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The Best Crystals to Keep in Your Bedroom 

When it comes to the best crystals for your bedroom, it really comes down to your intentions.  

Several years back, I read a random line in a book I was reading that said the bedroom should only be for two things: sleep and sex. 

crystals for your bedroom

Of course, there are a variety of subcategories that play into those two things – relaxation, rest, communication, intimacy, physical comfort and expression, self-love, and much more.  

But the bottom line is that your bedroom, ideally, is not a place to study for exams, to meditate in the morning, to create art, or anything that requires active energy aside from sleep or sex.  

So, before you can decide on the best crystals for your bedroom, you’ll need to first decide who you are and who you want to be and next arrange your bedroom so that it serves only those two purposes, and of course their subcategories.  

Best Crystals for Your Bedroom: Who Are You? 

As with most things in life, nothing is one size fits all.  

You cannot simply grab crystals from your local apothecary, put them on your bedside table, and expect them to get to work serving your purposes.  

You must first determine who you are, what your path is, what your purpose is, and then fit all that into your bedroom state.  

Meditate on Who You Are 

In the stressed out, high anxiety, or deeply depressed state of civilization in the United States today, most of us do not take time to sit with ourselves.  

Which is largely why we are stressed out, anxious, and/or depressed.  

To sit with ourselves relieves a tremendous amount of anxiety and depression because in truly sitting with ourselves, meaning electronic devices off, television off, no distractions, just sitting, we connect with our higher selves.  

Our higher selves, our deeper consciousnesses, are our true states of being, the beings we were before we came into this human experience.  

We have been here, part of the greater consciousness that is the Universe, connected to all, since the very beginning of time, creating and cocreating through the Universal mind.  

So while we humans are relatively new arrivals to reality, our higher selves have lived hundreds if not thousands of lives and have experienced phenomena far beyond the human experience.  

Infinitely wise, loving, and aimed at expansion.  

And before we came into this human experience, we set intentions for this life, based on past experiences and a goal of expansion.  

Your job is to meditate on what those intentions were that you set for yourself.  

To wake up to your true purpose.  

Don’t worry.  


It is based in love, joy, and abundance.  

Despite the fact that you may have been born under less than fabulous circumstances, even those circumstances are designed to lead you back to love, joy, and abundance.  

You see, it is often only when we are at our lowest lows that we can identify our need to surrender control, release the anxiety and depression, and just relax.  

It is in this relaxed state that we can communicate with our higher selves and know our purpose.  

So sit with yourself, for just 20 minutes every day, at the start of every day, and get to know yourself.  

Take a full body scan, check in with your energy, listen to what your body tells you, what your spirit whispers to you, and go forth accordingly.  

Note that your spirit only speaks in positives.  

The Universe does not send warnings, omens, or cautions.  

Those negative energy based things are rooted in the human ego, something with which we all must lovingly contend and not allow to take the driver’s seat in our lives.  

As you get to know yourself, your body will be more prepared to speak to you, and your soul will begin to get louder.  

Opportunities to follow your path become more clear and obvious, and new ways to show up for yourself will appear.  

Best Crystals for Your Bedroom Now 

As you make this journey to getting to know yourself, you can find a clear quartz crystal that resonates with you and place it on your bedside table.  

Clear quartz exudes positive energy and offers clarity, so that while you sleep, you can see your way through a good night’s sleep with vision and openness.  

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Arrange Your Bedroom 

Now you’re getting to know yourself, and who you truly are deep down and who you truly want to be in this life comes more and more clear, you can begin to arrange your bedroom in a way that allows for optimal sleep and intimacy.  

The guidelines of feng shui say to have the head of your bed against a wall, ideally facing southward, with your feet toward the door.  

Try not to have the head of your bed at a window.  

Keep your space minimal and bright, including paintings that make you feel at peace.  

Eliminate all things that bring angry, anxious, or frustrated energy, so don’t keep books on politics or history that will upset you.  

