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Angel Number 111 Meaning: Manifestation, Love, and Optimism

Angel numbers are a big part of a deepening spiritual practice, and the 111 angel number is a big part of angel numbers.  


angel number 111

What are Angel Numbers?

The concept of angel numbers hails from the ancient practice of numerology, a science that dates back thousands of years, even before the philosopher Pythagoras, from Ancient Greece, “proved” it. 

Babylonians, a thousand years before Pythagoras, who led mathematics and music movements around 500 BCE, had also been drawing on knowledge of numbers to understand humans and life as we know it.  

There is great mystery and secrecy surrounding many of these ancient teachings. Much of that mystery is due to the fact that most people cannot comprehend the real secret behind life as we know it.  

pythagorean theory

That we are the gods we have been searching for.  

“Angel numbers” are just another term we use to place responsibility and, therefore, culpability for our actions and our destinies outside of ourselves.  

The idea behind angel numbers is that we have “angels” sending us messages from beyond the physical world that will help us understand our lives and our destined paths.  

Typically, angel numbers come in repetitions of the same number, like 555, 666, 333, or, in the case of today’s discussion, 111.  

You Are God 

angel numbers and god

I love angel numbers, and I think they are a great way of recognizing your own awakening; my only problem with it is the big hidden secret behind it all.  

I struggled with religion and even mental science for many years because I allowed this “secret” to be hidden away from me for so long.  

There is a huge leap of faith required to believe that “angels” are watching over you, that “God” is guiding you, or that any sentient being beyond the physical world plays any role in your life.  

If you are of logical mind, and I always have been, it is much easier to simply renounce all religion, deny the existence of a god, and call yourself an atheist.  

Except that it there is clearly much more to life than the physical.  

There are energies and inexplicable occurrences that take place every single day.  

Like angel numbers.  

And calling it all “coincidence” or “superstition” is also not logical or scientific.  

There is an explanation for everything willing to keep looking, keep at it, and not give up.  

But you have to be willing to go deep, to step outside of your comfort zone, and to suspend disbelief for brief moments while it all comes together.  

what do angel numbers mean

Books like You Are the Universe, by spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and Astrophysicist Menas Kafatos, help connect the dots between the material and the metaphysical world by showing the beginning of time as pure consciousness.  

Because nothing can be created from nothing.  

Thus, we had to have been nothing but consciousness, which then created everything we now conceive of with our consciousness.  

Further, everything that has consciousness has to have been created from that consciousness, and everything created must be imbued with the same energy as the creator.  

Thus, we are one and the same as the consciousness that created us.  

With that in mind, we can look to ancient religious texts, including the Bible, to interpret symbolically the meaning of “God created man in His own image.”  

What does 111 mean spiritually and in the Bible?

We can read the story of Jesus as merely one example of God coming to earth in the form of a human.  

When Jesus says, “all these things I do you will do and far greater,” he is telling us that we are all alike in that we are all extensions of God.  

We are the Universe having a human experience.  

We are God.  

The holy trinity, then, is merely an interpretation of our three sides, the human, the spirit, and the larger consciousness we all belong to.  

111 Angel Number as Messages from God 

is 111 a message from god

When you can accept all of that, and trust me, I know it is a gross oversimplification, but this is, after all, just a short blog, not a long book. For more, you will actually have to read the books, meditate, pray, listen to podcasts, and experience it all for yourself.  

This is a taste.  

Abraham Hicks notes that those of us even willing to have these conversations are on the leading edge, a mere 3% of the human population.  

Most would rather either blindly accept the tenets of their religions or boldly declare themselves atheists.  

Or live in the “I have no idea space.”  

One of the biggest things to realize when you begin and continue on with your awakening is that you are the god you have been seeking. And that those “angels” are your higher consciousness and your ancestors still in spirit form communicating with you.  

When I see 111, what is the universe trying to tell me?

