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Morning Affirmations for Women: Align Your Spirit

Morning affirmations for women are more necessary now than ever.
Women today have all kinds of challenges to face. We are still, by all accounts, the primary caretakers in our households.
We do the majority of cooking, cleaning, and caretaking of the children. Add to that that by the time we reach our forties, we are also often caring for another family member, an elderly parent or grandparent, for example.
Plus, most of us work at least part time if not full time, and many of us are the breadwinners in our households.
We need affirmations, and so much more.

Woman in morning

Morning Affirmations for Women: Self-Care Is Not Selfish

I am a woman raised by women, and every single woman I was raised by, from both of my grandmothers and all of my aunts to my very own mother, was oppressed in some way, shape, or form.
Virtually every single one of them was in a marriage that was abusive in one way or another. They all had jobs, and not a one of them practiced adequate self-care, if they practiced self-care at all.
They did not even understand the concept of self-care!
And look, self-care is not new.
For thousands of years, women raised children in villages, with the help of their villages.
We all looked after each other’s children. We cooked and cleaned together, and our men were responsible for providing shelter, food, and protection from the elements.
We shared duties.
And when we needed a break, we relied on our villages to help us.
Several societies practiced the red tent days, where women would gather during menstruation, away from the men and older children, bringing only the younger children with them.
These women rested and relaxed, caring for themselves and each other and honoring their cycles and their monthly blood.
Needless to say, we have come far from these practices.
Rebecca Campbell, in her book Rise Sister Rise, describes being so highly competitive in her job in advertising that she worked hard to ignore her monthly cycle entirely, finding herself often curled into a ball in the corner of public restroom in agonizing pain from period cramps.

Morning Affirmations for Women: Honoring the Divine Feminine

Open arms

As Campbell outlines, her problem was that she was too much in her masculine side.
Our masculine side is aggressive, competitive, productive, and in a constant state of do, go, act, give, and provide.
We as women in today’s society have lost touch with our feminine side.
Indeed, our entire society has lost touch with its feminine side, which is just one reason we are producing generations of children increasingly turning to bullying, drugs, excessive screen time, and other unhealthy and risky behaviors.
In order to reclaim the divine feminine within, it is upon women to declare ourselves women once more.
We have a lot of work to do, but it will be beneficial not just to us, but also to our men, who have also lost touch with their innate feminine as well as having overemphasized an unbalanced masculine, and to our children, and therefore to society as a whole.
Women are the leaders, we are the rulers of the world, regardless of what anyone might want to convince you otherwise.
Women, when we are in our fully balanced power, run the world. Men function to support us and uplift us. Done well, it is a beautifully harmonious relationship.
How do we honor our divine feminine?
We begin with the simple things:
Seek pleasure. Get soft. Lighten up. Loosen up. Receive. Sit still. Slow down. Be mindful.

Divine Feminine Does Not Mean Weak


Now, don’t get it twisted; this is not a call for women to get back into their homes and stay barefoot and pregnant and leave all the world to the men.
I am as strong a feminist as you can find, but feminism means choice, not force.
Somehow, along the way, women decided, along with men, that feminism meant all work and no play, all hustle and no rest.
That to be a true feminist, you had to be ambitious and work 60 hour weeks and forget all of your femininity.
It is high time we reject that silly notion and return to the heart of femininity and feminism.
We can work at our passions and raise our children with love and compassion. We can serve our communities through our professional work and serve our families through our domestic talents and skills.
And we can share all of our duties with our life partners or with the members of our village.
And if we don’t have a village, we build one.
We have all the power, and it is time we remembered that.

Morning Affirmations for Women: Stay At Home Moms

Stay at home mom

“What?! I have to work!?” You say. But you just want to be a stay-at-home mom. That is your passion.
Nonsense. No, of course you don’t have to work professionally, especially if you don’t need to work for money. But your children cannot be your only passion.
If your children and your husband and your domestic duties are your only passions, you are living an unbalanced life, and you are not practicing the self-care that will show you who you are outside of domestic life.
Your children, if all goes as it should, will grow up and move out and move on with their lives. That’s the goal!
Your husband has, or at least should have, his own interests that do not involve you.
Your house is just a house. Sure, you make it a home, but it is, in the end, just a thing. And it can become your prison if you let it.
You must find a passion outside of domestic life.
Paint, grow a garden, get into herbalism, learn yoga and teach community classes, write a blog. It does not have to be for money, but you must find your own individual passions.

Morning Affirmations for Women: Career Moms

Career mom

“What?! I have to be domestic?! But I love my work, and I am up for promotion, and my husband is fine, and my kids are in a great school.”
You love your family, but you have a career that keeps you busy, and feminism told you you can have it all!
Yes. You can. But not all at the same time.
And if the vast majority of your focus is on your career, you are unbalanced.
You need time to receive, to be still, to nourish, to nurture.
Every single one of us has a feminine side, especially women, and if you ignore it, it will explode in your face.
Your family needs you, your children need their mother, and your home deserves to be cared for.
You built a family for a reason, to be a part of it. Now you must devote some of your time to actually being a part of it.
This is not a guilt trip, it is a gentle reminder that you wanted this, and now you are in danger of losing it if you don’t slow down and embrace your divine feminine.

Tips and Morning Affirmations for Women


None of what I am saying will come as a surprise to you. You are reading this blog for a reason.
You already knew something was off.
You might not like reading it or hearing it out loud, but you needed this truth in your life.
And look, you don’t have to overhaul your life.
I am certainly not telling you to quit your job you love or to go to work if you don’t want to or have to.
I am telling you that you will have a happier, more restful, more joyful life, if you embrace your divine feminine, which begins with self-care and honoring yourself first.
You can take a few small steps to get there, and you will soon find your intuition pulling you in the direction that is right for you.

Morning Meditation

The very first step to take toward connecting with your divine feminine is to wake up before everyone else in your household, while the world is still quiet, and sit in meditation.
Sit with yourself for 20 minutes, with no distractions, and quiet your mind.
Find you inner peace, and allow Source Energy to flow through you, to remind you of who you are.
This is the single most positive and powerful thing you can do for yourself, your family, and the world.
Morning affirmation:
“I am one with the Universe. The Universe has my back. I am the divine feminine. And I embrace my feminine side.”

Soft Pleasure

The next thing you can do throughout your day to connect to your inner feminine is to seek small pleasures.
Eat delicious food that nourishes your body. Take walks that make you feel alive. Rest, nap, sleep so that you feel in touch with your body.
And yes, if you are in a happy, healthy relationship, have sex! Orgasms are a huge part of regulating your system and connecting to the divine. Think about it. When are you more present and grounded than during an orgasm?
Morning affirmation:
“I am worthy of pleasure. I came into this life to feel good.”


And finally, get receptive. Allow people to help you. Allow your husband to serve you and please you.
Say yes.
This is one of the most difficult things for women today to practice, but it is essential to the feminine. We must allow others to give to us.
Morning affirmation:
“I am open and receptive to all the universe provides, including through other humans in my experience.”
Happy manifesting!

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