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How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration 

Wondering how to raise your spiritual vibration?

Positive vibes only! You’ve surely heard this a million times in the last decade. But, as many of us have discovered, when it comes to learning how to raise your spiritual vibration, it really is not about only being positive all the time.  

First, you have to figure out why it is important to raise your spiritual vibration.  

Next, you have to accept that you will never have positive vibes only.  

Finally, you can do the work.  

Why to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration 

Your spiritual vibration is what manifests everything in your life. It is your energy.  

When you are in high vibration, you are attracting love, light, happiness, joy, and an influx of experiences and people that further support those energies and emotions.  

High vibration is blissful, ecstatic.  

When you are in low vibration, you attract sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, jealousy, and even rage.  

That energy invites other people and experiences that further those emotions and energies.  

And, sadly, it is a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.  

As psychologist Jordan Peterson points out success and failure are both exponential. Scientific data has shown us that when you get a taste of success, you begin to experience more and more success to a degree that it feels like a meteoric rise.  

Same goes with failure. Once you step into a failure spiral it is incredibly easy to simply drop off what feels like a cliff into negative oblivion.  

Thus, it makes sense that you would want to keep yourself in a constant stream of positivity as much as you can.  

Abraham Hicks tells us that it takes 17 seconds for a thought to take hold of us in a way that we build on it with our minds and then make it a point of focus.  

So we can allow negative thoughts to simply come and go.  

In addition, we have to really focus on something for a sustained period of time before we feel the effects of it, either positive or negative, in our lives and then multiply it exponentially.  

It is in our best interest, therefore, to maintain an ongoing positive, high vibration in life so that when we do hit those bumps in the road, we can simply accept them and move back into high vibes.  

Accept Negativity to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration

The biggest hurdle to maintaining a high spiritual vibration is the resistance we put up when something negative happens.  

When we resist, we build on negativity, we are in low vibration.  

Resistance is always low vibe.  

“Accept everything that happens as if you had chosen it for yourself.” 

~Eckhart Tolle 

Because, in a way, you did. You chose this life.  

You chose the circumstances you were born into when you set the intentions to come into this life.  

And everything that has happened in your life has happened as a result of those intentions and circumstances.  

So when things happen, take a moment to think to yourself, “if I trust that my higher self is always acting in my highest good, that things are always working out for me, and that I can never get it wrong and I will never get it done, how is this particular thing in my best interest?”  

How does this serve me?  

Where is the gift?  

Where is the lesson?  

It is there.  

It is always there.  

And you can see it better once you accept it.  

Accept whatever is happening as if you had chosen it, as if you knew that it would all work out, as if you knew that this was a necessary, indeed an essential, part of your life and journey.  

Because, in fact, it is.  

What so many people fail to recognize is that the storms of our lives, clear paths for us, wash away the trash, and lead us into the light.  

There can be no light without dark in this human life, and we need the dark, the negativity, the bumps in the road, to lead us into the light.  

But we are not meant to sit with our negativity for extended periods of time just as we are not meant to resist it.  

We are meant to simply accept it and move on.  

The more we resist it, and the more we dwell in it, the bigger it gets.  

Whether you are resisting or dwelling, you are making it your focus.  

And once you make it your focus, you invite it to stay.  

So, just accept that negativity is a natural part of life, and that you can allow it and let it go, like breath. 

The Work to Raise Your Spiritual Vibration  

Accepting negativity really is the first step in the work to raise your spiritual vibration.  

Once you accept negativity as natural in the human experience, you can do all the other work to continually raise your spiritual vibration, and eventually, negativity in your life will be what it was always meant to be, temporary.  


The next step after acceptance to raise your spiritual vibration is to meditate

Sit for 20 minutes every day before you do anything else and clear your mind.  

At the beginning of your meditation, perform a full body scan, from your crown to your toes, and check in with yourself, clear your energetic chakras, cleanse your energy.  

When you have completed your scan, allow yourself to sink in deeper and deeper, letting the noise get quieter and quieter.  

You will reach a point where you have connected to your higher self, and you can allow that higher self to come into your body.  

This is a state called relaxed awakening, and it is the entry point to raise your spiritual vibration.

You can feel all the love, all the energy, all the Universe swirling around inside of you.  

There is literally nothing better for high vibration work that meditation that encourages you to reach out to the spirit that is always reaching out to you.  


When you come out of meditation, commit to good thoughts, good deeds, and good words for your day.  

Commit to remaining calm and in a state of acceptance no matter what happens.  

Then go to your journal and write down all the things you are grateful for.  

It can be something as simple as breath.  

Be grateful that you are breathing, that you live in safe place, that you have food and shelter, that you have access to technology.  

Then you can branch out to your health, the people in your life, your job, and so on.  

There is much to be grateful for and writing about it every day raises your vibration tremendously.  


I love divination for raising my vibration.  

I pull oracle cards and tarot after I journal, but you could do crystal work, chakra work, work with runes or tea leaves.  

Anything that allows you to communicate directly with the divine leads you to embrace your spirituality and your innate supernatural powers, and that’s major vibration raising work there.  


Money jar

Externally, you can raise your vibration by being of service to others.  

When we give, we feel great, especially when we give with an open heart and no strings.  

You don’t have to give money, either.  

It can be your time, a phone call, a meal, or even just holding space for someone in pain or grieving.  

Eliminate Toxins 

You want to raise your spiritual vibration?

A huge misconception about drugs and alcohol is that they raise your vibration and lower your resistance.  

The reality is that they simply make you forget your resistance and give the illusion of raising your vibration.  

As soon as you sober up, not only are you not in high vibration, but your vibration actually drops significantly, which can send you into a negative shame spiral, with the only remedy being more drugs and alcohol.  

If you want to raise your spiritual vibration, consider cutting out drugs and alcohol entirely, only imbibing in great moderation in social settings where you don’t want to be that rigid jerk who won’t have a freaking beer.  


Exercise is one of my favorite vibration raisers.  

Get your blood pumping by going for a quick run, or get your breath evened out by taking a long walk. 

Exercise is good for you on virtually every level, and you get an almost instant hit of vibration raising when you work out, which lasts for a really long time if you remain consistent.  


Nothing like lack of sleep to make you tired, cranky, and in low vibration mode.  

Get your 8 hours of sleep every single night with few exceptions.  

If you have been shorting your sleep, you will notice a major shift in your spiritual vibration after about a week or two.  

Yes. It takes that long to actually feel the effects of getting good sleep after a long deprivation.  

Eat Well 

And finally, treat your body like a temple. Drink lots of water, eat plants and pasture raised meats, drink mushroom coffee and chai tea with lots of herbs and spices.  

You are what you eat, after all. So eat well.  

Happy manifesting! 

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