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Protections Affirmations for Your Overall Health

If you’ve been stressed out and worried about your security, your safety, or your general well being, protection affirmations can be a tremendous help.

Protection affirmations work, without a doubt, but they will not work alone.

So it’s important to get really clear on the proper steps to take for your own protection, to keep yourself safe and well.

Safe Woman

The Universe Has Your Back

The issue of protection can be a tricky one because it is based in fear, and fear is a negative emotion. The universe, remember, speaks in energy, not in words, so it is incumbent upon the person making affirmations to channel the correct energy.

A few things to understand before you begin casting spells, which is essentially what you are doing when you write or speak affirmations:

  1. The Law of Attraction
    The first thing to understand is the way the law of attraction works.

An unbreakable, unwavering law without exceptions, the law of attraction states that you attract what you are and that energy is everything.

When we say that the universe speaks in energy, not in words, it is to clear up the confusion many people have when they think they are asking for something.

They say, for example, “I want to be rich!” But their energy in their body, mind, and spirit, says “I hate being poor! I am so poor. Why am I so poor?”

The universe is responding to the energy, not the words. So the law of attraction automatically sends you more opportunities to be poor, to see how poor you are, and to continue feeling poor.

The nice thing is that you do have a sort of buffer between your thoughts and what you get. You must continually focus your energy on something for the law of attraction to send it your way.

So you don’t have to worry about every single thought in your head manifesting into physical reality.

Just be mindful of where you put your attention.


When it comes to protection, this means your focus must be on how safe and protected you already are, rather than how scared you are, which is the typical energy of someone seeking protection.

  1. You Are God
    This aspect of manifesting is a critical component. It is the reason so few people actually actively manifest.

They do not understand that they are the gods they have been waiting for, praying to and that as such, we have no real need of protection affirmations.

Here’s the deal: in the beginning, there was a great consciousness. All of creation is an extension of that consciousness. Therefore, it must be that you are an extension of that consciousness.’

Not merely a creation, a thing to be made and discarded, loved or hated, but actually an extension.

If everything is energy, and physics can now definitively tell us that it is, then the energy that created us is also in us. The great consciousness, “God,” and our consciousness are inextricably linked.

We were one with God before we became human, and that energy is still part of us.

Think of God, or Source Energy, as a liquid. Our consciousness is a drop of that liquid poured into a poured into a human body and therefore limited by our human limitations.

But, limited though we are, we are still animated and energized by that original Source Energy.

  1. God Is Love
    My favorite lesson in all of my years of studying and embodying spirituality has been that God is Love.

Not like, oh our God is a loving God. No.

God is literally Love. When you think of the deepest, most genuine, most unconditional love, that is God.

It’s tough sometimes because humans have all of our own negative emotions, thoughts, and experiences, so we cannot truly conceive of this kind of Love. But it is incredibly heartening to know that it exists in us, that we came from it, and that we will return to it when we die.

  1. Negativity Is Exclusive to Humans
    Right, so when you are asking for protection, you are asking for protection of your human self, or of the human self of another, from another human being or another human experience.

This is a critical part of asking for protection, understanding that negativity, fear, hatred, pain, shame, worry, anxiety, depression, all of that, is exclusive to humans.

Before we became human, we were pure love. When we return to Source Energy after these bodies die, we release all negativity and return to pure love.
It is a lightbulb moment upon our death: “Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

So know that when you are seeking protection, you are speaking in purely human terms.

Nothing can harm, damage, or kill your spirit.

  1. Protection Is an Illusion
    Knowing all of this, you can understand how protection is an illusion.

You have nothing to fear.

You are a god.

You cannot be stopped, hurt, damaged, or killed. Only your body can.

Still, it is fair enough to say that you want to keep your human body safe, or the human bodies of your children or other loved ones safe.

mother and daughter

Protection is only an illusion insomuch as all of life is an illusion.

Life is, after all, but a dream.

  1. Detachment Is Key
    Thus, potentially the greatest first step to protecting your human body and becoming fully and totally well in this life is detaching from the illusion.

Recognize that you came here with your own set of intentions, and recognize that so too did every other single being on the earth.

As a mother, it is helpful for me to remember the Khalil Gibran poem “On Children.”

An excerpt from the poem goes as follows:

“Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

I remind myself of this poem every time I worry for my children and start up with protection affirmations for protections for them.

Indeed, this part of the poem is one of my most powerful affirmations for protection for my children.

Reminding myself that they do not belong to me, that they came with their own intentions, and that I cannot extend their lives or stop their lives outside of their own wills and our soul contracts with each other.

Soul Contracts: Protection Affirmations

Remember that we are one with every single creation on earth, off earth, and across the universe. We are but a small part of all creation.

And we reunite with all the spirit forms that reside inside of the human bodies we encounter in this life after death.

And some of the humans we have encountered in past lives and will encounter in future lives are not part of our human experience this time around.

Part of our relationship to other spirits involves soul contracts; we make agreements when we are in spirit form to meet in this human life and complete some form of experience together.

This agreement may include life and death sorts of agreements.

We agree to be involved in each other’s lives and in each other’s deaths.

Neutral and Detached: Protection Affirmations

woman outside

Remember, the universe is neutral and detached from judgement and negativity. A basic concept of the science of the mind is that “nothing is good or bad except that thinking makes it so.”

This can be a tough concept to accept when we think about all the awful things that occur in the human experience across the globe. There is some real, serious evil that takes place.

But keep in mind that “evil” is a human concept. We release this when we die.

And all negativity exists merely to provide contrast.

When we see what we do not want, we are inspired to take action.

Unfortunately, we forget that our actions lead to more actions, as per the law of attraction, so if negative actions motivate us to take more negative action, rather than inspiring us to take positive action, then we are looping into a cycle of negativity, with perpetuates and grows.

Protection Affirmations

self love

Now you see, if you are seeking protection affirmations, the key is to believe that you are already protected.

Some simple protection affirmations would be:

“The universe has my back.”
“I am always safe and protected.”
“I am not alone.”
“I am surrounded by love.”

To get a bit more complex, you could affirm something like:

“I am strong, smart, and capable.”

This one reminds you that you are always being lovingly guided by an infinitely wise and powerful universe that is the epitome of Love.

With this love guiding you, when you tap into your intuition, you will always take steps toward your highest good, and nothing can harm even your human body from that place.

You can absolutely move through life with positivity and joy in your heart; you don’t have to experience contrast and negativity to see what you don’t want. You can simply stay aligned with spirit and remain healthy, wealthy, and wise throughout your life.

You just have to keep your focus there.

It really is that easy. And that difficult.

Happy manifesting!

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