are Lucky?

Your success in life depends in part on your lucky name number. Certain number combinations equate to something entirely opposite from what you are looking for in life.

Understanding the meaning of each lucky name number can help you on your quest for either embracing or searching for a new name.


Number one is the number of leadership and individuality.

People with a lucky name number of one tend to be set for success and ready to win. However, they are often a little selfish and self-seeking.


Number two is the number of completeness, of wholeness.

These people work well with others and add valuable contributions to any team. On the flipside, they can be indecisive and full of conflict, making it hard for them to succeed on their own.


Three is often considered perfect, as it contains the best qualities of both a number one and two.

They can make great leaders and work well with others. A name number of three can mean a superficial appearance that has the potential for being called out.


Just as a square has four sides, a lucky name number of four means steadfast and solid.

These people have deep concentration and are able to stay focused as they work to reach their goals. Yet, they are also a bit rigid and have difficulty making changes.


The center of the lucky name numbers, five represents centrality.

They are fearless and able to take the untraveled roads to reach success. However, they do fear something; a lack of success that cripples them from persevering.


Sixes are balanced and dutiful, with a deep need to protect the people in their lives. A person with a name number of six often becomes too dependent on others and fails to move forward.


Sevens are magnets for discovery and innovation.

These people are very intelligent and able to solve difficult issues. Unfortunately, sevens suffer from comparison.


The number eight means power and is often reserved for those who have reached success. Those with a name number of eight often fear comparison and the loss of power.


The last lucky name number, nine, is an accumulation of many of the positives and negatives from each number. These people often have a better view on life and are set up for success.

How Does Numerology Work?

Numerology is an incredible tool that reveals many things. You can use it in multiple ways, including for lucky name numerology.

Discover your name’s number and see whether there is a balance between it and your birthday. If not, you always have the option to get your name changed in order to change your chance of success and wholeness.

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