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What Divine Feminine Is And How It’s Connected To Divine Masculine

You’ve probably heard about it on a website or on a social media platform. You keep seeing people say that you must embrace the divine feminine.  

Now you might have heard that we all have divine feminine energy.  

But what is divine feminine energy?  

the divine feminine

👩‍🎤 Divine Feminine Energy 

Okay, let’s start with energy.  

Before you can understand divine feminine, and by contrast divine masculine, energy, you must understand the basic principles of energy.  

Everything is energy.  

Before there was energy, there was nothing.  

Deepak Chopra and Astrophysicist Menas Kafatos spell this concept out quite nicely in their book You Are the Universe.  

We cannot even conceive of the nothingness that existed before there was energy because our imaginations must imagine something. The very idea of nothingness is anathema to our brains and our minds.  

Floating in darkness?  

Nope. Darkness is still something to imagine. Darkness has energy.  

Energy really is in every single thing, every single idea, every single image in our minds.  

Einstein even proved to us inanimate objects are also energy. The energy is simply so sped up that it looks like it is in solid form.  

The discussions around energy are fascinating. But what does all that have to do with spirituality and the divine feminine?  

⚡️ Source Energy 

If everything is energy, and, as most scientists in the quantum field will tell us, thought precedes form, then consciousness had to have existed before humans did.  

A consciousness exists that “thought” all matter into existence.  

The planets, the stars, the sun, even the darkness, black holes, and whatnot.  

woman and moon

This consciousness is so intensely intelligent that it conceived of and brought into reality a beautifully, “intelligently” designed universe that functions as it does, with a sun that powers the planets, a perfectly positioned earth that is the exact distance from the sun to sustain life, with a moon that controls our waters.  

That consciousness also then created the very first life forms on earth, fungus, and then every life form that sprung to life after that, plant, animal, and human.  

Evolution is also a creation, another aspect of intelligent design.  

Imagine creating a life form that will not only survive and reproduce but become stronger and more capable over time in ways that allow it to adapt, shift, and take on new shapes and forms.  

And all of this matter that was created, that was brought into form, was made from the same stuff: stardust.  

All life on earth is formed from the same material as the earth itself.  

And all of that life, all creation animate and inanimate, is imbued with energy that all comes from the same source.  


Or, as Abraham Hicks calls it, Source Energy.  

And as many religions call it, God.  

⚖️ Balanced Energy 

Now, throughout history, across cultures, and in all of nature, we notice a similarity in balanced energy.  

Order and Chaos.  

Scientists who refute intelligent design point to the chaos that occurs in nature, creations that spring to life without explanation, disruptions in patterns, and so on.  


And the scientists who speak of intelligent design point to the natural order across the universe, the rhythms, and patterns, repeating cycles, and symbolism.  

So, much like the nature versus nurture conversation, we can see that both are correct.  

It seems silly, really, when you think about it to deny one in favor of the other.  

We must have both order and chaos.  

Jordan Peterson notes in his book 12 Rules for Life that we need both. That without order, we would be lost in a constantly changing world without structure, process, and steps for life. 

We can see this evident in babies’ natural needs as they grow. They need stability and predictability. They thrive in an environment where they know what to expect.  

Wake up. Breakfast. Play. Lunch. Nap. More play Dinner. Bath time. Reading time. Bedtime.  

Likewise, he notes, we would be stagnant and stuck in ruts, incapable of growth, if we only had order. The predictable inevitably becomes boring. We need something new, something fresh; we need to be inspired.  

So we break out, we shake things up, and we try something new.  

There is a period of disruption, discomfort, perhaps pain and suffering if we are resistant, and then we accept what is, the new normal, and we settle into a new routine, new order.  

We need both.  

Masculine and Feminine 

Those two universal energies are defined as masculine and feminine.  

They are defined as such by many different civilizations – think of dark and light, of yin and yang, of man and woman (metaphorically).  

In many ancient stories, a man like Adam in the Christian bible is a rule follower, structured and stable. The man loves a woman like Eve, who is curious and creative, hungry for the new and slightly dangerous.  

