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What are Psychic Signs Someone is Thinking of You?: Ringing Ears and an Itchy Nose

Have you ever wondered why you’ve experienced some of the strange phenomena or if you can feel someone thinking about you? If so, you’re far from alone.

Several psychic signs might indicate that someone has you on their mind. Best of all, these signs are something that you have to be a psychic expert to see and understand.

First, let’s talk about what these psychic messages actually are. Let’s dive in.

What is a psychic phenomenon?

In parapsychology, a psychic phenomenon is one that appears to go against physical laws and is likely caused by something outside the natural order. It’s also called telepathy, second sight, clairvoyance, or extrasensory perception (ESP).

There is no concrete explanation for these feelings or events with the scientific knowledge we have now. In fact, its actual cause or relation to the natural world is completely unknown.

Feeling like you’re being watched or that someone is looking at you is one such example. It’s pretty standard for most people to experience this.

It’s one of our many senses (since we have many more than five) and tied to that feeling of someone coming into the same room as you. You can tell when someone is there.

Another example of this is knowing when someone is thinking about you. When you can’t seem to stop thinking about someone, they’ve likely got you on their minds as well.

Many suggestions and signs from the universe can help you know when someone is thinking about you. Here are the top things to look for when you feel like someone is thinking about you.

Spiritual & Psychic Signs You’re On Someone’s Mind

Random Sneezes

A sudden bout of sneezing can signify someone is thinking about you. When you can’t explain it with a cold or allergies, someone might have you on their mind.

In many Asian cultures, the number of sneezes is actually significant. One sneeze means someone thinks positively about you.

Sneezing twice suggests someone has negative thoughts about you. Three sneezes could mean that the thinker in question is in love with you.


Burning or Tingling Ears

Frequently, our bodies adjust or change to things around us without any conscious idea of why. For instance, we often can’t find a reason for our ears to start burning or itching randomly.

In fact, these scenario is so common that it’s become a widely heard superstition. Burning ears can be a solid sign that someone is speaking about you or even just saying your name.

Randomly Getting the Hiccups

A Russian superstition says that a hiccup attack out of nowhere can signify that someone is thinking about you.

There’s no real way to get rid of the hiccups most of the time. You just have to wait.

However, this superstition claims that if the hiccups are caused by someone thinking about you, saying that person’s name is the only way to get rid of them.

With this sign, not only will you know that someone is thinking about you, but you’ll also know who it was. Once you finally get rid of those hiccups anyway.

Eye Twitches or Tingles

Have you ever had an eye randomly start twitching? There doesn’t appear to be a genuine cause for the sudden itch or twitch in many cases.

Several superstitions and cultural meanings of eye twitching exist worldwide. One of which is a person having you take up space in their head rent-free.

According to those same superstitions, the eye that’s twitching can also tell you something.

For men, the left eye freaking out could mean someone thinking negatively about you. In contrast, the right eye wiggling means they have positive thoughts about you. For women, it’s the opposite.

This, of course, is an older tradition, so it doesn’t account for non-binary folks. Rude.

Feeling Like You’ve Been Touched

It can be bizarre when you’re alone and suddenly feel someone touching you like a hand on your shoulder or brushing your shoulder.

But this might just be a spiritual sign that someone is thinking about you, so there is no need to worry.

Typically, these more intimate sensations suggest that you have a strong emotional connection to one who’s got you on their mind.

They’re in Your Dreams

What’s going on in your personal life can often affect your dreams. Our stressors, significant events, or overwhelming emotions frequently play a role in our dream stories.

However, one interpretation of dreaming about someone is that they are thinking about you while they are awake. Or maybe they are even dreaming about you in return!

Random or Sudden Mood Swings

When a mood swing can’t be explained by something logical or physical, it could be a sign that someone is thinking of you.

Some superstitions state that mood swings are your body’s physical reaction when someone has you in their thoughts. The mood you experience is supposed to reflect the type of thought the person has.

So, you get angry if they’re upset with you or happy if they think of you fondly.

Choking or Coughing Mid-Meal

Choking a bit or suddenly coughing during your meal can mean someone is also thinking about you. Many superstitions assert that your mind can experience tension created by someone’s thoughts about you, making it difficult to swallow when you’re eating or drinking.

You Get Goosebumps

Many people can get goosebumps because of what they’re thinking or feeling. Some can even get goosebumps when they listen to music. 

Exhilarating moments or scary images can make our hair stand on end and give us goosebumps.

If none of that is going on and you get goosebumps unexpectedly, it can mean someone is thinking about you positively. They may even be thinking about how attracted to you they are or how much they like you romantically.

When someone has you on their mind, their thoughts can make their way into your subconscious mind as energy transmissions. As your subconscious becomes aware of the energy, it’s said that you’ll get goosebumps. 

So, when you get goosebumps for no apparent (and it’s not cold), it can signify that someone loves you and is having sweet thoughts about you and maybe even missing you.

A Butterfly Swings By You

Butterflies have a wide breadth of symbolism, and seeing one can have different meanings. The afterlife and spiritual rebirth are common associations.

As such, it’s believed that if a butterfly lands on you, someone important in your life who’s passed beyond the veil is thinking of you.

You See a White Feather

A white feather can represent dreams coming true. So imagine this.

You’re thinking about someone, longing for them even, and hoping they’re thinking about you. Then, you see a white feather.

Bam! They’re thinking about you too.

White feathers are also frequently associated with the afterlife and angels, suggesting that someone you loved who passed is thinking about you when you find a white feather.

Serendipity or Synchronicity

Synchronicities are coincidences that offer insight and meaning. Often, they can seem random but have an underlying commonality and symbolism.

For instance, if you have a thought about someone and then they message you, or you hear a song that reminds you of them, it’s synchronicity. They’re signs that someone is thinking about you.

If you also have a serendipitous event, like struggling for weeks to find a book you want to buy for someone and suddenly seeing it, it could mean they’re thinking of you. That energy boost helped you find the perfect gift for them.

You Get a Message From Them

Don’t overlook this fairly obvious sign. If you get a message from someone, they’re thinking about you.

You might often wonder what someone is up to, and then seemingly out of the blue, they’ll message you. Your energies were in sync, and you were thinking about each other.

Hence, the perfectly timed message.

They Randomly Pop Into Your Mind

That sudden thought of someone you haven’t touched base with in a long while can mean they’re thinking of you. Maybe you should reach out to them?

A Tarot Indicates It

A three-card tarot spread can offer some insight if you’re thinking about someone and want to see if they’re returning the favor. The cards can even reveal whether or not this person is thinking about you favorably or negatively and a basic idea of their thoughts.

Angel Numbers Start Appearing

Angel numbers are repeating numbers and the universe’s messages directly to you. Different numbers mean various things, but every number offers essential spiritual guidance.

Suppose you keep noticing a particular numerical sequence as you travel throughout your day. In that case, it could mean someone has you on their mind.

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