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Getting Rid of Fear With Crystals (and a Little Bit of Magic)

For most of us, fear is a part of life.

We fear the unknown.

We fear change.

We fear death.

We fear sickness.

We fear sorrow.

We fear events.

Fear seems to be one of those ever-present companions, always lurking around the corner. We can ignore it if we choose, or we can shine a light on it and let it consume us.

To be honest, the effects of fear are almost more frightening than the fear itself. It can paralyze us and keep us from pursuing our hopes and dreams, from walking down the right path.

Fear causes anxiety, stress, overwhelm, impulsiveness, and an inability to progress. As we seek to grow, to create change in our lives and in the world around us, and to manifest our reality, fear becomes a barrier.

If we’re going to live a full and magical existence, replete with the energies of the universe and the powers we have access to, then we have to learn how to rid ourselves of that crippling fear.

We all know that we have multiple tools we can use to help rid ourselves of fear. There are spells, rituals, oils, pendulums, and cleansings, all of which have the power to help us get rid of fear.

However, one of my favorite tools for removing fear and increasing peace is crystals. Collecting and using healing crystals can easily help us free ourselves from the bonds of fear.

While all crystals have energy that brings us healing, power, and light, there are certain crystals with properties that are the most effective at dispelling fear.

For a strong and powerful ritual that dispels your fear, place the crystals around you in a grid formation. This practice will increase your protection and balance while removing any overwhelming fear.

Fully embrace the power of these crystals by keeping them in your home, car, or in your ritual space. As you make these crystals a regular part of your life, a present energetic feature in your spaces, and fully embrace them in your rituals and spells, your fear will quickly dissipate.

Best Crystals to Make Fear Flee

Many of us experience fears that keep us from living full lives. These fears hold us back and work against our positive energy, preventing spells and manifestations from taking root.

It’s true that as a witch there are certain aspects of fear that we are comfortable with; shadows, a bit of darkness, and powerful whisperings from the universe. However, when left unchecked, fear will take root and begin to spread, filling us with negativity and preventing growth.

We can still work within the shadows while dispelling the fear that nags at us, creeps up within us, and holds us back. Certain crystals have the right energies and properties to eliminate some types of fears and even transform the negative, fearful energy into comforting, positive thoughts.

Let’s go over the crystals I recommend for getting rid of your fear:

Tiger’s Eye

Fear can be powerful, but the natural energies of the sun and the earth are even more powerful. Tiger’s Eye is a combination of these powerful elements, creating a state of incredibly high vibrations.

Blue Tiger's Eye
Blue Tiger’s Eye

With these vibrations, you can work against fear and curses, freeing yourself from their grip. Keep your Tiger’s Eye crystals on yourself for a constant, uplifting guard against the darkness.

During rituals or meditation, place the crystal on your navel to help ease your fears and bring clarity into the moment.


Yes, we tend to use amethyst for almost everything, but there’s a reason for that! Amethyst truly is the most versatile of all the healing crystals, working seamlessly with all of the chakras and opening us up to clear, spiritual awareness.


Known as the crown chakra crystal, amethyst works directly with your spirit, becoming a gateway to vision when placed on your third eye chakra. This vision and insight into the spiritual makes it incredibly useful for dispelling fear.

When you use amethyst, you are able to gain intuition and sight, as well as turn your low frequency fear into high frequency clarity and positivity. Visualizations will cause your fear to flee as you begin to see the truth.


One of the things that fear does to us is pull us away from reality into another place. In this place, we are consumed by what ifs, by unknowns, by anxieties, and by an overall darkness.


Hematite battles this pull away from reality by keeping us grounded. As a grounding stone, hematite works to bring harmony to our minds, bodies, and spirits.

It protects our aura from negative energies and fear, helping us to control overwhelming thoughts that drag us down. The power present in hematite becomes a shield over our minds, dissolving fearful feelings and replacing them with grounded, positive thought.

Use hematite by holding it in your dominant hand when you are in situations that cause fear to rear its head. For daily protection, keep hematite on yourself by wearing it around your neck or in your pocket, or keep it accessible and present in your home.

You can also use hematite to bring balance and unblock your root chakra. Place the crystal on the base of your spine during meditation or ritual to release your pent up fears and find peace.

Smoky Quartz

Many of us start working on our fear and find it easy to release some first level negativities. We’re feeling great, a positive outlook is growing, then boom, we’re suddenly bowled over and our fear becomes magnified tenfold.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

This can happen because we work on our surface fears while failing to get to the root of our deepest, most internalized ones. These fears run deep and can require intense, focused, intentional crystal healing in order to pull them up and dispel them for good.

Smoky quartz is a grounding stone, an anchoring crystal. It has the energy and power to pull up those deep-seated fears and help us keep ourselves together while they are being removed.

The deep fear removal process can be a beast, as we have to acknowledge these fears in order to dispel them. That means these fears are literally moving through us, into the very center of our minds, while they are being cast out.

By using smoky quartz during this process, we have protection against the dark feelings these fears could cause. The crystal grounds us while it releases deep fears, low vibrations, and the highest stressors.

During this time, keep smoky quartz in your pocket or around your neck for constant protection. Place on your root chakra or your navel during focused rituals and meditation to cast aside deep fears and embrace the freedom and healing on the other side.

Don’t Hold Onto Fear

Look, I know that some witches make fear a part of their identity. While there is something to working with the shadows and letting them give us insight, we can actually work against ourselves if we let fear rule too much.

As practitioners of magic, holding onto fear actually holds us back. Fear creates a barrier and imprisons us from the fullness of our lives, our manifestations, and our energy.

Take the time to work with crystals and free yourself from your fears. You’ll see an increase in your positivity, your power, and your life.

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