Adam and Eve are not people. They never were. They are energies. They always will be.  

We all have Adam and Eve within us.  

Think of the angel and the devil on your shoulder. It’s not good versus evil. It’s masculine and feminine. It’s fear and love. It’s ego and spirit.  

These variations are all representations of the two basic energies we are all always working with.  

And constantly guiding and loving them both, or them all, is the consciousness, Source Energy.  

Divine masculine energy is order, structure, rules, stability, and safety.  

When they work together, in balance, under the guidance of Source Energy, anything is possible.  

Divine feminine means chaos, creativity, curiosity, challenge, rebellion, and danger.  

🎀 Divine Feminine Energy 

Divine femininity is the energy of creation.

In today’s daily life, far too many of us are in our masculine most of the time.  

This is why it is critical to understand that masculine and feminine energies have little to do with biological sex.  


Sure, women throughout history have naturally had more feminine energy. We are sensual, nurturers, inclusive creators, and we challenge what is to bring to life what can be.  

But quite often, we bow to the will of the men in our lives who, by the fact that they have superior physical strength, have become unbalanced in their own masculine energies.  

What should be stability and support, uplifting and empowering, strength to provide and protect, becomes energy that forces and enforces, abuses, and oppresses.  

So, to challenge that imbalance, women have embraced their own masculine to an unbalanced proportion either to fight against men or to compete against them.  

So what should be sensual becomes tawdry.

What should be matriarchal and inclusive becomes patriarchal and exclusionary.  

Hillary Clinton is our modern-day unbalanced female, the woman most high-powered, ambitious women seek to emulate.  

This is not a judgment against Ms. Clinton. She has risen to unspeakable heights for a woman in western society, and who knows, we may still call her Madame President one day.  

But she is not in her divine feminine.  

Like most of us.  

This is the nature of the human experience, and we human beings have been at it for a long time.

She works long hours, exacts strict punishment, calls for war, and scoffs at the ideas of nurturing domestic duties.  

Even many stay-at-home moms find themselves deeply in their masculine, bowing to the pressure to cook, clean, run errands, run kids around, and be all things to all people.  

It is breaking us.  

We cannot hear our inner goddess, our inner voice, and we are stuck in this physical world, rejecting divine light.

And, of course, it is not our fault. This is where society has come.  

But it is, of course, our responsibility to recognize it, reach out to our higher self, and make the necessary shifts in the best ways.   

🤗 Embracing the Divine Feminine 

Megan Watterson recently wrote a culminating piece on Mary Magdalene, the female apostle of Jesus Christ reduced to merely a prostitute in modern interpretations of the bible.  

She shows us how much weaker we make Jesus without the love of his life.  

She notes that he is only half as strong as he could be if we had shown him with his feminine half.  

Mary Magdalene was the one Jesus chose to reveal himself to first upon his resurrection, after all.  

And it was the three Marys, the Virgin Mary, her sister, also named Mary, and Mary Magdalene, in Jesus’ life that accompanied him to his crucifixion. Not a single male apostle of the 12 was present.  

When we fail to embrace our feminine, especially we women, we are mere shadows of ourselves, in a constant state of productivity and mindless rule following.  

Self love affirmations

We stagnate and become shadows of ourselves.  

Then, when we step into our divine feminine side, we come alive, seeing life for just what it is, just how much is truly possible.  

💝 How to Be More Divine Feminine

If you’re ready to embrace your divine feminine qualities and find wholeness in your life, there are a few simple steps for this spiritual journey.  

The first and most important is to become receptive. The feminine is an open receiver. She allows, she acknowledges the difference, and she remains curious.  

Loosen up.  One great way to do this is to spend time with mother nature.

The second step is to seek sensual pleasure. Try new, rich foods. Drink strong teas. Walk barefoot in the grass. Scream in the woods. Use all of your senses every day. Feel.  

And finally, soften.  

The divine feminine is soft. She is gentle. She is warm. She flows and eases her way through life.  

Allow yourself this, and your life will change in what seems like an instant.  

Happy manifesting! 

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