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Understanding Heart Chakra Gemstones: 7 Crystals For All Kinds Of Love

As an integral part of the flow of the earth, human beings have the ability to add to its beauty and wholeness by living and walking in love. With our heart chakra, we are able to access empathy, love, and forgiveness, in order to put forth gratitude, peace, kindness, and to connect with others and the universe.

The heart chakra is our centerpoint of transformation, emotional regulation, boundaries, and healthy relationships. Symbolically, the heart chakra is represented by a six-pointed green star in a flower with twelve petals and it is embodied by the mantra “I love.”

As the center of the chakras, with three above and three below, the heart chakra is the unifier of both the spiritual and physical chakras, connecting the spirit and the earth. Together we can explore the heart chakra and learn how to connect with it so that you can walk in the ways of love.

Stimulated Heart Chakra

We create a reality for ourselves in which we are at peace internally, regardless of the circumstances around us. We have compassion for others, desiring peace and joy for all, and wanting the best for them.

As we focus on our heart chakras, we feel complete faith and peace consuming us, leading us, and showing us that everything, everything, will be okay.

If you’ve spent time around someone that has a balanced heart chakra, you’ve noticed this immense peace emanating from them. These are the people who make you feel at ease and at peace when you’re in their presence, the ones who make you feel comfortable. As you speak to them, you are struck by their passion for life, for their zeal and joy.

Boxed-In Heart Chakra

When one’s heart chakra is stimulated and balanced, it’s practically impossible to miss. In the same way, we can easily tell when someone’s heart chakra is blocked or boxed-in.

We may notice that they have difficulty connecting with others and they may have an overall negative feeling about life. These people often fail to see their potential and their passions are hidden. Oftentimes those with a blocked heart chakra feel lonesome and separated from others, possibly even declaring that they don’t want deep relationships or closeness.

When you are around someone with a boxed-in heart chakra, you may feel an overwhelming sadness in the atmosphere. These people wear their despair on their sleeves, often claiming that they have been dealt a life of sorrow and failure.

When one’s heart chakra is blocked, there’s a good chance it is due to their negative personal experiences. A difficult childhood, stressful situations, and feelings of guilt often weigh down on people, leading to the blocked chakra.

Die sieben Hauptchakren. The seven main chakras.

Just as we can gain a balanced heart chakra through intentional stimulation, those with a blocked heart chakra can find freedom and release using the same methods.

Gemstones for the Heart Chakra

Since the heart chakra is a unifier that connects the various parts of the whole being, heart chakra gemstones are a tool that supports and magnifies it. They are able to lead you towards a life of fulfillment and joy, helping you connect with others through peaceful, compassionate, and loving interactions.

There are abundant gemstones used to activate the heart chakra, aiding in the healing of chest and heart organs. The organs soothed by the gemtones are led by the heart chakra’s energy, which also supports emotional healing.

Gemstones help us balance our heart chakras, creating a passionate, purpose-driven life within us. If we have a blocked heart chakra, these gemstones have the ability to set us free and move us on the path towards balance. Stones that align with the heart chakra tend to be green and pink, although there are a few that have a different color range.

Here are some of the best gemstones for the heart chakra:



Green kyanite should be used before you use any specific heart chakra gemstone. It is used to bring all seven of the chakras into alignment, as well as to align you with the world around you. It is an important foundation for the heart chakra and prepares you to use the heart chakra gemstones. Once you have used kyanite, you will have heightened awareness and alignment to the truth, which makes you ready to use the individual heart chakra stones.



Bloodstone is a beautiful dark green stone with red spots throughout. It is replete with strong and powerful heart energy and is used to clear and open the spaces around your heart.

Sleep with the bloodstone under your pillow or lie down with it in the center of your chest to open your heart and let healing occur. The bloodstone will help you enter a state of clearness and rest, allowing you to get the sleep you need for restoration.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine

Another beautiful green stone used to bring balance to the heart chakra is green aventurine. It is said to bring harmony to the yin and yang, opening the person up to stepping into the full uniqueness of their being.

Wear or carry green aventurine to help you release old habits and patterns, endow you with discernment and clarity, soothe tempers and ease the feelings of pain from relationship troubles, as well as increase your own self-love.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

The light pink rose quartz is known as the crystal of universal love. It is a gentle heart stone that resonates strongly with the heart chakra, as both have a foundation of love.

You can use rose quartz for developing a deep sense of self-love, healing from past trauma, and to prepare you for welcoming connection and compassion into your life by holding the stone during meditation, wearing it around your neck, or placing it on your chest as you lie down.

Combining Crystals for Heart Chakra Blocks

It can also be a great idea to use kyanite as a foundation and then to combine bloodstone, green aventurine, and rose quartz. The three powerful crystals can help to break the strongest bonds surrounding the heart chakra, preparing you for healing and growth.

healing crystals for heart problems

To use the crystals together, place the crystals next to each other on your chest as you lie down. You can also place the bloodstone on your abdomen, the rose quartz on your forehead, and the green aventurine on your chest for whole-body clarity and healing.

As you use gemstones that align with the heart chakra, you are able to move fully into a life of joy and love. By releasing your heart chakra’s bonds and discovering balance, you will find healing and wholeness.

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