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9 Ways to Use Clear Quartz Chakra Placement on Your Spiritual Journey

Clear quartz is the single most powerful crystal among all the crystals in existence.
If you read any of my crystal blogs, you will notice that I almost always include a clear quartz crystal among the lists I create, regardless of the intention.
It is both powerful on its own and a powerful amplifier of other crystals.
Understanding clear quartz chakra placement and other ways to use clear quartz on your spiritual journey can allow energy to move faster into and out of your life as well as, of course, clearing up space you need open.

Clear quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal

The clear quartz crystal has healing properties on multiple levels.
It is a transparent rock imbued with high levels of oxygen and silicone atoms. It is one of the stones most known for inner healing and spiritual growth.
If you are on a spiritual journey, clear quartz must be in your collection.
Particularly at the beginning of a journey, clear quartz is your best friend. It helps clear your path, open you up, and provide clarity in your intuition.
Likewise, if you have been on a journey for some time and are feeling stuck or stagnant in your energy, clear quartz will help you clear out that energy.
Quite often, someone midway through a journey is experiencing what I like to call the “goo phase.”
I use this term to reference what happens with caterpillars in the cocoon.
In order to transform into a butterfly, a caterpillar must cocoon and turn to complete mush. During the cocoon period, the caterpillar gives up everything it once was and turns into total goo, which is what you would find if you were to break a cocoon open during this gestation period. (Don’t do this.)
After the goo phase, the butterfly is formed, which then eats its way out of the cocoon.
This goo phase is what many of us experience while on our spiritual journeys.
We think we are stuck, but really, we are in goo phase. It is referred to as a dark night of the soul by healer and author Caroline Myss.
The clear quartz chakra placement clear up this dark night, which can feel like it lasts a long time. It can also help you hang in there when things feel gooey and murky, when all you can really do is have patience and trust that “this too shall pass.”
Clear Quartz raises the vibration of the person holding it, focusing on it, and having faith in its powers, which are really your own powers, and it also raises the vibration of any other crystals it is working with.
So, if you are healing in some way, you can use a crystal quartz with an amethyst.
If you are working on bring a passion to life, you can use the crystal quartz with tiger’s eye.
If you are developing a romance, you can use the crystal quartz with a rose quartz.
And so on.
Crystal quartz is the master healer among the crystals.

Clear Quartz Chakra Placement

Crown chakra

As a master healer and amplifier of all crystals and energy, you can really use clear quartz for any chakra, but it is most known and associated with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra.

The Chakras for Clear Quartz Chakra Placement


Working our way up from the root chakra, most chakras are connected to the physical world and our interaction and interconnectedness to it and to each other.

The Root Chakra

The root chakra represents our connection to the earth, the stuff we are made from, literally, and the community to which we belong.

The Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra

This second chakra is our creative space. It represents our connection to the life we create, the relationships we build.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Your gut instincts are here, and the solar plexus chakra holds space for your relationships to others and our experiences with those individuals, which form the basis of all of our instincts and the stories we tell about ourselves and people in general.

The Heart Chakra

The center chakra, the midway point between the root – earth – and the crown – the divine – is the seat of our relationship to ourselves. Our deeply compassionate, empathetic, unconditionally loving space begins within. We love ourselves so that we can love others.

The Throat Chakra

Now we enter the head space, and a clear throat chakra allows us to speak our truth.

The Third Eye Chakra

third eye
Woman with third eye, psychic supernatural senses

Located just above the eyes and between the brows, the third eye chakra allows us to see the world and all the people in it from the perspective of our inner being, neutrally, detached, and with love.

The Crown Chakra for Ideal Clear Quartz Chakra Placement

The crown chakra is the only chakra that is directly connected to the divine and not related to the physical world.
It represents our connection to God, or Source Energy, the Energy that created us and that we are still an extension of.
When we meditate, we are allowing Source Energy to flow through us. Source Energy is infinitely powerful and can accomplish anything we wish to accomplish. Having open access to this chakra is key to doing what you came here to do – creating and expanding.
As you see, the clear quartz crystal can help you clear any blocked chakra.
You can place it near or on any of the portals to a chakra during meditation and focus on clearing that space.
But the real power of the clear quartz crystal chakra placement lies in its power to help us connect to the Universe.

Clear Quartz Chakra Placement

If you have found yourself at the beginning of a spiritual journey, clear quartz should be the very first crystal you have on hand.
It will allow you to see your way forward clearly; it will direct you to the right literature, classes, and even spiritual directors for your journey; and it will provide you with the patience you need to keep going.
If you are experiencing a dark night of the soul, goo phase, have at least one clear quartz crystal on hand at all times.
Wear one at your wrist, neck, or ankle, close to your bloodline, and keep one in the room you spend the most time in your home. You can also have one in your car.
Remember, it is not the stone itself that holds the power; it is you. You hold all the power you need inside of yourself.
The stone serves as a reminder of your power, which is why it is helpful to have them all around you when you are feeling weak and powerless in goo phase.
You are never, ever powerless.
At any moment you can call all your power back to yourself.
One of my favorite mythological stories is that of the prodigal son in the Christian bible.
He wanders for hundreds of days through difficult terrain, impossible odds, all but dying on his own, farther and farther from his father and his home.
Finally, one day, he has his lightbulb moment. He realizes he belongs back at home, with his father.
In that very instant, he is home again, with his father’s love shining down on him, fully healed and healthy once more.
The dark night of the soul is not the time it takes for the universe to respond to you, for the metaphorical father to let you back into his good graces.
The dark night of the soul is the time it takes for you to release your resistance, to accept and surrender to divine will, that is the will of your very own spirit, and to allow Source Energy to flow through you as an open vessel.
That is not an easy experience to undergo.
We are bogged down in the stories, the hang-ups, and the illusory complications of the world.
The older we get without experiencing our dark night, the harder it can be to release all those stories, hang-ups, and complications.
Until we finally allow.
In order to help yourself open up and allow, sit in meditation every morning, with your clear quartz crystal nearby, and focus on surrender.

Meditate on Your Crown Chakra


Be sure you get great sleep at night, at least 7 hours, preferably 8.
Then, each morning, before you do anything else, sit for 20 minutes in meditation.
Clear a quiet, still space without interruptions or distractions, set your intention for clearing your crown chakra, place your clear quartz next to you or just above your head if you are lying down, and set your timer for 20 minutes.
While you lie prone, visualize the light of the universe coming down into your crown chakra and clearing a path for your to step into your power.
Imagine the Universe passing energy through your whole body, clearing out each chakra as it goes, venturing down into the earth, rooting you there, and then back up into your body, cleansing your system entirely of resistance, back up into your crown chakra, and out again into the Universe.
Do this every day with your crystal quartz, and keep a clear quartz with you at all times to remind you of your morning meditation.
The more you release every single day, the closer you come to your butterfly phase.
Happy manifesting!

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