Not good bedtime reading. Keep them in the living room.  

Know the colors that resonate best with you.  

I love light greys and whites with splashes of browns and reds.  

Keep plants, and some elements of wood for growth, healing and a promotion of life.  

Once you have done that, you can take a look at what you want your sleep to feel like.  

Crystals for Your Bedroom and Sleeping 

Sleep is one of the three legs of the total wellness stool. The other two are diet and exercise, and they cannot function separately.  

Your body is a system that operates only with all three interchangeably.  

So to get good sleep, you need to be eating well and exercising regularly.  

healthy food

Eat Well for Sleep 

While it is your brain and/or your mind that will often keep you from a good night’s rest, the connection between the gut and the brain cannot be ignored.  

Be sure to eat plenty of plants, herbs, and spices to keep a healthy gut, as well as fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt.  

Avoid toxins in processed foods and sugar based foods.  

And watch your alcohol consumption.  

Alcohol may seem like a relaxant and a downer, but about 4 to 6 hours after having a drink, that alcohol actually sends your nervous system into hyperdrive, often waking you out of a dead sleep.  

Also be mindful of how late in the day you drink caffeine.  

Another trick to good sleep is to practice intermittent fasting. Dr. Mark Hyman of the book The UltraMind Solution, notes that no one should be eating within the 12-hour window between the last meal of your day and the first meal of the next day.  

Give your body time to heal itself and repair whatever damage has been done during the day or during your lifetime.  

And yes, you’ll be sleeping like a baby. 

Amethyst affirmations

A great crystal to keep in your bedroom to support this healthy lifestyle is the amethyst crystal. It is a healing stone that will work with your energy to keep your body healing and functioning at optimal levels through the night.  

Exercise Regularly for Sleep 

To promote even better sleep, you can make a practice of getting out of your house early for some body movement.  

Studies show that exercise, especially outside in early sunshine and fresh air, helps you work within your circadian rhythms, telling your brain to be awake and alert during the day and to calm down and relax at night.  

Exercise also gives you more energy to move even more throughout your day so that you are more tired at night when it is time to settle down.  

Especially if you are like me and live your professional life sitting down in front of a computer, the more you get up and move, and get out and move, the better your sleep will be.  

Computers and devices string us out and wire our brains and bodies to be agitated.  

We need to release all that energy somehow.  

To help you release that energy and calm down, you can keep a piece of black tourmaline or even a smoky quartz by your bed.  

It will dispel negative emotions and relax you for mental clarity and even lucid dreaming.  


Best Crystals for Your Bedroom: Intimacy 

Finally, if you are hoping to rev up your sex life and your love life, and create more intimacy with your partner, everything I’ve already discussed above will lead to that automatically.  

You are more relaxed, you know yourself, you feel healthier, and you feel better physically.  

You are now prepared to communicate openly with your partner and relax more into a state of intimacy.  

To enhance feelings of passion and fiery energy, you can keep a red tiger’s eye next to your bed as well as a rose quartz, the stone of passion and the stone of love.  

Red Tiger's Eye / Ox's Eye / Bull's Eye
Red Tiger’s Eye / Ox’s Eye / Bull’s Eye

Ultimately, determining which crystals for your bedroom are best for you will come down to personal choice and lifestyle, but if you follow the rough guidelines above, the specific crystals listed here are the best crystals to start with.  

Of course, you can always experiment on your own for the right crystal for your purposes.  

Negative thoughts will come and go, but your sweet dreams will always be available to you when you trust in your powerful crystal in the right place as a powerful tool to aid you in peaceful sleep and to enhance your sleep quality.  

The use of crystals is ancient and trusted, calling on the earth element to support you in this courageous act of unconditional love for yourself. There is no perfect stone.  

But there is a powerful stone that works for you, based on your needs and your commitment to yourself, to opening up your heart chakra, to rooting down into your root chakra, and to bringing crystal into your everyday life.  

Happy manifesting! 

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