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How to Decorate Your Home with Crystals 

How to Decorate Your Home with Crystals 

When trying to figure out how to decorate with crystals, the most important thing to remember is that all decorating, especially in your home, is a very personal thing.  

The first step in figuring out how to decorate your home with crystals is to figure out what your personal style is.  

“I don’t know!” You may be saying. “That’s why I came to this site!” 

Fair enough.  

Then the first step to figuring out your personal style is to figure out who you are.  

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Decorating with Crystals: Who Are You?  

There’s a great book called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza in which he discusses how most of us are sleepwalking through life on autopilot.  

He gives great instructions for a meditation practice that calls us back to ourselves, our higher selves, our true selves, and allows us to step into that space for a chunk of time each day, up to an hour.  

This practice allows us to truly see who we are.  

Who are you?  

Well, in the general, universal sense, you are love.  

That’s it.  

All evidence physical and metaphysical points to a Universe ruled by love.  

Are there harsh brutalities and realities on earth?  


But those are natural, material, earthbound realities.  

Storms rage. Volcanoes erupt. Wolves hunt prey. Humans can be cruel.  

That’s a part of life and its limitations.  

But the Universe, the existence beyond life, in the spiritual world, is love.  

Only, purely, divine love.  

When we can get into touch with that part of ourselves and open up lines of communication, we can see our true purpose in this lifetime.  

Again, in the general, universal sense, your purpose is to expand.  

That is the express purpose of the Universe, the consciousness that has been expanding from the beginning of time as we know it.  

But you, your spirit form, your higher self, has lived many lives since that beginning, and you have expanded magnificently. We all have.  

When you chose to come into this human experience, you came with a set of intentions to expand further, to learn additional lessons within these human limitations about the nature of the human experience and expanded consciousness.  

To figure out what those intentions were, you can see a medium or spiritual healer, you can work with tarot and numerology, and, or, you can simply get to know yourself.  

What were the circumstances of your birth? Who is your family, biological and otherwise, who do you surround yourself with, what are your natural skills, personality traits, and supernatural strengths?  

Getting to know these parts of yourself will help you see who you are, which will point you toward your personal style.  

Meditate to Get to Know Yourself 

To develop this process of getting to know yourself, it helps to sit in meditation.  

You don’t have to start with an hour, on Dispenza’s advice.  

In fact, even he will say to simply begin with 20 minutes.  

Sit in silence for 20 minutes before you do anything else in the morning after you wake up, and do a full body scan.  

From your crown chakra to your root chakra, evaluate and clear your energies, checking in with each body part along the way.  

Think of it as a spiritual scan for the day.  

You are clearing out negative energy, sitting with who you really are, and sinking deeper into your higher consciousness to let that voice shine through.  

When you close out your meditation, open your eyes to your true self.  

From that place of pure positive energy, determine what matters to you each day.  

And with that knowledge, walk around your house. 


Decorating with Crystals: What Is Your Style? 

When you look at walls, paintings, photographs, shelves, and even your coffee table and furniture, what does it say about you?  

Are you loud and wild, speaking your style from the rooftops with bold edges and bright colors?  

Are you more subtle and private, keeping your tones muted and neutral?  

Do you have plants everywhere or the occasional potted succulent on a windowsill?  

I would say my style is clean, passionate bohemian.  

I’ve got green plant in every room, mostly neutral colors, and splashes of red and black in photos or accent pillows and pots.  

I don’t like a lot of things on my spaces, but I like to take up those spaces with bits of personality.  

I have an apothecary jar on one shelf with a plant and a beaded Buddha figurine swinging from the ceiling in my office where the door opens.  

I also have books upon books on shelves and tables in every room.  

My style is eclectic, and it works for me. I also leave space for it to shift and evolve with my spiritual growth.  

You will get to know your style more as the days go on.  


Color and Tone 

To begin, figure out what colors resonate with you.  

What colors already fill your home?  

How are you using them? What is the statement each color makes in each room?  

Determine how your living space relates to your personality, and you will watch your style unfold accordingly.  

Also, don’t be afraid to allow for different tones in each room, though they should all be a reflection of who you are.  

Decorating with Crystals: Go Big or Don’t 

Once you figure out your style and examine your color and tone in each room, decide how you want to display your crystals.  

Do you want a giant rock in your living room?  

Do you want your living space to scream “crystal loving witch!”  

Or would you prefer tiny accents and hints of your love of crystals throughout your home?  

My crystal collection sits on my altar in my office next to my tarot cards, my chakra study books, some fresh flowers, and a set of ceramic jars with the moon phases on them.  

I use my crystals in rituals, but I don’t display them around my house.  

At the same time, my kids will find rocks, gems, and crystals while they are out and about and bring them home, and I do decorate my home with them, depending on where we have space and the color and tone of each rock.  

So on any given day you might fight a giant agate on a shelf or a shimmery fluorite looking stone on the bottom shelf of a side table.  

To me, they are conversation pieces that create interesting topic around my kids and their adventures. 

I have seen some witches have a large display case where they show off their crystals in the front of their homes, and I have seen some with crystals strategically placed in various spaces.  

It really is a matter of which style speaks to you.  

Specific Crystals for Each Room 

crystals in bowl

If you do want to decorate with crystals in your entire home, with little gems in each room, you could begin with a smoke cleansing ceremony that clears the energy in each room.  

Then decide which energy you want to focus on in each room.  

In the bedroom, you could place a rose quartz for love and romance.  

In the kitchen, you could place a black obsidian and green aventurine for the heart of the home and the roots of nature.  

In the living room or dining room, you could place a citrine or an orange calcite for relationship and communication.  

And in the office, you could place blue azurite or amethyst for focus and clarity of thought.  

Explore the sensations you get in each room, what your expectations are for each space, and then make your home decor decisions accordingly.  

And remember, you can place clear quartz next to any of your stones for emphasis of that energy, or in your office for clarity.  

In the end, the decision to decorate with crystals is a personal, and making these decisions is a great way to get to know yourself better.  

A crystal display, crystal gardens, and even table lamps with crystals are all examples of ways in which to incorporate your favorite crystals as a beautiful addition to your home.  

The best crystals to use are not the most popular crystals, but the ones that speak to you and your magnetic fields of energy.  

Crystal enthusiasts can create crystal grids in their homes and check out the an interior design scheme that resonates with their aesthetic.  

You can place small bowls of crystals around your home, especially if you have kids. The best place for these is on low tables next to large gemstones, so people can interact with them.  

Crystal healing is a great way to arrange your crystals around an energy field and find the ideal crystal to put in the perfect place for you or your visitors.  

It’s a great idea to draw on your metaphysical powers to get in touch with your positive vibes and add a touch of glamour to your home with your chosen stone of unconditional love.  

Happy manifesting!