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Tarot Card Cleansing Prayer

Tarot cleansing prayers are a great way to clear the energy from your cards and crystals. They can also be used to clear your deck of negative energy or to heal yourself during a reading.

It’s a good idea to get rid of the negative energies in a new tarot deck for a more accurate reading as well.

The first thing you do when cleansing your cards is to gather them together. You can do this in a large pile on the table or separate them into piles by suit or color if you have more than one deck.

(Most of these techniques work with an oracle deck as well, so don’t forget to cleanse your oracle cards!)

What is a Tarot Cleansing Prayer?

Prayers are used to cleanse your tarot deck in between each tarot reading to promote a positive flow of energy that will allow you to receive messages from the divine. 

The cleansing process can take as little as five minutes and can be done using sage or incense or by burning incense at specific times during the day.

Why should we cleanse our Tarot cards?

Your Tarot cards are an energy tool, and when you first purchase your cards, they are full of the creator’s loving energy. But as you work with your Tarot deck, it may gain the energy of others during readings. 

By cleansing your cards from time to time, you will ensure that the only energies contained within them come from yourself and Spirit. Being mindful about keeping your Tarot deck cleansed also allows for a deeper connection to this tool and your spirit guides for divination (reading).

How do we cleanse our Tarot cards?

There are several ways tarot readers cleanse their tarot cards, including:

  • Placing your deck in direct moonlight for a moon bath
  • Burying your deck in the earth for a day (don’t forget to use an airtight container)
  • Burning a sage smudge stick or palo santo over your deck, blowing the smoke over it to cleanse the cards.
  • Imagine a white light emanating through your cards, destroying all the negative energy of the cards from the previous readings
  • Keep in a bag with black tourmaline.
  • Spritzed with a cleansing spray using your favorite essential oils

This is all about what makes you feel most comfortable when choosing your favorite methods of cleansing. There is no good way to do it, because it’s very personal. Some people use water, some use salt, some use incense, and some even use candles. 

One of the easy ways is you can also hold each card between your palms, focusing on sending energy and love into each card, one by one.

Many people also like to recite or read a prayer or meditation while they cleanse their cards. You may choose to do this regularly or before and after readings.

What’s the easiest way to cleanse your tarot cards?

You know, sometimes you’re in a hurry and you need to cleanse quickly. So what do you do? You knock your cards twice. It’s called the knocking method of cleansing and it’s honestly a very common practice when you get a new deck of cards and you want to use them right away. Just remember that if you’re still feeling residual energies after the first time, you can knock again, or even try a more thorough cleansing method.

Tarot Cleansing Prayer

This is one of my favorite cleansing prayers because it’s simple and to the point, but it’s still a really powerful tool.

Doing a tarot reading

It helps remove all negative energy from you and your tarot cards so that when you give readings, it’s only pure positive energy that flows through you.

The following is a simple prayer that you can say over your deck if you feel uncomfortable with using other methods:

I clear my cards of all negative energy.

I ask that all the energies within these cards be replaced with positive energy from the universe.

What Crystals Should You Use To Cleanse And Charge Your Tarot Deck?

Amethyst – This stone is associated with the crown chakra and can help bring about spiritual awakening. It’s also an excellent stone for meditation.


Aventurine – This stone is associated with abundance and prosperity. It helps remove negativity from your life, which makes it perfect for cleansing your tarot deck.

Citrine – This stone is associated with the sun and brings abundance and prosperity into your life. It also helps remove negative energy from your space, making it perfect for cleansing your tarot deck.

Clear Quartz – It has so many properties that it would be impossible to list them all here. In addition to being an amplifier of energy, clear quartz can also clear away negative energy from any space or object that it touches.

How Do You Use Crystals To Cleanse Your Tarot Deck?

 Tarot decks are a deck of cards made up of 78 cards, which are divided into two parts:

The Major Arcana, which contains 22 trumps. These represent major life lessons and events.

The Minor Arcana, which contains 56 cards that represent the four suits of the Tarot deck: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. The Minor Arcana cards represent small events in your life.

Because these two parts of your tarot deck are so important to your reading (and your life!), it is important that you cleanse them regularly to keep them free from negative energy or even your own energy from a previous reading. Old energy can sometimes be a good thing, but it can also mess with your reading. Cleansing crystals can also help boost the energies of your deck. Here’s how:

Place each card face down in front of a crystal and place it in the center of your altar or table as per normal cleansing procedures for that crystal type. Do this for all 78 cards. Then shuffle all 78 cards together and place them face down again in front of another crystal until all 78 have been cleansed this way.”

Should you sleep with your tarot cards?

 The best way to protect your Tarot cards is to sleep with them.

The best way to protect your Tarot cards is to sleep with them. This means that you should put them in a special box, pouch, or bag and keep it under your pillow when you sleep. 

This will help protect the energy of your Tarot cards and keep them safe from any unwanted negative energy or spirits. It also helps to ground any excess spiritual energy that you may have picked up throughout the day so that it doesn’t build up and cause problems for you later on down the road.

If you want to go even further than this, then try putting your deck in a glass of water overnight as well. 

This will help strengthen the connections between each card and ensure that they stay connected for a long time ago!

How do I know if My Tarot Deck Is Accurate?

 If you are new to tarot and want to know if your deck is accurate, here’s a simple way to find out.

First, shuffle your deck thoroughly, and then lay out the cards in a spread of your choice. Then ask a question or make a statement about it – for example: “Will I pass my exam?” or “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”.

Now, look at the card that falls directly above the first card in your spread – this is called the significator. The significator represents you and indicates how you are doing in relation to the question or statement that you have just made. If the card that falls above the significator is positive (such as The Star), then this indicates that things are going well for you at this time and that it is likely that your question will be answered positively. 

However, if the card that falls above your significator is negative (such as The Devil), then this indicates that things are not going so well at this time, and perhaps it may not be possible for your question to be answered positively right now. 

 How often should you use your Tarot deck?

This is a question that comes up a lot, and it’s one I have to answer in different ways depending on who I’m talking with.

For some people, “too much” might mean once a day or once a week, while others would say “never enough.”

My personal feeling is that it depends on the circumstances of your life at the time.

yes or no tarot reading

If you’re starting out with Tarot, it’s important to start by using your cards regularly so that they become an integral part of your spiritual practice. This will help them become part of your life and help you grow as a reader and person.

However, once you’ve been working with them for a while, there’s no reason you can’t take more time between readings. In fact, this can be beneficial because it allows you time to reflect on what happened in the reading and integrate its message into your life before moving on to the next one.

Some people like to use their decks daily but don’t necessarily do readings every day: they might read for themselves or just shuffle through the cards for fun or meditation purposes instead of doing readings with clients or friends.

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