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How to Manifest and Read Runes: 4 Simple Ways To Get What You Want

There are many tools and techniques you can use for manifestation and divination, from using a manifestation journal to lighting a manifestation candle. You may not have tried runes before, though. For some, they can seem a little intimidating, but they’re actually quite simple to read and manifest with.

My guess is you’ve seen runes before, probably on fantasy TV shows. In real life, you will often see these symbols carved into stone, wood, bone, or even glass. We often use them in spells and rituals. But do you know that you can also use this to manifest your goals and dreams? This time, I’ll be teaching you how to manifest and read runes to realize your desires.

Reading Runes for Divination

The first thing to do if you want to learn how to read runes is to understand their nature. Runes are divination tools that can help you seek advice from the universe. You can also use runes to boost your manifestation. They are special symbols, each with a unique universal energy.

One way to read a rune is called the 5-Rune Layout. To do this, you lay out the runes in a cross. Each position of the rune represents something related to your question. In this layout, the rune at the bottom symbolizes primary influences, while the one at the far left refers to problems that may impact your question. On the other hand, the rune at the far right tells the question’s immediate answer. The rune at the top indicates the things with positive influences. Lastly, the one in the middle is all about future consequences.

Using Runes for Manifestation

Runes were a magickal system before they were a form of language. Each runic symbol represents an object or force found in nature. As a magick tool, people call upon a specific force by using the appropriate rune that represents that force. There are particular types of energy that each rune has, so using the correct symbol for what you are trying to manifest is vital in rune magick. Moreover, some runes suit better for manifesting than others.

Some of the runes that work well for manifesting are Fehu, which looks like the letter F, Gebo, the rune that looks like the letter X, and Wunju, which has a similar appearance to the letter P. Fehu represents abundance, so it’s perfect in manifesting wealth. On the other hand, Gebo symbolizes partnership, making it ideal if your intentions relate to good relationships. Meanwhile, Wunju is for happiness, which you can use to bring more peace and joy in your life.

Of course, depending on what you’re manifesting, you could use other runes, too. Raidho is related to traveling, which is great for manifesting either physical or spiritual journeys. There is also Sowilo, which symbolizes sunshine. It’s often used for manifesting things that bring joy, such as a romantic interest.

The more specific you can get with your rune, the better. You’ll have a much higher chance of manifesting your desires if you find the right rune to match.

Ways to Manifest With Runes

I suggest becoming familiar with different runes and their meanings. Once you are familiar with them, you can begin using runes to manifest your goals, dreams, and aspirations. There are different ways I use Runes for manifesting, starting with:

1. Displaying the Rune in a Visible Area

Put your manifesting rune in an area where you can easily see it. It can be your meditation space, altar for rituals, or vision board. You may even put it up on your bathroom mirror as long as it is visible. Putting it where you can see the symbol helps you constantly remember and consciously manifest what you desire. At the same time, the rune being in a visible location helps its energy surround you.

2. Wearing a Rune Charm

Another of the methods I use for manifesting with runes is simply wearing it as a charm. The rune talisman can be a necklace or a bracelet. Either way, wearing your rune every day helps you be reminded of your intentions, just like when putting it in a visible area. It also similarly helps the rune’s energy surround you. The rune’s power is even more potent when worn since its energy constantly wraps around you.

3. Carving the Rune in the Manifesting Candle

Another method I recommend involves carving the rune in a candle. You can even double up on the manifestation by cutting the rune in the candle you also use for manifesting. The rune can boost your intention when you light up the candles during manifesting rituals. At the same time, the rune’s energy shrouds you whenever you light the candle.

4. Meditating With Runes

The simplest way to manifest with runes is by meditating on them. What I do is visualize the image of my manifesting rune in my mind. Make sure that you imagine it with you embodying the energy it represents. This method does not involve any tool but just your mind holding the image of the symbol. However, it still provides the same effect of giving off the rune’s energy.


Learning how to manifest and read runes is one of the incredible things you can learn as a part of a spiritual community. Runes are one of our most powerful tools, which can be used in various ways, not just for manifestation or divination.

You might have been confused about how to use them before, but I hope that you learned how enjoyable manifesting with runes is today.

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