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Hematite Properties and Affirmations 

If you’ve been working with hematite lately and you’re looking for hematite affirmations, know that all of your work will have to do with grounding. 

Grounding is critical work for the human experience, and it is often overlooked in the lofty world of spirituality.

Hematite affirmations and practices can help bring us back down to the earth from which we have sprung. 


Hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide, a black stone found in rocks and soils. 

It is naturally found in black, silver gray, reddish-brown, or red colors. 

The hematite we are most familiar with in spirituality is the black crystal. 

We find hematite naturally in North America, usually around Yosemite National Park, and often around hot springs. 

In history, hematite has been ground to use as a red clay ochre for writing, and it has been experimented on to understands its absence of strong magnetic qualities. 

Notably, hematite has been found on the planet Mars, which furthers the theories that the planets are connected on a material level as well as a spiritual one. 

In spirituality, hematite is related to the root chakra, for grounding, to the astrological signs of Aries and Aquarius, and to the elements of earth and fire. 

It is known as a stone of the mind as it stimulates concentration and focus, grounds mental energy, and dispels negative energy. 


Working with Hematite and Hematite Affirmations for Grounding

Again, far too many people in the spiritual world have grown obsessed with transcendence and awakening to the point of leaving behind all earthly matters. 

There is a movement of ascetics, those who abstain from all material things, all indulgences, and all forms of earthly pleasure in an attempt to meld with the Universe and transcend to a closer relationship with God. 

And, hey, good for them. 

But let’s be clear: we came to this human experience for a reason. 

A big point those anti-materialists are missing is that we were born into human bodies on a human planet, with five natural senses and four supernatural senses to experience the fullness of human life. 

You Are the Universe Having a Human Experience


This is why we need grounding, to remember that we are human as well as spirit. 

Indeed, we were spirit before we were human. 

All of quantum physics and rational spirituality tells us that in the beginning of time and space, there was only consciousness, that that consciousness created all of life as we know and still don’t know it. 

That life comes from life, and consciousness creates consciousness. 

From that understanding, we can see that we too are a part of that consciousness. 

Before we came into this human body, we existed as pure positive loving energy, the culmination of all of our past human experiences, having expanded with the Universe, inextricably linked to it, and containing all of its power, wisdom, and presence. 

Our higher selves then made a conscious choice to come into the human experience again, to feel the fullness of life, with a set of intentions for what we hoped to learn in this lifetime, knowing full well that we could never get it wrong, and we would never get it done. 

Abraham Hicks spells this all out quite nicely as they teach the law of attraction and its principles. 

So, to come into this life and then aim for a purely spiritual experience is missing the whole point. 

We came here to be human. 



We don’t have to try to be spirit. We are spirit. We don’t have to try to be human. We are human. 

What we have to do is connect ourselves full to both parts of ourselves, not giving preference to one over the other. 

Mary Magdalene Revealed, by Meggan Watterson, lays out this process beautifully, showing us how Mary Magdalene, the favored companion and likely wife and lover of Jesus Christ, is the fullest essence of this truth. 

The duality of our nature. 

That we are both human and divine

If the life and times of Jesus Christ was meant to show us anything, it was that. 

The point was not to rise above it all and abandon our humanity. It is to rise above clinging to the negative side of humanity, embrace the spirit that made us, that is us, and to ground ourselves in the intense, passionate feelings of humanity. 

Jesus flipped tables and whipped corrupt politicians. 

He loved Mary Magdalene so much that she was the first person he revealed himself to when he was resurrected. 

He was human. 

And divine

And, as Jesus said “all of these things you will do and far greater,” so are we. 


And divine. 

We are both/and, not either/or.

Black Hematite
Black Hematite

Hematite Affirmations for Grounding

Once you accept this about yourself, that you are intensely and wonderfully human, and that it is a good thing, a very good thing, you can begin the work of grounding. 

This practice and acceptance is particularly a strong one for women as we are earthly creators, giving life to creations in collaboration with both the earth and the universe. 

Remember, all humans are made up of the materials found on and in earth, and the materials of the earth are essential to our survival. 

We must coexist. 

So we must ground. 

Grounding Practices

The most important practice you can put into place to ground yourself with the earth is to spend time in nature. 

The Earthing Institute has years of evidence showing how powerful grounding in nature is for healing, for calming, and for reclaiming our place as humans on earth. 

Spend time barefoot, bare armed, as close to naked as you can, walking on the bare earth, swimming in natural waters, and hugging trees. 

It literally changes your chemical makeup, relieves stress, reduces tension, brings your blood pressure and heart rate down, and so much more. 

Spend at least 30 minutes, and preferably an hour, outside, and as bare as you can. 

You are clearing out your root chakra, your earth chakra, every time you do.

Connect to the earth, and your life will open up. 

As you walk, swim, connect, carry your hematite crystal with you and repeat the following affirmations: 

“I release negative energies.” 

“I allow negative thoughts to come and go.” 

“My physical body is a gift.” 

“The earth is my energy field.” 

“I can be in the present moment.” 



Another great practice for grounding is to have a daily meditation practice that clears your chakras and roots you into the earth. 

Every morning, step out into the brightness of the day as soon as you wake up, do some gentle yoga, and then sit for 20 minutes to clear your chakras and connect. 

Set your timer for 20 minutes, hold your hematite crystal in your hand, and begin your meditation with a few minutes of “om” chants to clear space in your noisy head. 

Then, allow a fiery, dark black red energy from the earth to flow up into your root chakra and fill your body with fresh earth energy. 

Allow that energy to then flow through you, absorbing all negative energy, all poisons and toxins you have allowed in, and then allow it to flow back out, rooting you into the earth and connecting you to all of life.

Once you have done that, picture yourself solid, fully human, each body part, one by one, making up your whole of humanity. 

Feel your sense come alive, and commit to using each of those sense in nature this day. 

When you come out of meditation, promise the earth that you will have good thoughts, say good words, and do good deeds throughout your day.

Finally, honor the four corners of the earth – water, fire, air, and earth. 

Hematite Affirmations: 

“I honor the earth from which I came.” 

“I will return to the earth in peace one day.” 

“I will live my life in gratitude to the earth by enjoying this human experience.” 

“I will honor the other members of my tribe, who also come from the earth and will return to it with me.” 

Use Your Senses


Another great way to ground yourself is to fully explore all of your senses. 

Eat great food, fresh from the earth – plants, nuts, seeds, clean meat that has been fed on grass and pasture raised. 

Have great sex if you have a loving committed partner who is also a participant in this both/and experience. 

Listen to great music. 


Breathe fresh air. 

Look at beautiful art, or just the wonders of the sky. 

Really drop into the sensory human experience. 

And repeat this hematite affirmation: 

“I am here to experience it all.” 

The hematite is a powerful stone for self confidence, for deep thought, and for living in the present moment. 

These crystals can be powerful aids, and powerful affirmations can bring this grounding stone into the present moment for everything from more love in your life to pain relief and medical treatment. 

When you can be present, you have a constant flow of protective energy, excellent grounding, and meditation practice at your fingertips. 

In times of stress, give yourself quiet time as a constant reminder that you are worthy of better health, and improved self esteem and self love with a regular grounding practice. 

Your inner power is with you always on this bountiful earth serving your spirit and your physical nervous system on this physical realm. 

Happy manifesting!

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