Once you accept that we are all one, that we are all connected, and that all energy outside of the human experience is loving and neutral, you can see how your higher self, the bigger part of you that you were before you poured a small part of yourself into this human body, is always leading you, guiding you, and delivering what you most desire.  

111 angel number

Further, you have dozens of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so on who have not yet returned to the human experience after their most recent death, who are also guiding you.  

Remember, in our god space, we are all-powerful, all-knowing, and omnipresent. We know everything, can see everything, can do everything and can be everywhere at all times.  

Pretty cool superpower, huh?  

Obviously, we do not carry those powers fully into our human experience.  


Well, there is great value in limitation.  

Are angels really speaking to me with angel numbers?

Think of it as a video game of sorts. You are experiencing joys and pains you cannot experience as an all-powerful, unstoppable, all-knowing spirit self.  

The purpose of the universe is expansion, and the best possible way to achieve expansion is to experience the limitations of humanity.  

But, our saving grace in this human experience is that we always have access to those beings.  

Those “angels.”  

Angel numbers, then, are “angel” messages from our higher self and the other spirits looking out for us.  

Our “God,” if you will, you can see “God” as the loving energy we all come from and are still extensions of.  

111 Angel Number Messages 

111 angel number messages

The meaning of angel number 111 is a powerful one.  

Why do you keep seeing the number 111?

If you note 111 showing up in your life repetitively and in various ways, you are getting a combination of the number 1, which in numerology stands for independence, self-sufficiency, strength, and leadership, and 11, which represents infinity, the higher self, and deepening spirituality.  

You have begun a spiritual journey that you can lead yourself through and potentially even lead others through.  

You are beginning to recognize your god power, your connection to the Universe, and the Universe is acknowledging that awareness.  

Angels and Spirit Guides

You are on the right path, headed in the right direction, and good things and new opportunities are right in front of you, waiting to be grasped.  

It is now up to you to reach out.  

Is 111 a lucky number?

111 is a powerful number with great implications for your life and your path, but you must continue on. You must stay awake and take direct action every day to keep on this path.  

It is very easy to fall off.  

Confronting the Shadow Self 

confront your shadow self with angel numbers

And fall off, you will.  

As you journey through this awakening, witnessing that 111 number sequence, use it as fuel to keep you going forward, to make positive changes in your life, and to hold onto and continue to manifest positive thoughts.  

You will likely experience periods of loneliness along the way.  

This is normal for anyone going through a spiritual awakening.  

What should I do if I see the angel number 111?

111 shows up to tell you to stick with it and that you are not, ever, alone.  

This is where you will confront your shadow self – the ego, the past trauma, the doubt, the shame – and you will have to pull from your inner strength to move through it.  

Remember you are not here to fight, not to kill the ego (we need our egos, regardless of what a big pain in the butt they can be), or to be “battling,” “struggling,” or even healing forever.  

You came here for joy.  

angel number 111

It can be scary to step outside of your comfort zone, the “ignorance is bliss” phase of life, and to step into enlightenment, which is an ongoing journey of leveling up and up and up.  

But once you surrender to it, it can be even more blissful than ignorance.  

Whatever you experience, the pain of getting uncomfortable, or the joy of witnessing your desires manifest in front of your eyes, keep in mind that this is all part of it.  

All of it.  

How do I use the angel number 111 to manifest?

In order to manifest when you see the number 111, set intentions to come into your human body with these limitations and find your higher self along the way so you can overcome and surpass most of those limitations.  

You have guardian angels in your corner, ready to wipe out negative thoughts, improve your love life, show you spiritual meaning, and help you get out of a bad relationship, into a new relationship, and even find your soul mate with a fresh start! 

You are worthy of positive things, and your higher power sends you each important message as a good sign that you can trust your inner wisdom and take that new path.

How can I use the angel number 111 in a good way?

Pay close attention to the repeating number 111 and keep your positive affirmations and positive thinking in line with your life purpose. You have the law of attraction on your side as a divine sign that your daily life is in line with the holy spirit. 

You are exactly where you need to be.  

Now you just have to know it.  

Happy manifesting! 

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