Birthday Affirmations for a Friend

Birthday affirmations are the nicest gifts you can give a friend.

Remember what Maya Angelou said: “People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

When you choose the right words, you can make someone feel amazing, and that is a gift far better than any material object.

The Power of Birthdays


The date of a person’s birth holds far more power than most of us realize.

In the spiritual world of the law of attraction and the knowledge that we live in an infinitely wise, powerful, and loving universe, we know that we are gods in human form.

What do I mean?

Well, in the beginning, there was only God. Not God like you see on television or movies, not like the God you read about in the Bible or the Koran.

Remember that all books and all religions were created by men with a limited capacity for understanding, communicating, and conceiving.

Were those books and religions inspired by a divine source? Sure. I believe they were.

But all divine source energy must be filtered through the human channel. And humans, as we know, are flawed.

So while you can glean amazing insights into the universe and our divine creator in these books and religions, they are also necessarily littered with humanity and all of its persecutions, judgments, and limitations.

When I say God, I am referring to the genderless, sexless, purely loving, infinitely wise energy that existed before all else.

That energy that created all we see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and even think.

Most people, up to this point, are with me.

But when I say we are gods, I lose a lot of people.


Abraham Hicks


In all of my wandering, reading, listening, and learning, I have not come across another person, living or dead, who so completely captured the beauty of God as Abraham Hicks.

Abraham Hicks entered the scene as a channeled spirit with their human channel, Esther Hicks, back in the 1980s.

They have been teaching the law of attraction and all of its extensive complexities, made simple, for decades, and yet they have remained relatively hidden among the modern day psychics and prophets, gurus and healer among us.

Indeed, I remember years ago when my mother had stage IV cancer, my sister bought her the DVD The Secret.

We had grown up in my household learning about the science of the mind, a religion very reminiscent of the teachings of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, and we were blown away that here was this modern day version of these esoteric concepts.

That you have the power to manifest anything you want. All you have to do is focus on what you want.

The problem?

Well, at first I did not think there was one.

Until years later when I found Abraham Hicks. My mother, fully recovered by now, and I were checking out a YouTube video that featured Esther Hicks channeling Abraham and teaching the audience all we had essentially learned over several decades through the science of the mind.

I was enthralled.

Months later, I tripped upon an Abraham video wherein an audience member asked about the one thousand copies of the DVD The Secret in Australia that featured Abraham Hicks.

“What?!” My mind was blown. Abraham Hicks was in The Secret.

As it turns out, Rhonda Byrne, herself from Australia, how discovered Abraham Hicks and learned all about “The Secret” from them.

She had an idea to create this video and then a book based on Abraham’s teachings.

The problem?

Abraham teaches that we are god. That we hold all the power within us. That there is no mysterious being granting our wishes. It is the god within us that calls down all the power of the universe to do our bidding. We work with the universe from which we came to create and expand, always.

Rhonda and her producers decided that the people were not ready to hear that.

Indeed, it was far better, in their minds, that people simply continue to believe in a great mysterious being in the sky responding to our wishes.

woman and moon

Esther Hicks refused to leave out what she saw as the actual secret from The Secret, and so she parted ways with Rhonda, and Abraham and all affiliations were cut from the DVD that was released around the world in millions of copies.

People simply do not want to hear that they are the gods they have been waiting for. You are the god you are praying to. You are praying to your inner being, which is inextricably linked to that great consciousness that has existed since the beginning of time.

They want a figure to pray to. An idol. A guru. A prophet.

But all figures, idols, gurus, and prophets can do is translate the communication they receive from their own inner being. And each of us has our own inner being, our own intuition, and our own intention. So what those people say will not always resonate or work for us.

Birthday Affirmations for a Friend: Birthdates Are Powerful

Birthdates are powerful precisely because of how powerful we are.

You see, before we were human, we existed in spirit form, as energy, a part of Source Energy.

As an individual spirit, we existed to create and expand, so we chose to come into this human experience to do just that – create and expand.

But we have been human many times before, we have existed for millions of years in various forms and versions of ourselves.

So we are seeking new experiences, new learning opportunities, new ways to expand as our embodied selves.

As such, we set our intentions before becoming human, and the result of setting those intentions is our date of birth, our place of birth, our gender and sex, our parents, our siblings, and so on.

All of those realities, the ones we are born into, will work to allow us to meet our own intentions.

“No.” You say. “I would never have chosen this life. I would never have chosen that father. Why would children choose to be born blind, disabled, to abusive parents?” And so on and so on.

But these rejections, this resistance, is a result of our limited human minds.

Remember, in our infinite wisdom, we knew all consequences, all outcomes, all possibilities. We set ourselves up in the ideal situation to fulfill our very own will, as it was in spirit form.

Understanding your date of birth, and celebrating all of its attached circumstances, will help your bring great things into your life, know that you are in the right place, and welcome inner peace and ongoing discoveries of love. It will also help you offer birthday affirmations for a friend.

Helping someone else reach this place with positive affirmations is one of the best birthday gifts you can give someone on the first day of another hopeful year.

Birthday Affirmations for a Friend

When offering birthday affirmations for a friend, always begin by congratulating them on a wonderful life. Then proceed with gratitude and bright blessings.

“Congratulations on this wonderful life you have built.” This rings true on all levels because they have made a series of choices that have led to this physical reality they are living now, but also because they made choices in spirit form to be born on this day.

“Thank you for your friendship. I am thrilled to be part of this celebration of life.” This affirmation lets your friend know you feel fortunate to be their friend and that their whole life matters to you.

“You are king of the world today. May you experience physical health and have great faith in your body to serve you.” You can of course replace “king” with “queen.” This one encourages your friend to be empowered in their body.

“You have a great life because of you, your choices, and your hard work and faith in the universe to always have your back. Be selfish today.” Here, you are giving your friend credit for where they are in life, both physically and spiritually.

You are also letting them know that it is not only okay but expected to go within and meet their own needs, wants, and desires.

“It’s the little things that bring on a great life. And I have been delighted to watch you do so many amazing little things. Happy birthday.” Finally, you can let your friend know that you have been admiring them for as long as you have known them, and that you truly see them and all they have done. It is a huge complement and a reinforcement to keep going on this amazing path they are on.

Remember to write these affirmations down for your friend in a nice card so they can cherish your words always. This will be one of those cards that people save their whole lives and look back on years from now.

Happy manifesting!

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