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The 7 Types of Spirit Guides 

Spirit guides, like deities, are a tricky subject, and you have to be able to have a clear and open mind to be able to understand these concepts, especially if you hope to work with spirit guides.  

The number one most important concept to grasp when it comes to spirit guides is that they can be whatever you want them to be.  

We create our reality here on earth. The Truth is whatever you want it to be, really, whatever you insist that it is.  

So, before we get into the nature of spirit guides, and how they really can apply to anyone at any time, let’s talk about the nature of reality.  

The Nature of Reality 

To quickly sum it up, as Abraham Hicks tells us, and as we see in the wide variety of literature on the subject, you were Source Energy before you came into this human form.  

You were a spirit that was at once at one and also an individual with Source Energy.  

You have always had your own consciousness, but it has also always been united with Source Energy because Source Energy is in all things.  

By definition, it cannot be separate from anything.  

Source Energy is what has always been and will always be.  

It created all of the reality that we have ever known about, all we will ever know about.  

Indeed, the express purpose of Source Energy is to create, to expand.  

And as such, it created a method through which it could parse itself out into individual creatures, animals, plants, amoeba, and humans.  

We, humans, are the latest in the evolution of this creation, this expansion, and the only creatures on earth that have a consciousness even close or comparable to that of Source Energy.  

And we, as individual spirits and when we are in human form, contribute to the expansion of the Universe through our own creative will.  

You see, the Universe, Source Energy, all that is, has no will like the will we know. 

It has no interest in who we date, who wins which baseball game, which storm blows down this house or which wildfire burns down an entire town.  

We, humans, are the ones with will.  

We create reality.  

And the realities we create last.  

So as we came into human forms, as humans emerged from our apelike ancestors, and as consciousness emerged from sheer instinct and survival, we gave meaning to our lives.  

Meaning and reality are intertwined.  

We tell stories.  

And those stories take on impact and import.  

So we create gods and religions to explain natural occurrences and coincidences (incidents coinciding), we imbue animals with human characteristics, and we invent angels to watch over us and demons to seduce us.  

And all of that energy we put into those creations lasts.  

Thoughts, you see, are energy. And energy never dies.  

And when humans share those thoughts, thoughts quickly become things.  

And so while there may be no actual demons walking the earth or soaring through the ether, while there may not be mythical creatures like unicorns wandering in hidden undiscovered forests, there may as well be.  

Because we believe in them.  

And belief is one of the most powerful energies to exist.  

From those beliefs, we have created spirit guides.  

Spiritual Spirit Guides 

Spiritual spirit guides can take virtually any shape or form, and they are the metaphysical support system we believe we have on our journey through life and spirituality.  

Catholics pray to angels and saints.  

Witches pray to gods and goddesses.  

Naturalists pray to nature, and so on.  

As each of us enters awakening, we begin to reach for support, and we quickly realize that there is not a ton of support to be found here in the material realm.  

We each must experience our own awakening in our own way.  

Sure, we can look to masters like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Ernest Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and more for guidance, but none of them will speak to exactly what we are going through, because each of them, even the most divinely inspired among them, is filtering through a human lens, speaking universal truths that must be interpreted by the individual.  

This is where our spirit guides come in.  

When we struggle to be understood, we remember that no other person on earth will ever fully understand us.  

Our job is to get to know ourselves. And that is a lifelong journey.  

It is far too much to ask for another individual to fully understand us, too.  

That is not our work.  

We can relate to each other, but we in terms of true depth of understanding, we must go within.  

And for many of us, when we go within, we find spirit guides.  


For me, personally, I usually find spirit guides in the form of ancestors and human spirits who have come before me.  

My grandmother recently died and left me her home and property, and my husband and I now sleep in the room that she slept in for 20 years.  

And my husband’s brother died very recently, and he has been struggling to integrate his brother’s spirit into our lives.  

For the last several nights, I have awoken around 3AM, the so-called “witching hour,” and finally, I sat up in bed next to the sleeping form of my husband and asked my grandmother and brother-in-law to please work to communicate with my husband.  

To gather together and reach him to allow my husband’s mind to rest easy.  

That is spirit guide work.  

Psychological Spirit Guides 

For those less inclined to speak to the dead or form relationships with the otherworldly or religious entities, spirit guides can also be psychological.  


Dr. Richard Schwartz introduced a theory in the 1980’s called Internal Family Systems in which he finds that each of us has multiple personalities inside of us that we must learn to work with us.  

We have a protector, a small child, a manager, a wild child, and so on.  

dr richard schwartz

Our spirit guides, in other words, don’t have to be otherworldly; they can be simply and sweetly other parts of our very own selves.  

We can work to integrate those parts of ourselves by getting to know them, by getting clear on them, and by honoring them.  

We need all the parts of ourselves, and we can call them spirit guides as ways of understanding that they are helpers on our journey through life.  

The 7 Types of Spirit Guides 

If you are trying to figure out your spirit guides, how to work with them, and how to integrate them into your life, it helps to see them categorized out in ways that you can respond to.  

You may pull from any of these categories or from all of them.  

Remember, once created, the energy never dies, so your spirit guides can come from all angles, and they are, spiritually or psychologically, speaking to you through your intuition. That is the part of you that knows better.  

Remember also that spirit guides, deities, God, and Source Energy, do not speak in omens or cautions.  

God is not negative, nor does Source Energy draw on negative energy.  

You will get reminders, messages, blessings, direction, and guidance.  

“Over here!”  

But never “don’t go this way!” “Death is on the horizon for you!”  

In short, there is nothing to be scared of because, of course, you are a Universal, infinite being who is unkillable and undamageable.  

You have nothing to fear, and only love to look forward to.  

And your spirit guides know it.  


Angel spirit guides usually come to those with a religious background. It would be a bit odd for an angel to show up for someone who has no concept of angels.  

Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels and saints work for the religious minded because you know what those angels represent.  


Animals are like the patronuses in Harry Potter – protectors, guides, and watchers.  

Mythical Creature 

Familiar to most pagan cultures, mythical creatures are fun for those with witchy minds who imagine unicorns and dragons are guiding us through life.  

My kids have seen the Disney movie Coco a thousand times, so they imagine Pepita as their spirit guide.  


Because I tend to be more logical, my spirit guides typically come in the form of those who have come before me, humans who once lived and now offer guidance in spirit form.  

Ancient God or Goddess 

Another common pagan spirit guide is gods and goddesses. There are so many to choose from, and like angels, each one represents some different aspect of life.  

the divine feminine

Otherwordly Entity 

An alien, a will o’ the whisp, a golem, anything that is not of this world but may interact with this world to pass down wisdom, to guide, or to protect would be an example of an otherworldly entity.  

Interdimensional Being 

Interdimensional beings are interesting for those fascinated with the concept of the multiverse and how there may be alternate versions of this life, this universe across infinity.  

interdimensional spirit guides

You can, in essence, be guided by an older, wiser version of yourself, your mother, anyone, really.  

When it comes to spirit guides, remember to have fun with it, let your curiosity expand, and allow your mind to open.  

The whole point is to remain in a state of awakening and enlightenment, having fun and seeking joy along the way.  

Happy manifesting! 

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