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Guided 10-Minute Meditation Script to Use Anytime Anywhere 

Sometimes you just need help.  

A guided 10-minute meditation script to use anytime anywhere will show up for you when you’re at your lowest, when you’re in the middle of a frustrating moment or day or week.  

It can be the light in the dark tunnel, telling you you’re almost there.  

It can offer solace in your most difficult moments.  

It can be the comfort in the storm.  

meditation script

What to Know Before You Meditate 

If you have not begun a meditation practice, it is necessary to implement one before you try working with a script.  


A script, affirmations, or mantras are only useful to you when you believe in them, otherwise you are simply paying lip service to a god you don’t believe in.  

You’re basically lying to yourself, and you feel out of integrity.  

This can backfire in a way that makes things even worse in your life because instead of focusing on the positive message in the script, your energy is resisting and rejecting, which the Universe reads as an invitation for more resistance and rejection.  

So, the first thing to get clear on is the law of attraction.  

Before you meditate, understand the basic principles of the divine, loving Universe we all inhabit.  

The Law of Attraction 

Abraham Hicks tells us that the law of attraction is unwavering, unbreakable, and constant.  

You attract what you are.  

When you focus on something long enough, your whole body sends out the vibration of that focus, and the universe responds in kind, sending you the thing you are focused on.  

No matter what, every single time.  

So, it is important to have mindfulness exercises involving your whole body to inhabit positive energy in the present moment.  

As Abraham says, “all that matter is the now, now, now, now.”  

Stay here, in this moment, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, and get yourself into a sense of gratitude, the best place you can be.  


15-Minute Meditation

Next, spend a week getting into a great morning meditation routine.  

Clear your space, introduce a place of stillness, quiet your mind, and do a version of what Joe Dispenza and Laura Berman recommend in their meditation practice.  

It’s a kind of whole body scan where you set your timer for at least ten minutes, sit in a comfortable position, quiet your mind, and imagine a kind of white light entering the crown of your head, moving slowly through each part of your body, until you get to the soles of your feet.  

Imagine yourself rooted into the earth from which you came and energized by the Universe that loves you enough to have cocreated with you.  

Once you have done that, and gotten really good at it, practice a few minutes of deep breathing, introduce some anxiety relief relaxation, and begin your guided 10 minute meditation script.  

Guided 10 Minute Meditation 


“I am a child of the Universe, at one with all creation. I am always being lovingly held, safe, and secure. I am not a human with a spirit.  

I am a spirit, an extension of Source Energy, always connected, having a human experience. Nothing can hurt me, damage me, or kill me.  

Only my flesh is malleable, and as long as I am in alignment with Source Energy, nothing can damage even my flesh.  

It is in my devotion to the Universe and in my surrender to divine will that the world and all of its possibilities open up to me. I have unending faith that the divine is always holding my best interests because I am the divine.  

The divine is me.  

I am that I am.  


If I can dream it, I can achieve it, and when I sit in my wildest dreams, allow them to grow and expand, encourage them, water them, and nourish them, I allow them to come to life.  

I came here to create, to dream, to aim high, to ask for more, and I am inherently worthy of every single thing I desire.  

I am the only one who can stop me; there are no forces against me. The only force that matters is the force of the Universe, and it is always, always on my side.  

I have been in existence from the very beginning. I was at the dawn of the Universe, at the juncture of all of time and space, and I have incarnated into millions of different experiences all with the sole purpose of expanding.  

My sole purpose in this human life is to have joy, and as I bring myself joy, I also bring joy to others for my greatest contribution to others, to my community, to the world, and to the Universe is in my own joy.  

My goal every single day, and on this day, is to feel really, really good, and it is a kind of good that endures beyond the moment. It is a joy that fills me up, that completes me, that allows me to lay my head down on my pillow each night and exhale more joy.  

I serve others through my own joy, and they experience peace and joy as a result.  

Anyone unable or unwilling to experience joy is in a place of resistance, for we live in an abundant universe that is constantly sending us more opportunities to feel good.  

And resistance is okay. I will allow others to have their experience as I expect them to allow me to have mine. I am compassionate for others, and I recognize that in contrast, in resistance, we are urged and encouraged to reach for more, to reach for joy, and to ask for what it is we want.  

My only job is to allow in the now. Because the only thing that matters is the now.  

When I worry, I am focused on tomorrow.  

When I am depressed, I am focused on yesterday.  

But today, right now, I am worthy of bliss. And as I sit in my worthiness, as I welcome bliss and light to fill my body, I allow for bliss to carry forward into each moment that comes and becomes the now now now.  

Surrender to the divine then, is surrender to myself, for I am the divine. Not simply “of” the divine but a literal, physical expression of the divine.  

I am God, expressing myself individually through this flesh, blood, and bone body, which is capable of great emotion, great sensuality, and great expression.  


It is up to me to fully inhabit this body and this mind while I am here. My life is meant to be lived fully to the utmost, and I will not waste any time lamenting what I do not have for anything I want is within my grasp.  

All of my focus will be on how grateful I am for what I have, who I am, and how I have come to be here.  

All of my focus will be on how thrilled I am to be constantly surprised and delighted by a Universe that is not limited by the human experience and therefore knows so much better than me what I am asking for.  

It is up to me then to ask, always, for more, and in a way that say ‘this or better.’ 

This or better tells the Universe that I trust it to deliver to me in ways that I, in my limited humanity, cannot even begin to imagine.  

I am always being sent by an infinitely loving and expanding Universe the fruition of my wildest dreams.  

It is up to me to continue to dream, to imagine, to expect.  

There is great value in my human limitation for it allows me to hope, to wonder, to imagine, and in imagining I create, I put it in the vortex, and the Universe is thrilled to send it my way.  

All I have to do is allow.  

All of my work is focused on opening up, softening, lightening up, not taking things so seriously.  

To look at the children and be as they are, full of joy and laughter, carefree and without worry.  

For the Universe has my back, of that I have no doubt.  

And so it is and so it is and so it is.”  

Record Your Guided 10 Minute Meditation Script 

Young woman at crystal healing session in therapy room

Now sit with your guided 10-minute meditation script, read it several times, sit at the end of your body scan meditation, and read it out loud.  

After a couple of weeks, sit and record your guided 10-minute meditation.  

Then, every other morning, rather than reading it, press play on your recorder and listen to yourself affirming what you know deep in your soul to be true.  

Following scripts like this one is the best place to start before writing your own script, in your own words, so you can get into a natural rhythm of gratitude, wellness, and that joy that is your birthright.  

Happy manifesting! 

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