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Citrine Chakra Placement: Where to Place Citrine Crystals on the Body

If you’ve been learning about your chakras or deepening your connection between the physical and the spiritual, the third chakra, and citrine chakra placement, is a great place to focus.  


Citrine chakra placement using a piece of citrine, natural citrine brings good luck and positive energy, a great way to rid yourself of negative energies and welcome crystal healing into your physical body.

Citrine crystal is connected to your personal power, and crystal energy is one of the best ways, hailing from ancient times, to bring good fortune, mental clarity, spiritual energy, and inner strength 

The third chakra is intensely rooted in both the physical and the spiritual, so it makes sense to meditate there, understand your citrine chakra placement, and dispel any negative energy you may have lingering.  

The Chakras 

The chakra system was developed thousands of years ago, around 1500 BC by an ancient Indian religion drawing on the region’s oldest text, the Vedas.  

The system lays out 7 energy centers within our bodies that relate to our physical and spiritual health. 

Root Chakra 

The root chakra is the first chakra, located at the base of the spine, between our legs, and the soles of our feet, connecting you to earth and community. Ailments related to an unbalanced root chakra include digestive issues and psychological issues.  

Sacral Chakra 

The second chakra is located behind our belly buttons, in our womb space, and is related to our creativity and our connection to other individuals. Ailments include fertility problems, lower back pain, and UTIs.  

Solar Plexus Chakra and Citrine Chakra Placement


The third chakra is located between the belly button and the heart, just below the rib cage, where we typically think of our gut. Ailments include eating disorders, ulcers, liver and colon issues, and diabetes. It is linked to self-love and the ability to trust yourself.  

Heart Chakra  

The heart chakra is located at our heart, in the center of our chests, and is associated with unconditional love. Ailments include heart problems, lung issues, and chest pains, anxiety and depression.  

Throat Chakra 

This fifth chakra is the first above the heart and relates to matters of the head, wisdom, truth, and communication. Ailments include sore throats and throat cancer.  

Third Eye Chakra 

The third eye chakra, number six, is located between the eyebrows, in the center of the forehead, and is related to wisdom and insight. Ailments include headaches, eye strain, migraines of all kinds, sinus issues, and blurred vision.  

Crown Chakra 

The crown chakra is our connection to the divine and it is located at the crown of the head and includes the pineal gland. It is here that we receive divine wisdom from Source Energy. Ailments include back pain and blood problems, as well as fatigue and nervous system disorders.  

The Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus, and Citrine Chakra Placement 

It is the third chakra we are talking about today, and there is perhaps no other chakra that will show up quite as quickly as clearly blocked in your life.  

A blocked third chakra almost instantly manifests as physical ailment.  

The third chakra is located at your physical solar plexus.  

The solar plexus is a ganglion of nerves that control the various organs within the abdominal cavity, keeping them all functioning properly. It sends and receives its messaging directly to and from the brain stem and the central nervous system.  

The solar plexus is perhaps the most beautiful and terrifying example of intelligent design.  

When all is well and functioning properly, the brain and the solar plexus are in perfect unity, and you are in perfect health. Everything is in perfect harmony.  

When, however, a single imbalance is created, the entire system begins to break down, with too much attention spent fixing this over there while other parts of the system are ignored and begin to break down.  

Healing properties are implemented here, especially with yellow citrine, to ward off negative thoughts, raise energy levels, and put in balance a healthy flow of energy. You need to focus on citrine chakra placement.

The Illness and Healing Process 


It begins in the mind, always, and deteriorates the body.  

Now, if we are talking about something quick and temporary, like an injury or a single stressful event, the body and spirit are out of alignment for only a short while, focusing all attention where it must go, and then quickly getting itself back into alignment.  

That is as it should be.  

The body is self-healing, and it has several mechanisms in place to ensure this self-healing and homeostatic process.  

But when the injury is long term, or stress is ongoing, you enter the world of chronic illness chronic stress, which are interrelated and directly effect one another.  

Your body becomes inflamed, either from internal stresses or physical injury, and your immune system goes into overdrive to compensate for this inflammation.  

Basically, it is constantly trying to put out this fire in your body.  

Over time, the inflammation gets worse if you do not address it on both a physical and spiritual level. Remember, it all, always, begins in the mind, which is the seat of your spirituality. (See crown chakra above.) 

So you are a house on constant fire with water constantly spraying on it. But the water is running out.  

Because you are not meeting your physical and spiritual needs, you are not replenishing your healing mechanism, your immune system and your chakra centers.  

Now you end up on pain medications, anti-anxiety meds, or antidepressants, and you don’t feel better. 


You’re not addressing your citrine chakra placement.

You are treating symptoms, not addressing root causes.  

And those medications have side effects.  

Medicine can save lives in the short term.  

It can also cause extensive damage in the long term.  

Remember, your body was designed to heal itself. Anything you add to that self-healing system will either become an addiction, where your body is now dependent on that medicine for mere survival and potentially depleting your ability to thrive, or it will cause additional problems in an already out of wack system.  

The Solar Plexus Knows 

So, how do you know if the medicine is right for you?  

How do you know if you need total wellness approaches?  

How do you know if something is off?  

Check in with your solar plexus.  

The solar plexus is the seat of all of your intuition. “Trust your gut.”  

If you are out of alignment with the universe, your gut will know. You will feel anxious, afraid, get stomach aches, maybe feel nauseous.  

These are all signs you have a major reset to do.  

If you are in acute pain or major danger, yes, of course, take the medicine.  

AND get your reset on.  

If you are not in acute pain or danger, mentally or physically, of getting seriously ill, take a breath.  

Citrine Chakra Placement: the Pause 

There is great power in the ability to pause, take deep breaths, and focus on your physical health.

Jim Carrey has a great quote on this topic: “I believe depression is legitimate. But I also believe that if you don’t get exercise, eat nutritious food, get sunlight, get enough sleep, consume positive material, surround yourself with support, then you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance.”  


Pause. Evaluate your situation.  

Do you need immediate help? Get it! 

Do you need this medicine to survive? Take it! 

But, if you are struggling with a minor illness that is developing into something major, or your’re dealing with a chronic illness and your meds don’t seem to be working, check in with your gut.  

Check in with your solar plexus.  Here’s where citrine chakra placement comes in.

Are you doing “all the things?” 

Daily sunlight, 30 minutes of exercise a day, eating your rainbow and cutting processed foods, drinking lots of water, reaching out to your support system (or building one if you don’t have one), and getting plenty of sleep are all critical parts of keeping our body in homeostasis.  

And your body knows what it needs.  

And your solar plexus chakra will tell you right away that your body needs something.  

Meditation and Citrine Chakra Placement 


The truth, and it is a harsh truth that very few of us are prepared to hear, is that we are our own best healers.  

Michael J Fox, who has struggled with Parkinson’s Disease for decades, is famous for saying “no one knows your condition better than you.”  

So, it is time to sit with yourself, examine your chakras, meditate on your health, physical and mental, and begin the work of getting back to good.  

Bear in mind that most illnesses take months if not years to fully recover from.  

Even the common cold or the flu can take weeks and up to months for “long haulers” to fully clear out of your body and get you feeling totally normal again.  

Allow for this.  

If you’re having chronic issues, be mindful that it took you many months, perhaps many years, to get to where you are today. It’s a lifetime of mistreating your mind, body, and spirit.  

It will take time to unlearn old habits, stop the inflammation that is causing issues, and then repair the damage that’s been done.  

Love yourself through it.  

For citrine chakra placement, lie on the ground for a lying down meditation, in a clean and clear space free of distractions and place your citrine stone on your solar plexus.  

Every single morning, before you do anything else, spend 20 minutes in meditation, clearing out your chakras and focusing particularly on your solar plexus chakra.  

Imagine the energy of the stone empowering your solar plexus, clearing it out, and then that clearing spreading from your third chakra down through your sacral and root chakras and then up through your heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras.  

Align your chakras, with your solar plexus at the center.  

Repeat as many times as you must in your head, “I trust myself.”  

Expect to feel lighter on the very first day and expect to see things more clearly as the days go by.  

Support your daily meditations with “all the things” from above, and I will be shocked to hear you don’t see marked improvement if not total recovery within a few months.  

Happy manifesting! 

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